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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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    They had some interesting insights about MSTR on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    MSTR will hit $2000.00. In months, a year? Just buy and hold.
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    $COIN conversation
    $GBTC $MARA $MSTR Coinbase is so smart, they are taking $1.5B in almost free money and using it to buy even faster earnings growth. MY NEW TARGET: $1000 in 2022
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    People who are invested in MSTR are co-owners of the BITCOINS the company owns because it’s part of the company profits!
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    Ray Dalio, arguably the smartest financial mind on the planet, recommends 20% in portfolio.
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    With a 24% short.., this stock is a Tesla in the making.

    Shorts will get burnt & this stock is a potential 10x investment. Taking on cheap printed debt(aka USD) to aggressively expand its never ending Bitcoin position while expanding its software business.

    Micheal Saylor you’re the goat 🐐
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    Phil W
    So who would buy this stock as the company dumps it to buy Bitcoin? Just curious
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    In the beginning of February when bitcoin was 44,000 micro strategy was $1000 a share now bitcoin is 50,000 in micro strategy is $700 a share something just ain’t right
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    Took a little bit longer and still is taking longer but we are going up. the resistance of the big big big rising wedge is at 58/60k so short your btc stocks from there till a retest of btc at 50k.
    Told you before the weekend the last time to buy the btc stocks this low.

    #mara #riot #any #btbt #hive #sos #can #mstr
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    D P
    Microstrategy has very little to do with the S&P 600. Bitcoin is the primary mover of the stock. Bitcoin traps to $44,000 again, I would encourage you to buy some Microstrategy. This is not financial advice, of course.
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    Could mstr become the biggest bank in the world
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    Btc bear trap, almost zero bearish volume. Massive bullish divergence on the rsi. You can see some stocks also rising. Any explosing. Tommorow another 100 percent when btc is far above 50k or over the weekend?
    Dont respect me respect ta. Never fall in love with one stock hold all btc stocks. One can always pump way beyond everyone else

    #riot #mara #btbt #hut #hive #any #mstr #sos #can
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    Morgan Stanley acquired 138,345-shares of MSTR since July 1, and MSTR has issued $400M of proposed$1B, which leaves $600M, or about 13k more BTC, which would give MSTR about 127k BTC, nearly 1%of all available BTC. Kathie Wood, who manages $54B fund, reiterated at SALT conference BTC at $500k a
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    I see 800 on Tuesday !!
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    Hope no one felt for the beartrap/flashcrash hold and buy massive pumpy on the way

    #riot #mara #any #btbt #hive #hut #sos #can #mstr #btc
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    Full disclosure: I own shares of MSTR but do think that MSTR currently trading at a big premium to its underlying business and bitcoin holdings is due for a downturn for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

    There will be heavy selling pressures of MSTR shares as Microstrategy has been removed from S&P 600 small cap index(see link below to the news article ). Several funds that track S&P 600 index will be forced to sell MSTR creating more supply of MSTR in addition to the recently sold shares by MSTR to raise capital in order to invest in more bitcoins. All together, I estimate that there will be selling pressure of up to 1.0 million shares of MSTR in addition to shares normally sold daily in the following 2 to 3 weeks. It will be interesting to see how these dynamics of supplies and demands play out. Also keep in mind that bitcoin traditionally trades down or remained flat in September. I think from now until first or second week of October, MSTR will be consolidating in a range between $520 and $610 per share.

    Happy investing
    It appears that not everyone on the institutional side of capital markets is in love with Michael Saylor's recent strategy
    It appears that not everyone on the institutional side of capital markets is in love with Michael Saylor's recent strategy
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    D P
    Add-in M. Saylor’s personal stash of 28,000 BTC, and he controls over 1% of all the BTC there ever will be, considering lost coins, the Satoshi lock-up, etc.
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    I smell a short squeeze incoming
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    How high are we going tomorrow? 750, 800, 850?
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    Yesterday @ 4 pm BTC was 48,204 and MSTR closed @ 702.50
    Today @ 4 pm BTC was 49312 and MSTR closed @ 695.71