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Moderna, Inc. (MRNA)

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  • J
    It feels like a big move up today with the Novavax non performance on manufacturing. Booster news any day and earnings coming up. We should be back over $400 or higher within days
  • J
    Moderna plans to start a phase 3 trial for its CMV candidate this year. The company has said it expects peak annual sales for a potential product in the range of $2 billion and $5 billion. So, this could be another blockbuster for the biotech company. Big pharma Merck also has a CMV vaccine candidate in phase 2 studies. But most other players are farther behind in development. This opens the door to massive market share for Moderna.
  • D
    So I just watched a video of WH press secretary Jen Psaki speak unpleasantly about Moderna and how the company will not share info on vaccine development. It pictures Moderna as greedy. I was just curious what your thoughts are on how the company could move so that it reflects good on the company and would be ideal for stock price.
  • N
    1 billion extra doses:

    Moderna estimates that the positive vote in support of mRNA-1273 at the 50 µg dose level and subsequent approval would result in up to 1 billion extra doses being available for distribution in 2022.
  • M
    We need CMV to progress into phase3 trials soon to launch 🚀 the share price of Moderna towards $1000
  • t
    tarik - original
    Dear Invisible Hand, we’re not going anywhere so you can start the march up to 500 anytime now.
  • C
    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
  • S
    Financial times had Moderna at 38 billion in revenue and Novavax at 4 billion. I guess we can take half of that and give it to Moderna. Moderna only vaccine stock I own. If I did own Novavax right now would be a good time to sell, probably going down again
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    Oct 19 New York (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to soon recommend that persons 40 and older receive a Pfizer (PFE.N) or Moderna (MRNA.O) COVID-19 booster shots
  • S
    Someone Cares
    We will see 380 open when India announces purchase of 1 billion doses. Shorts are playing with the fire. They should feel the same pain as GME and AMC shorts in the next 2 weeks
  • T
    I think basically this is it. The booster market belongs only to Moderna and Pfizer/Biontech.
  • L
    Lucky Winners
    Soar to $500+ in two weeks. We will see extraordinary Q3 earning report
  • M
    Hate to see a company fail but NVAX drug itself down. Our shorts backed NVAX, I won't be sad to see them go. NVAX entered opn warp speed 2 months after BNTX & MRNA (for funding). But started on covid vaccine & research at the same time, had the sequence of the virus at the same time, had every opportunity...
    At what point does NVAX become irrelevant? 10 yrs, 20, 30, or 40 yrs? I don't hate the company, I just would not invest in a management team that hasn't produced anything in 40 yrs, & holds no skin in the game. NVAX insiders hold 1/2% in the company, MRNA insiders hold 9.65% in comparison. When we see NVAX institutions dump, it's over. Today they have 55% institutional interest, with 581 institutions holding. If those numbers go down...
    NVAX stock price crossed the 20, 50, & 200 SMA at the beginning of the month.
    The 20 day crossed the 50 & 200 SMA last week.
    If the 50 crosses the 200, & it probably will, that's ah, no bueno...
    Do they have any other product to fall back on? Flu vax?
    Saving grace, MRNA is well positioned to pick up their "future" covid orders...
    Good luck Longs, with ER just around the corner, MRNA is looking great...
  • K
    New mutation Delta plus is spreading fast!!! 😱
  • D
    new virus just discover in uk. this never end. moderna will be a life saver
  • J
    there is a story on tdameritrade saying that cmv trial is not yet enrolling patients? I thought it was fully enrolled for phase 3
  • T
    After earnings $500 will be a bargain.
  • A
    Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund reports 24.07% increase in ownership of MRNA / Moderna Inc
    2021-10-19 - Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund has filed a 13F-HR form disclosing ownership of 139,137 shares of Moderna Inc (US:MRNA) with total holdings valued at $53,548,000 USD as of 2021-09-30. Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund had filed a previous 13F-HR on 2021-07-23 disclosing 112,146 shares of Moderna Inc at a value of $26,352,000 USD. This represents a change in shares of 24.07 percent and a change in value of 103.20 percent during the quarter.
  • S
    Curevac and Novavax are ended badly.
    They won't have any single approved vaccine.
    No competition, only mRNA.
  • W
    Like the good doctor just said on Squawk Box, a lot of those J&J folks will be especially looking to getting a Moderna booster since it has such "incredible" protection results.