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Macy's, Inc. (M)

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  • B
    How does Macy's who just blew away earnings go from 38 to under 27 yesterday nearly 30% in less than 2 weeks. M is down as much as JWN who flopped earnings. Very manipulated, M is below where it was a week before earnings and it was really a great report.
  • D
    To me this looks like an orchestrated drop in the market, using new covid news to inflict fear.
    I wonder why there is No reporting on location at malls, or talk about how consumers are reacting?
    Big money is always taking advantage of times like Black Friday where the individual thinks markets should naturally go up.
    Anyway, I know that at this point covid news is not going to stop consumers from shopping in-store and online.
    Macy's will let the numbers prove success just like it has the previous quarters.
    YES it is disappointing to see M down so much but not going to change my investment choice which is M is headed up not down as a company.
    The gift here is buy yourself some call options and you will be rewarded.
  • A
    Gone down further. But do not panic. It is all due to the fear of the new coronacirus variant. Just hold on to your investment. Macy is doing really well. Once the panic is over it will come back up again. So no need to sell and take a loss in these muddy waters!
  • M
    The stock is not acting in a way that traders buy.
    only true believers buying.
    Taking a chance that may not work out.
  • Q
    Qcom Luv
    Notice how every other comment is: this stock is too high at this level but I’ll buy at this specific lower level? Seems like there is a lot of manipulation going on by anchoring lower. Based on Macy’s current Q4 guidance, this stock is currently trading at a P/E of 5.x. A P/E of 10 = $47.5; a P/E of 15 = $71.25; a P/E of 20 = $95. Also, on the horizon we have the potential e-commerce split, increase in dividends and share buybacks and buyout by Amazon (they’re opening up department stores) or P/E fund. Does this price make any sense to you? Notice how the bears aren’t providing any arguments for their bearish views. Once this rips, watch out!
  • M
    Hey guys, I did a valuation using FCFF of 1.21B and got 95.70, 74.78 and 58.55 for a 10%, 15% and 20% discount rate respectively. I assumed a growth rate of 15% for the next 5 years, followed by 5% the next year onwards - is the growth rate too high?
  • P
    Based on fundamentals we are 50% below under target price. I bought some shares today. I cant see omicron hurting us in any way.
  • j
    Lot of people throwing profit away on fear. Macy's is not Nordstrom - do your research. Totally different scenario.
  • D
    Oldest Scam in the book. Fear. Everyone knows Macy's is on fire (in a good way) and earnings were a complete blowout. In addition, no concerns of inventory issues or margin pressure, demand is super high.
    SO, why the blowdown and stock price? Big boys as usual missed out on this one and they are taking your FEAR sales on the cheap. Mark this post and hold me to it. Macys will Break $42 before end of year.
  • D
    Totally healthy pullback after earnings. In my opinion M is looking great. Following the same upward pattern it has been showing for a long time now. If you are a "Trader" maybe Macy's is not for you. If you are an investor you came to the right company to invest.
    Before earnings we were hanging in the $29 to $31 range and now we have ramped up a bit since then.
    Longs will win on this investment, day traders and shorters may get caught in something that does not turn out good. Personally I like being in a stock that has some big up and down swings as long as it keeps making higher highs and higher lows and is following an upward path.
    As another poster pointed out Macys is almost a Golden Cross situation which is none to be very positive.
    Best to all on this Thanksgiving week.
  • Q
    Qcom Luv
    4.6M shares recently bought by Jana Partners. 7M shares recently bought by Tepper. $500M share buybacks recently authorized and likely going higher soon as $300M has already been deployed. All of this lowers float by a large amount. $4.75 of EPS expected for this year for a current P/E of 7. E-commerce site worth way more than current combined company based on Saks valuation. I think this will be $90+ soon. With 20% of the float short, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens real quick. This is one of the best plays available in this over-priced market.
  • B
    M trading at less than 7x next year's earnings could easily be bought out. Huge buy down here.
  • B
    MAcy's been secretly stockpiling for Christmas throughout the year. They have the market cornered with their brick and mortar advantage. Too many Americans are anticipating shipping/supply chain problems and unknowns. They want to see it, touch it, claim it! This Q should be the strongest in 5-7 years.
  • G
    Good Ole Truth
    Went by our Macy's mall today...Couldn't get into.tje.parking lot...NO PLACE TO PARK !!! PACKED !
  • j
    Way more fear than intelligence today. Panic over Omicron, which should not affect online sales. Macy's is one of the few retailers with a positive forecast going forward. Definitely worth in the 30s any day, and in the 40s in the new year.
  • E
    Macy has both stores and online sales.. win win situation…
  • M
    Something very important happened today that no one noticed. The 50 and 200 ma on the weekly chart made a golden cross. Last time that happened Jan 2011 the stock went from 15 to 75 off the ‘09 low. Now we have a multi-decade double bottom with a weekly golden cross. Can M stock go from 35 to 150?
  • b
    Of all the stock advice services I have used, I find ( to be one of the absolute best! Their advice is well researched, helpful, and up to date. I don’t know how I ever went about day trading without reading their newsletter first!
  • J
    Do any Macy investors have an insights into Express now that is down under 4 dollars a share and did very well the last two quarters in revenues and earnings? Quarter results will be reported on December 2 for the quarter. The CEO of Express was an Macy's employee. Any points of view would be helpful. A fellow investor. Thanks JW
  • v
    Total joker of a stock. Laughing matter

    DOW up 450+ points and this cant even muster 1% gain.

    Management just letting this hang loose. no conviction.

    I am fed up