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CarMax, Inc. (KMX)

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    I think once the major car companies get the's see ya later.... KMX, AN, ABG, and CVNA.
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    $CVNA conversation
    When contacting the SEC and FINRA about $CVNA, what should we mention?
    1) The whole Adam Jonas saving the stock price after flat earnings in the best quarter for used cars ever thing?
    2) The fact that Jonas works for $MS, which owns 100s of Ks of shares of Carvana’s stock? (HUGE potential conflict of interest, no?)
    3) The opaque, irregular accounting?
    4) The incestuous relationships with EGII’s companies? (Doesn’t something like 1/3 of company revenue come from them?)
    5) Tutes trading it back and forth everyday? (To boost price?)
    6) The fact that EGII sold something like 60k shares A DAY for something like a year on his own and could also be selling through proxies?
    7) The fact that bad press is almost always miraculously followed by a puff piece in the same outlets?
    8) The fact that a lot of the positive reviews on 3rd party sites read like they’re fake and a disproportionate number of positive reviews on Trustpilot were solicited? (You can filter by source.)
    Any ideas as to where to begin? $KMX $AN
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    KMX is really screwing up..... They almost have the perfect business model. Here is where they are going wrong. When you buy a car and finance through them. They don't accept early payment. So basically they are trying to squeeze every bit of interest they can off the client. Guess what? No one is going to pay off their car early, and that means no one will trade their car in. Sure people with bad credit won't know what they are doing, but they need to to build the relationship with their clients that have good credit. I think this will cost them. Right now you see steady growth, but this will change in the near future if they don't correct this.... I want to hear what other people think.... Would you finance with someone that doesn't let you pay them off early?
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    Dawg Pound
    Nice AH rise today!
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    Barnacle Barney
    Are you selling 18 X as many vehicles today, as November 2008 when this stock was under $8 ?
    No ? Well, well, well, how do you support the $16 billion DEBT load ? With depreciating inventory ?
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    I couldn’t be happier with the daily emails I get from ( They give me the best daily advice based on stock market news and help me make wiser decisions when it comes to investing. An absolute must for any investor!
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    gonna bust through the $150 price point pretty soon
  • h
    Ship will sink tom 📉⤵️🔻👇
  • s
    Maintains RBC Capital Outperform USD 160 » USD 156
    Target Raised by Robert W Baird Outperform USD 140 » USD 150
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    Load up till you can't load no more
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    Looks like a buying opportunity
  • J
    Loading up!!!
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    Never buy PEAK, greed hurts
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    $SFT conversation
    With the rising prices in used cars +10% in April and +7% in May I decided to sell my third car that I paid 13,400 for in 2017. A Kia Optima, I tried out the process on 3 sites. Carvana offered me $14,966, Shift offered $13,900+200 bonus = $14,1000, and Carmax offered me $14,100.

    Carvana could come pick my car up in a month on July 9th or I could take it to nearest location (1,000 miles away).

    Carmax I have to take the car to the closest location (50 miles).

    Shift they can come to my house in 4-hours and pick it up or I can take it to the nearest location (50 miles).

    As I shareholder I like the margins Shift $SFT would give the company (don't like that I get less) as the car I have is listed for about $17,500 on all 3 sites with close mileage. I also like the service Shift offers vs Carmax $KMX of coming out to get it and even in my case same day. Carvana $CVNA offered the best price which means less margin for the company, and the same luxury of not having to leave home. I was blown away that they would come so far to get my car (but again, that eats at their bottom line).

    Now, I chose to sell it to Carvana because I don't need a quick sell and can afford to wait. So Carvana will ultimately get the product and be able to sell it. So, if they do huge volume in the end Carvana would be the winner by stealing all the cars from Shift or Carmax by paying better? Just some things to think about.

    I would say from my quick experience, and if my area where SHIFT is and CARVANA isn't I would rate them 1) Shift 2) Carvana 3) Carmax.
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    Let's Rock
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    Read the numbers stock should be under $70

    net earnings plunged to $5 million, or 3 cents a share, from $266.7 million, or $1.59 a share, in the comparable year-earlier period
  • S
    Where are the analysts? They should upgrade this stock to strong buy. This whole thing is a joke. 120 is the near term target in my book.
  • c
    Went Long on KMX a few hours ago, 650 shares at $98.57. This is an earnings play, I expect tomorrow morning's earnings release to be very good, beats on EPS and Revenue, along with upward Guidance. That should result in a nice pop up in stock price. I am looking for the $108 level.

    This stock is fairly valued, which is why I chose to play her instead of NKE, which was and is overvalued. I like the sector, and financials are solid.
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    $5 billion in stock buybacks and no dividend. This is not a growth stock. So why no dividend.
  • M
    New car chip shortage, means increased demand for used cars. Increased demand during reopening means higher profit margins. Expecting a blowout ER