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Omicron’s rapid spread shreds budding recovery in air travel

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM-PL)

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  • f
    My dog who lives in Colifornia complains that she has an omicron. I will report this to our health ministry today. The market should fall by 20% after that, especially since Reuters and Bloomberg will publish this news every 10 seconds.
  • P
    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    Visa is red.......
    Credit card business is not going to be very profitable going forward hence big money selling off credit card
    companies.. JPM is big in this area expect it to be selling off also into the big rally..
  • k
    Money talks,,,even what supposed to be a great CEO bow down to CCP due to money. LeBraon bows to CHina. Moral takes a back seat behind money
  • d
    I don’t know what I would do without the help of ( Their watchlists are so well researched and help me make the best possible picks when it comes to investing. Not only do they save me time, but their advice has shown to be tried and true!
  • J

    Squeeze shorts hard and easy 3X money! Received Federal grant and partner with Federal Government.
  • S
    Jpm was 30.00 per share in 2008
  • C
    Heading to $183 before Santy.
  • P
    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    S&P critical support level is 4555......
  • B
    One of the largest UK and Spanish Bank SAN at 0.56 book value is a bargain if they start to raise interest rate.
  • Z
    vaccines cause viruses to MUTATE. It WAS common knowledge in the holistic health model.
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    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    s&p critical support at 4550 has failed ominous according to this article

    “On an ugly day for markets, here's the S&P 500 level investors need to watch closely, says this trader”
  • T
    Time to Lock in Profits
    In mid-November, South Africa was reporting about 300 cases a day. On Wednesday the country reported 8,561 new cases, up from 4,373 the day before and 2,273 on Monday.
    “Reinfections three times more likely with Omicron: S. African research”
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    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    credit card and payment company cards are tanking today see VISA SQUARE AND even AMEX
    JP MORGAN big on credit cards and is on deck to sell off imo..
  • G
    Does anybody know if this is a good time to buy? I mean, can I be confident Joe will build back better or is everything going to fall apart?
  • R
    Republican's Rock
    Is Jaime Dimon really worth his $ 25.0 million per year?
  • M
    Jaime Dimon, cracking jokes on China is risky. If you plan on expanding in China, you may want to be careful with your words. Otherwise, crack at it all you want. Good for you Jaime.
  • e
    Higher rates are inevitable. It will improve bank profitability. Multiple expansion will follow. Target price 200+ is on the horizon.
  • J
    I remember when the market was actually real, not a Fed manipulated market. It used to be we all took our lumps and lived with it. Today we have helicopter parents IE The Federal Reserve. It's like they have to protect the wealthy and huge investment banks so that they don't ever have to suffer like the other 95% of us. I say let the chips fall where they will. If that means the Dow falls 5,000 points then so be it! We can keep adding more debt. We are stealing the future from our kids who will be responsible for paying for it.
  • E
    Big up day tomorrow.
  • N
    Devastating news for jpm credit card business andinvestors... read the article below..
    “Amazon vs. Visa is a sign of the brewing credit card wars”
    Visa and MasterCard's duopoly is under threat