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JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (JKS)

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    no more resets please. I increase my position when the $ 26 mark is exceeded
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    stock shows relative strength in the last several sessions, which i interpret positively
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    stock behavior is strange since years. If listed in HKG or Shanghai it's price would be 5 - 10 times higher. Longi solar is 30 B worth, JKS 1B. Longi might be overpriced and it's true value likely be higher by factor 2, but it's factor is 30 higher now. I have no clue for that curios phenomen.
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    stock price of JKS is a mystery since years. and it becomes more and more mysterious as all comparable competitors have increased in price much more sharply. With publication of the quarterly figures there is probably a surprise in the air, we just don't know which.
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    Jinko was one of the very few companies that MAINTAINED its shipment guidance of 18 to 20 GW modules despite Covid-19 when they announced first quarter results. This means they had already procured the mono poly silicon necessary for the production and therefore are less likely to be effected by the price hikes of that product. I agree they should pre-announce the second quarter. I think they will earn over $4 this year and over $7 next year (on 25 to 30 GW).
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    "Dear JKS,
    Your company has stated in the past that they are interested in the value of your stock. Then why are you letting JKS trade for 50% less than CSIQ?  Do you want to make it look like you are trying to keep the share price down by reporting 47 days after CSIQ?
    JKS is most likely able to produce panels at a lower cost per watt than CSIQ so JKS should have made at least $1.75 per share.  Sure, you may want to have more data on Q3 before reporting, but you could pre report revenue and earnings.  By pre reporting you would be able to decrease the odds of lawsuits.
    Sure, you may have somehow had a poor quarter and don't want to report in the same time range as you have in the past, but if not pre report.
    Thanks" I just sent this to JKS.
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    Found on Yahoo finance main page today, the good news just keeps mounting.


    The short sellers have their days counted with this stock....
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    all solar stocks are looking very strong today. I think it might be because of the new EU green agenda:
    The European Commission will argue this week in favour of a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and push for higher shares of renewable energy as part of an ambitious plan to achieve net-zero emissions by mid century, EURACTIV has learned.
    The European Commission will argue this week in favour of a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and push for higher shares of renewable energy as part of an ambitious plan to achieve net-zero emissions by mid century, EURACTIV has learned.
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    I sold 1/2 holding at 25.
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    Jinko doesn't help their situation either by not announcing when the 2nd quarter 2020 results will be presented. Last year, it was Aug 30, 2018 it was Aug 13. Maybe they're so busy with technical progress and making sales, that they forget to announce, but I'm starting to get disillusioned with this company. CSIQ reported 2nd quarter 2020 results Aug 7th, Daqo Aug 18th. Why is Jinko always taking so long to report their results? Meanwhile, SPWR up 53% since late July with 2.5 times market cap of JKS although they have less than half their revenue, and less profit.... :(
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    Crossing fingers for next Wednesday. I hope Jinko management isn't going to betray the investors that supplied their starting capital 10 years ago.
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    This stock should be at $25 easy given the recent rally in the solar sector!
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    From chinese news, top three module export companies (jan to may), #1 JKS, #2 CSIQ, #3 TRINA

    JKS just won a bid in china about 666 mln rmb at rmb1.74/watt
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    Short positions are finally coming down somewhat (23% to 21% of stocks outstanding) the last month
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    This stock chart over the year doesn’t correspond to earnings.. I smell some stinky stuff but I also feel a whole lotta panels were sold by the biggest maker of them... I think investors will finally get their do.. 34 dollars at earnings
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    I got feedback from Jinko's US investor relations company, and my worst fears have been confirmed. Jinko has devalued the stock I bought in January 2019 by almost two and a half times. They've granted 10 million shares (5 million are in the diluted bin but will be converted into basic outstanding shares eventually) and they've issued a huge amount of convertible senior notes. It's all in the financial reports for anyone to see ( They didn't mention any reason why such a massive dilution took place over the past 5 or 6 quarters, nor, how much further they are going to dilute our holdings. They also don't explain to whom these shares have been issued. So forget the PE ratios of around 7, they really are more like 17 as Yahoo states, and therefore, Jinko stock hasn't been going anywhere because the real pros out there know how to read financial reports while I was a clueless frog and got duped.
    JinkoSolar Announces First Quarter 2020 Financial Results | JinkoSolar
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    OK, do not see earnings.

    So I think what we have here is a management that is fed up with the lack of respect from WS and looking for greener pastures. Would not surprise me if they are purposely trying to tank the stock at this point just to get everyone to accept a ridiculously low buyout.

    Not even a PR for earnings? A date? This is on purpose.

    Seen it happen before. They take this sucker private, cash in on big returns as the company is highly profitable right now, and then refloat in an Asian Bourse at four or five times the multiple WS is giving it now.

    Depressing, because this seems to be one of the Best Buy’s in Solar right now and this company has a very bright future. One that will likely not include us.
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    This should be $30 after ER...lag behind CSIQ $8...easy money
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    Can’t seem to put 2 green days together. Down in premarket.