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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    Its a pleasure to hear about the investing prowess of all these kingpin money makers and their profits and what a terrible investment Inseego is but I still prefer to share relevant information when found......interesting article, many home internet t-mobile subscribers call the Nokia modem a 'trashcan'....their words not mine as I dont have one...additionally I know Netgear mentioned working with T-Mobile and that T-Mobile moves slow.....Inseego currently launched FX2000 modem with T-Mobile enterprise so thats a plus for us but we should realistically be hearing more probably next year (corporate slang for 'very soon' is usually 3-4 months)...anyways enjoy the read....what we can infer is Nokia is not reliable and T-Mobile wouldnt be looking for additional replacements if they were happy....if anything being released by Inseego for T-Mobile home internet next year I can see an updated FX2000 with new Qualcomm X-65 chip but Netgear is serious competitor so shouldnt sleep on them.....
    From new spectrum clearance to new carrier aggregation, I have a grab bag of great answers.
    From new spectrum clearance to new carrier aggregation, I have a grab bag of great answers.
  • s
    Looks like the market makers are resetting the algorithms. possibly setting up
    a spectacular return in 2022.
  • t
    New Ericsson report hikes forecasts for 5G subscribers
    Ericsson has again revised upwards its forecasts for 5G subscribers for the coming years, as the latest generation of mobile technology continues to exceed expectations.
    In the ten-year anniversary edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, the Swedish vendor is now predicting there will be more than 660 million 5G subscribers by the end of 2021. By the end of 2027, 5G subscribers are expected to reach 4.4 billion.
    Massive IoT deployments are forecast to account for 51% of all cellular IoT connections by 2027. In the same forecast period, FWA connections are forecast to grow almost threefold – from 88 million by the end of 2021, to around 230 million in 2027. Almost half of these connections (110 million) are expected to be carried over 5G networks.
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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    As a reminder, I haven't sold any shares from my 2017 purchases, average cost basis 1.30.....oh ye with little faith
  • g
    5.5 gtc, still waiting. Small cap 5grs are not doing well, show me the money will be king. Nothing Mondor says will matter now. Pick a stock, keep adding. The Seego wont go under, she and her peers will shine big when they show revs kicking up big. Shares are cheap, may vet cheaper,
  • R
    Posted this 8 months ago.. anyone who's bored with INSG can check this out. INSG will go up.. the 40mil from selling it's SA business will give some bridging liquidity for the next 6 months or so

    it's because INSG is a 5G wifi modem hardware company and it's SAAS business declined 7% FY2020; the 4G mifi in US has likely peaked, which is why the 4G 8000 mifi launch news in Canada didn't excite many. Likely we all have to wait for the real laying of 5G infrastructure in the US before INSG goes up again. Also , need answer to if Nokia is also a competitor in the hardware market? I consider myself lucky as i made money on the uptrend in the beginning of the year, however came out unscathed when it came down, exited all with , unfortunately, not much to trumpet.

    Now I've shifted to a less risky investment of which my metallurgist friend shared with me. It's 'heavy' rare earth and not light, important component in permanent magnets in high temperature environment and considered only mine outside of China in pilot stage. It has no debt and started to sell all it's dysprosium to Thyssen Krupp, Germany. You can read it in their website and reports to the Australian Stock Exchange. Northern Minerals Ltd (NTU;ASX) . My disclosure is that I'm conflicted, however to those astute investors, the timing is just right. Electric vehicles, Wind Turbines, critical ingredient, outside of China, China will be net importer in future. most importantly, do your own research and ask a metal engineer or scientist for insight.
  • h
    Mandor gets zero credits from investors. insg doesn't get any support from Cramer. i guess that's the whole reason to drive the stock price here. the company business is dependent on 5G expansion and infrastructure bill. near term is still not clear, but long term is bright.
  • t
    The bottom line: INSG will or will not continue its growth. The big question I see happening on this board is when? The market at this moment is hard to gage. The scare or fear of Omicron Variant is real. We know how INSG responded last time to the Pandemic. Is this the same type of panic we saw before? I doubt it. Most schools already have long distance set ups. People that stay at home are already supplied with necessities. I know that behind the doors, INSG has made a multitude of deals. The question remains: How much profit is involved compared to the price of delivery. Also, I know that people are quick to condem anyone willing to explore possibilities from both sides of the spectrum. We can only do the research, and then make a judgement as to what we think will take place. It is a different time, different circumstances, and this is still a speculative stock. Consider the plus 70% slide, should INSG go back up to those highs?, will we reach double digits? Our main problem is that we can not see the books daily. Can we trust everything we are told? A lot of ups and downs lately. If you have money, not a problem, If you are new and want a quick buck, you might check elsewhere. Final thought: We were told by the CEO 3rd and 4th Q's is where it is happening. It hasn't yet. Christmas and the end of the year are coming quickly. We keep getting pushed back. Why? That is a whole set of other questions. I hope everyone finds success, but it is not guaranteed. Have a nice week end.
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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    for the amount of games being played...the encore will be magnificent
  • o
    IN-SEE-your-money-GO >>> Right now the Russell is up 1% in futures trading. Will THE STINKING TURD run with the herd in the morning or will it resume it's role as the "canary in the coal mine" to forecast the likely rollover and resumption of the unfolding "correction"?? Stay tuned perma-pumpers and PUMP, PUMP, PUMP, PUMP!! hehe....hehe....hehe
  • B
    NOT A RHETORICAL QUESTION: What on earth drove this share price to over $20 early this year?
  • M
    To be honest, it appears WS is waiting to see the growth. Long termers like myself were burned badly on the way down. I personally bought more shares around $14-15 on the drop. It will probably take a while to get back there without some strong positive material events.
    Looks like Dan and officers are buying so that is a good sign.
    I can't wait to see strong growth again so we can get to a 3-5x revs share price.
    Our big brother QCOM is at 5.5x revs. Still staying away from the insanely valued plays like 33x for NVDA and 13x AMD.
    Once Dan guides up and is transparent, the SP should reflect growth again.
    Gotta start building up that trust. The switch to pure 5G play has had some pain, but according to Dan 2nd half 2021 and 2022 will reflect strong growth. GLTA
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    IN-SEE-your-money-GO >>> Old Wall Street saying: "There's no such thing as a triple bottom". In fact, today INSG broke through both $5.94 and $6.00 which had previously served as support. As such, the technicals indicate that the "bottom" is NOT yet in for THE STINKING TURD. Come on perma-pumpers >>> PUMP, PUMP, PUMP, PUMP!! hehe....hehe....hehe
  • n
    can we see $10 pop like ISIG did today
  • M
    Pros/Cons for Inseego -
    5 insider buys this month: Ashish Sharma (10,000) Wei Ding (2199) Doug Kahn (2176) Christopher Lytle (10000) Dan Mondor (11424)
    New contracts for 2022 - found link for State of Texas
    Revenue ramping quickly with business with new companies around the world
    ( Previously mainly US only )
    Shorts have been in control since drop from $21
    Out of favor until New growth revenues are reported
    Painful slow steady bleed
  • h
    assuming insg is a beneficiary of broadband infrastructure bill, it will easily reach to 10x market cap of sales. all companies who get support from government grow fast. look all EVs and solar energy companies. they were nothing 5 years, but look at the share price now. government support us the huge credit. expect insg to follow EVs and ENPH.
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    Here is copied from Qualcomm investors day news:
    Qualcomm’s new businesses include home wireless broadband, the growing use of cellular networks to provide high-speed internet connections to homes that don’t have wired access. Qualcomm provides parts to Inseego. Inseego sells FWA modems and routers with Qualcomm X65 modem chips.
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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    Lesson #1. Shorts make money when stock price decreases, if they are covering means they expect stock price to increase.
    Lesson #2. Shorts do more research since their losses can be unlimited
    Lesson #3. The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. 'Warren Buffett'