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    PFE and MRNA raised prices on there COVID-19 CNBC News..
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    Not a word since Jefferies conference on June 1 other than announcement vague in wording about going in 50/50 with Chinese partner on Ph3. Yet at Jefferies CEO left us clinging to the edge of our seats in anticipation of a series of announcements that would cement the deals it was negotiating with its partners around the world. "Stay tuned" as he has said frequently before; in a matter of weeks details of the execution of the Ph3 stage would be forthcoming, the same stage Ph3 that he virtually promised FDA would approve nearly eleven months ago. Looks like he is saving what little positive news there is until the earnings conference. If the news were game changing positive, INO would not be waiting until the earnings conference to release it.
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    In response to @How and other bashers and even legitimate shorts. INO is a ground breaking technology. I don't expect rapid change. I expect steady progress until the moment of launch, which I believe is close ... more like imminent.

    I don't bash management, just because they don't issue PRs on "my" schedule. Dr. Kim reports to a large board of highly seasoned Pharma players. I trust that they have far more insight than I or any of us on this board do, regarding the actual progress of studies, funding, and partnerships.

    It's bashers and shorts that have shut the information pipeline from INO. Every positive ... and ground breaking PR has been met with massive stock manipulation, shorting and basher style negative PR from the likes of MF and other paid off media. That's why I'm holding strong.
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    "A Montgomery County judge has provided a more detailed explanation of why he ruled against Inovio in an ongoing legal dispute over development of its experimental Covid-19 vaccine.

    The crux of the case is a 2008 supply agreement between the two companies, which he described as “lengthy and, in some respects, frustratingly unclear.” He noted the two companies in the dispute were once a single entity. VGXI, which has its manufacturing plant in Texas, was created in 2008 when Inovio spun off its manufacturing business.

    During the dozen years the two companies have worked together, the quantity of product ordered by Inovio and manufactured by VGXI has amounted to slightly more than 1,000 grams, and the limited amount of product "may be due to the fact" all such orders have been for testing purposes. Saltz noted Inovio has not, during its history, ever brought a product to market.

    VGXI sent Inovio a letter on May 7 terminating its supply agreement. In the letter, VGXI referenced Inovio’s “repeated requests” for technology transfer information which VGXI did not believe Inovio had the right to request because Inovio did not ask VGXI to make the larger volume of the vaccine candidate, as stipulated in their supply agreement.

    Court records state Inovio CEO Joseph Kim and VGXI CEO Young Park had two discussions in May regarding Inovio’s vaccine production needs. According to testimony from Park, the conversations marked the first time VGXI learned of Inovio’s dosage needs, and he informed Kim he would do “everything possible” to increase its manufacturing capacity — but the price of the “exceedingly large” order would be $4 million and required a 50%, or $2 million, prepayment. Kim testified no such discussions about price took place at that time.

    Saltz said Inovio also can't argue that without the technology transfer, the public will be deprived of a “critically needed remedy for Covid-19” because about 160 other potential vaccines are in development, “any one of which may be the silver bullet or multiple silver bullets that can end the pandemic.”

    Additionally, Saltz said a preliminary injunction would substantially harm VGXL by jeopardizing VGXI’s proprietary rights for its manufacturing technology — given Inovio officials testified it may need to transfer the technology to as many as 10 other manufacturers, and under its supply agreement it has no obligation to protect VGXI’s intellectual property rights.

    "The evidence shows, that Inovio’s predictions of success are no more than that — predictions inherently uncertain and speculative," he continued. "In a court of laws, a request for such extensive mandatory injunctive relief must be supported by concrete evidence, not speculation and hypothesis."
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    Expect another lame update at earnings call with fuzzy promises and future dilution, this company (which has somehow been operating for four decades), and this CEO (who has brought nothing to market and has zero meaningful sales to show for), have no sense of urgency to save any lives, furthermore the CEO has expressed his disregard for share price and shareholders.
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    I'm very honest ,I'm long and losing money every day, I have Zero faith in Kim and Kate. If this doesn't bounce next week I have to say back to 7-6.50 after earnings Monday..
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    Right on
    August 20 10 Calls I purchased at $ 1.64, $ 0.72 and $ 0.61
    now sell for $ 0.22-0.26 .

    A little help here Dr Kim.
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    Time for my weekly forecast. Last week’s was very close to reality, with a low of $8.03 testing the sub $8 level, and a high, that well, to put it bluntly, never saw $9. This week, more red ahead. Maybe test that $8 level again by mid-week, but not expecting $9 again. Siht happens, though. Buy those dips.
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    Expect these words at the next conference call:

    "Sooner than later"
    "Next few weeks"
    "We are planning..." (just planning)
    "Next month"
    "By the end of the year"
    "Next year"
    "In January"
    "We ask for your patience"
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    dr. Kate accurately predicted the variants to be an issue and inovio is making vaccines to combat the variants this whole time. Glad we have very intelligent people like her and Dr.Kim at the head of this great company that’s set to skyrocket soon.
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    Even when the whole world knows and understands that Pfizer and Astra's vaccines do not protect properly and do not show the same level of efficacy they have shown in trials and phase three, even then no one really takes inos " vaccine" into account and the stock is down. ino and Kim, are nothing more than a joke. 42 years of nothing and nothing. 42 years and no product has been marketed. No funding, no PR, no products on target. When the economic data of the previous quarter are published, ino will be worth less than a dollar
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    Most things in life are not certain. That said one must realize some things are as certain as the sun rising. One thing as certain as the sun rising is that INO will never produce a commercial product as long as Kim is CEO.
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    Now that the "EUA" vaccines are shown to be totally failing, the FDA is being pushed to grant full approval for these "marvel medicines". Not only will this "full approval" be a miscarriage of science, but it would "another" rubber stamp for "anything" to be "approved". How can this happen when the promising Inovio's DNA technology is allowed to languish? Even the government can't be THAT blind. The motto must be "money over science" any day.
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    GeneOne "A Proud Korean Company" with P3 Government approval .. where is INO Korean trial data?? .. Inovio an American Company with a $3m contract from China with a 50/50 split of costs with minimal royalties .. this after promising end of September P3 with Major Funding... FDA & DoD "did not want" .. Pumpers think it is a conspiracy .. sensible people think it is because of the trial data ... Where is that Data huh ??????
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    Craigie drinking morning coffee and sees another red day:
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    down after hours its to be expected .. all the action is on BNTX $330 & MRNA $354 .. its definitely not on INO $8 .. " the price does not lie"
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    LoadBoy showing one of Kimmie's cool tricks. Disappearing.
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    GBM data and other notes...Where is the GBM data? Last year 12 month Overall Survival data was released at the end of May. 18 month OS came out at the end of November, six months later. Now we've waited 8 months to get the 6 month update. Something is up, I think . They clearly have the data, it's literally the easiest data set to collect- alive or dead? That's it.

    So, why the hold, and the general silence overall? I don't think it's about a quarterly quiet period, For example, look at Vaxart; they are on the same schedule (between quarter end and before earnings release) and they put out PR last week with a one year update on their norovirus product. INO could do the same. That's not it.

    So why hold it up? Sure, possibly it's not good, but I find that hard to believe. You wouldn't save that, you just get it out and move on. You could hold it as the good news when you also release bad news (we're cutting the 4800 program(?)), that you could do. At this point I'm over the 4800 program, honestly. Maybe it makes it maybe it doesn't, 3100 and 5401 are long term game-changers on their own.

    And then there's Regeneron, partner in the GBM program. They have the data as well. Why isn't INO releasing the data? Are INO and REGN negotiating a deal? If the data is really good and gets released publically, then perhaps REGN has to compete with other INO suitors and/or pay a higher price?

    I don't know, of course, and I know how silly it is to say this, but I do think that this time it's different. I think something is up. Let's see...
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    What if they don’t want the best vaccine? What if they want variants along with the gov interventions that come with it? I hear a lot from the gov, the unions, the healthcare gov folks and big biz, but in many different ways they’re all benefiting from the continuation of the ever changing virus.
    Maybe time to take the blindfolds off and see things for what they may be. If you were scared to death about infection, would you open the borders and send everyone unvaxed and untested around this country while tying the rest of us up in panic? Remember, the US and it’s $$$$ have enormous influence over the countries tha would most benefit from INO to quell the virus.
    I’m not a tin foil hat guy, but just look around.