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    Hi longs, you might want to read this threads....
    May 15, 2021 09:58 (Xinhua News)
    "Shenzhen Kangtai Biologics New Coronary Inactivated Vaccine was included in emergency use
    Original title: Shenzhen Kangtai Biologics New Coronary Inactivated Vaccine Was Included for Emergency Use.
    Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, May 15 (Reporters Ma Xiaocheng, Xu Hongyi) Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the 14th that the inactivated vaccine for the new coronavirus developed by the company has been approved for emergency use in China.
    At present, the company has started the work related to phase III clinical trials of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine.
    According to Kangtai Biotechnology, this is the first COVID-19 vaccine approved for emergency use in Guangdong Province. In April this year, Kangtai Biosciences published relevant research papers on the Medrxiv platform jointly operated by Yale University, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the British Medical Journal and the Chinese Medical Journal, showing that Kangtai Bio-new crown inactivated vaccine phase I and II clinical trials are 0- The geometric mean titer (GMT) of the live virus neutralizing antibody in the 28-day immunization program vaccine group was 131.7, which was 2.65 times that of the recovered serum neutralizing antibody GMT49.7, and no adverse events of grade 3 or above occurred.
    Kangtai Biology stated that the research and development and industrialization of the new crown inactivated vaccine are progressing smoothly, and the supporting production workshop in Nanshan District, Shenzhen has been completed and fully put into production."

    Here is the news of Kangtai and Advaccine agreement from glonghui dot come 1 year ago:
    Kangtai Biotechnology and Advaccine jointly develop a new crown DNA vaccine
    "Kangtai Bio (300601.SZ) announced that the company recently signed a "strategic cooperation agreement" with Advaccine. In order to accelerate the research and development of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) DNA vaccine ("new coronavirus DNA vaccine"), the company and Advaccine signed a plan to use their respective advantages to jointly develop a new coronavirus DNA vaccine.
    Advaccine is an internationally advanced vaccine drug research and development company, focusing on the development of genetic engineering vaccines, DNA vaccines, new vaccine adjuvants and other innovative technologies. Products under development include recombinant respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia vaccine and hepatitis B therapeutic Vaccines, new coronavirus DNA vaccines, etc."
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    I heard that recent article about INOvio in the San Diego union paper was an accurate and very positive about INOvio. Isn’t dr Kim the best?
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    Local biotech working on a vaccine against present and future coronavirus strains

    Associate scientist Dinah Amante looks at cells in a lab at Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a biotech company in San Diego that is developing a vaccine against COVID-19. The company recently reported promising early results for a “pan-coronavirus” vaccine that could work against multiple viral variants.(K.C. Alfred / The San Diego Union-Tribune)
    MAY 15, 2021 6 AM PT
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    Google: San Diego union tribune INOvio. You won’t believe your eyes when you read that article!
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    Study By Researcher From MIT Warns About Possible Consequences From COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines. (A MUST READ GAME CHANGER)

    COVID-19 Vaccine News May 13, 2021
    A new study published by researchers from MIT and also from Immersion Health, Portland raises the alarm about possible unintended consequences of the mRNA vaccines currently being deployed against the COVID-19 disease.

    The study findings were published in the peer reviewed journal: International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research.

    The study team reviewed both components of and the intended biological response to these vaccines, including production of the spike protein itself, and their potential relationship to a wide range of both acute and long term induced pathologies, such as blood disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmune diseases.

    Among these potential induced pathologies, the team highlighted the relevance of prion-protein-related amino acid sequences within the spike protein.

    Interestingly the study team also presented a brief review of studies supporting the potential for spike protein “shedding”, transmission of the protein from a vaccinated to an unvaccinated person, resulting in symptoms induced in the latter.

    There was some mainstream coverage of these allegations of shedding of spike particles by vaccinated individuals which some experts had dismissed online as simply fake allegations and nonsense but this new study finding shows otherwise.

    Most alarmingly, the study also addresses the concerns that these vaccines could modify the DNA of those receiving the vaccination. Although there are no studies demonstrating definitively that this is happening, the researches provide a plausible scenario, supported by previously established pathways for transformation and transport of genetic material, whereby injected mRNA could ultimately be incorporated into germ cell DNA for transgenerational transmission.

    The study team are not simply making unfounded or unscientific based warnings but rather are asking for more studies to address this concerns and for more surveillance that will help to clarify the long term effects of these vaccines which in reality are simply experimental drugs and to truly allow the general public better assess the true risk/benefit ratio of these novel technologies.

    This study is a must read for every doctor, physician, researcher, journalists, government authorities involved in vaccine procurement, those who have been vaccinated and those planning to get vaccinated or involved in making vaccine decisions for their family or loved ones.
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    Came across an article in "Science News", April 24, 2021 edition, "New COVID-19 vaccines in the works". Lists a total of 5 companies, including INO.
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    These are the info for mRNA vaccines. Over 100 million doses injected to arms, perhaps much more now but I've lost count. Over 2.5 billion doses of preorders. Projected revenues for Moderna and PFE/BNTX respectively stand at roughly $19 B and $40 B. Over 80 countries have authorized them at some level. A large portion of those 80 are rich developed countries who want the best in class for their citizens. 20-0 vote (with 1 abstention) by FDA advisory board for Moderna's vaccine. 17-4 vote for Pfizer vaccine. Counter these info by posting the corresponding info for DNA vaccines, not by sharing some obscure websites or shady tweets.
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    Just listened to the BofA Investor conference presentation with Dr. Kim. He was 100% better than at Q1 conference call, and if I was a new potential investor to INO ... I'd be in like Flint! Well done Dr. Kim. I highly suggest everyone listent to it. Link is on the INO web site in the Events and Presentations section.
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    "The company previously told investors that it had intended to move to Phase 3 trials this month, in line with other developers searching for the elusive vaccine, but now must wait until the fourth quarter for the FDA’s findings before it can move forward. “The company is actively working to address the FDA’s questions and plans to respond in October,” Inovio said in a statement cited by the Wall Street Journal."
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    Busy week coming up for INO. Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases Summit --- Thermo Fisher will be speaking about Addressing Technical and Manufacturing Challenges to Help Accelerate Next- Generation Vaccine Development, Cepi and Wistar as well.

    Markets Global Healthcare Conference
    May 18, 2021 09:45 AM ET
    Dr. J. Joseph Kim, President & CEO

    Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases Summit
    Kate Broderick will be speaking
    Pre-Conference Symposium: SARS-CoV-2
    Tuesday, May 18 2021

    12:00 pm | INO-4800 – A DNA based Vaccine Against COVID-19

    Genetic Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases Summit
    Day Two
    Thursday, May 20 2021

    Jean Boyer, PhD
    VP Analytical Science, Inovio

    9:30 am | Powering a New Decade of DNA-based Vaccines with Optimized Plasmid Design and Delivery
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    Advaccine's HK IPO prospectus 'Project Dolphin' is 542 pages long. There's some good information and forward-looking statements in there, which I think haven't surfaced that easily.

    r/Inovio - Information and forward-looking statements you may have missed from Advaccine's IPO prospectus

    pGX9501 (INO-4800) is Advaccine's 'Core Product' leading their valuation charge

    Advaccine expects to be one of the first to launch a COVID-19 vaccine based on innovative vaccine technologies in China, and as of most recently, pGX9501 is the first and only clinical-stage DNA-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate in China.

    In terms of trials, Advaccine expect to commence a phase 3 clinical trial for pGX9501 in the second quarter of 2021 and file a BLA or EUA application in the second half of 2021.

    Advaccine plan to expand their ongoing clinical trials or initial additional clinical trials for pGX9501 in subpopulations of COVID-19 vaccine addressable populations, including running trials against variants.

    Advaccine expect a robust commercialisation strategy by launch with preparations concurrent during phase 3, likely to be sold and distributed through government centralised procurement schemes.

    Advaccine plan to seek local partners for the global commercialisation of their vaccine candidates, and may consider to negotiate commercials rights for other regions outside of Greater China and for bulk vaccine supply outside the Greater China region for pGX9501 with Inovio.

    By Dankpost, Reddit r/Inovio Moderator
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    Electroporation = ImmunoPulser = MedPulser = Cellectra (Why the new aliases? After failure the name is changed.)

    In 2007 Inovio announced: "Tripep AB of Sweden, received approval to initiate a Phase I/II clinical trial of a novel DNA vaccine designed to treat chronically infected hepatitis C virus patients. The trial will test Tripep's proprietary DNA vaccine, ChronVac-C, administered using Inovio's MedPulser DNA Delivery System.

    In 2009 Inovio announced: "Inovio Biomedical Corporation, a leader in DNA vaccine design, development and delivery, announced today that its partner Tripep AB of Sweden has completed its phase I clinical study of its ChronVac-C hepatitis C virus DNA vaccine delivered using Inovio’s electroporation technology."

    Results reported in 2013: "The study investigated the use of the ChronVac-C DNA vaccine administered with Inovio's MedPulserTM-DDS electroporation device followed by a drug regimen in chronic HCV positive subjects. These initial results do not show a statistically significant difference so far between treatment outcomes of the vaccinated and non-vaccinated groups.

    The trial FAILED ...... DNA vaccines don't work ..... Inovio's electroporation, MedPulsing, Cellectra-dinging doesn't work ...... except as a nose hair trimmer!!!!!!
    Tripep (ChronTech) shareholders were obliterated on the FAILURE announcement. Inovio's "technology" doesn't work. The proof: 42 years of hype at Inovio but no approved products.
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    @Albert Nobody knows for sure because as you rightly mentioned, investors were not afforded to know about the details. Obviously the CEO does not love his investors as much as his investors love him. It is a typical story of unrequited love. But it is rather easy to GUESS the most probable issue. One of the main THEORETICAL RISK of DNA medicines is that THEORETICALLY there might be random integrations to the chromosomes. However years of EMPIRICAL studies have CONCLUSIVELY debunked this risk for DNA medicines. Yet when electrophoration is used to administer the DNA medicine, the consensus are not as conclusive. There are some that said it is as safe as without electrophoration. There is one that said some very small amount of random integrations were observable but then also mentioned that overall safety profile are still excellent because there was no integration at the oncogene region. My guess may be right or wrong. But I think without the clarification from anybody on what the issue is, all we can do is guess. I welcome other guesses. But I think the most geniuses here can think of is "the FDA is controlled by Dr. Fauci."
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    FYI - Bashers are reporting every poster who posts positive stuff about Inovio until the person's account is either blocked or deleted. It looks like it is a full-blown propaganda war wage by the shorties.
    They want retail to sell their shares and they want it now. They probably have about 4-5 months max before Inovio gets through P3.
    However, realistically they may not even have that much time. If Inovio manages to secure substantial funding for their P3 trial, for example from CEPI or GAVI, the shorts are done. Even the news from China about Advaccine starting their P3 trial could change the trend.
    I guess we are about to see one of the last attempts by shorts to brainwash small retail to part with their shares for cheap.
    Just my point of view based on the number of my posts being deleted daily and my accounts being blocked.
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    May 10 "We still plan and are on track to submit all of our submission to the FDA to lift the partial clinical hold if we're successful in the second quarter."

    May 12 "We have submitted the device-related response to the FDA."

    Quick planning for once.
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    I buy stocks with a goal of making money. When the price of what I purchased goes in the wrong direction, it's time to review what I missed.
    Many posters on this board really do not take an objective view of INO. It's not going to $100
    and our CEO is not going to change his mode of operation. I kept telling myself that news was going to provide a bump in the price, but 90% of the time the news is BAD news and we cascade down.
    I have had a critical tone for quite a while and I understand that people need some peace of mind, but listening to overly optimistic has provided little comfort and that comfort was temporary.
    Without funding my eight years of ownership has taught me that you holdings will be diluted to a much lower value. IT IS critical that funding is established in the immediate timeframe...
    Do something right DR Kim...
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    San Diego Union Tribune: "Local biotech working on a vaccine against present and future coronavirus strains."

    SD-UT is their local print newspaper.

    Ladies and gents, this powder keg is drying more rapidly than thought.
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    @Titos Reading through your conversation with Jenny I found that you didn't know why Inovio is even using Cellectra. Here is why:
    "Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO): Electroporation Increases Cellular Uptake of DNA Vaccines by 1,000x
    Inovio believes its proprietary electroporation technology to be the preeminent method for delivering and enabling immune responses from DNA immunotherapies.

    Electroporation uses controlled, millisecond-long electrical pulses to create temporary pores in the cell membrane and enable dramatic cellular uptake - by 1,000 fold or more versus conventional delivery methods - of a synthetic DNA immunotherapy previously injected into muscle or skin. The cell uses the new DNA’s instructions to produce proteins associated with the targeted disease, which mimic the presence of an actual pathogen and induce an immune response to provide future protection against the pathogen or eliminate cells infected with an infectious disease or cancer.
    Critically, Inovio has broad patent coverage on its electroporation delivery products in clinical and near clinical development, as well as next-generation electroporation devices and core electroporation parameters and methods of application ."
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     INOVIO’s VGX-3100 cervical cancer cure will in time, be a game changer.
    This cure will allow for women who previously had no chance to have children, will now be able to have children.
    Don't let the bears fool you into believing the data was not good for VGX-3100. One of the issues is that they had some volunteers who dropped out due to COVID situation,
    which skewed the data results.
    INOVIO is presently working with the FDA for VGX-3100 REVEAL 2 to make sure the ITT and mITT data can be reflective of the true impact of VGX-3100.
    VGX-3100 will be used commercially to be a first in line therapy in front of surgery, in order to show significant levels of efficacy to prevent surgery. INOVIO is partnered and collaborating with Qiagen with the Phase 2 data to develop a pretreatment biomarker to increase the efficacy significantly.
    Surgeries can't remove the cancers completely. The use of VGX-3100 will not only treat the disease, but clear the disease.
    In Phase 3 REVEAL 1, all of the end points were met in all evaluable subjects. Just 3 injections of VGX-3100 into the arm, not only regressed the disease in the cervix from high grade to low grade or normal, but most responders had no disease, and were also cleared of the disease.
    In essence, VGX-3100 made the cervix new and whole again, without all of the potential problems of surgery, which is the current standard treatment. These women, by the way, were typically at the peak of their reproductive age.