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HyreCar Inc. (HYRE)

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  • B
    Cooper, they need large capital infusion to fund new capital intensive business model. And in the process breakeven got pushed at least a year or more into the future. Be patient, you will get some buying opportunities. Now you see why the insiders dumped on this before the last earnings report.
  • S
    Sold this at a loss, I was not impressed with the owners dishonesty, apparently no one else was either hence all the lawsuits.
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    Border Crisis Biden
    anyone know what Hyre's customer (both owner and driver) retention numbers are? This companies future can be determined by their lessee/lessor turnover rate. That is all we need to know. If other services and platforms offer better income to owners or cheaper cost to drivers , then Hyre will only ever be in the business of finding new temporary suckers but if they have high retention rates then their customer base will be their word of mouth advertising army. anyone know these rates?
  • G
    Wish I could've heard what they said to institutional investors today. Clearly it did not go well.
  • J
    Good strength. It has been hitting strong resistance at $12. If it can close above $12, I think the path to $13 opens up nicely from that point on. The chart looks good. It is "bubbling up"; any good news good make this one fly. Strong business model that is scaling nationwide quite rapidly.
  • A
    Hi everyone. Please do the world a great service and mute Bellamaxi. It's toxic dribble fro a sad winner who can't gets what we wants right now. True baby.
  • C
    Cooper's going down and down......

    But i will buy everymonth!

    The business model is nice and the whole market is growing fast.

    Buy and patience...we need two to do now...
  • M
    Mr. M
    The unfortunate reality is if we didn't have these ambulance chasers there would be little repercussions for the C suite to manipulate the stock. Now the company will just have more cash burn due to non operational legal charges. It's a lose/lose
  • R
    Great buying opportunity. There's no doubt that HYRE has a future...
  • B
    Earnings revisions came way down. Not as rosy as Joe expects us to think. But again, these are the guys that dumped before they laid the rotten egg.
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    If they sign some kind of definitive agreement with one of the 2 TNCs, as they suggested was FINISHED AND DONE in the conference call, then according to SEC regulations they have 4 business days after signing to file an SEC Form 8-K and publicly disclose such agreement. The clock has been ticking and continues to tick on this claim that management claims is worthy of teasing us about. Disclosure: This tease came form a person that dumped 5 million dollars worth of stock in the 17's a few weeks ago, for what its worth.
  • p
    What this sudden drop, any news ?
  • t
    They need to change the CEO. this is actually a great business model if can be executed properly. I don't think Joe is the right person for this. What kind of CEO is going to dumped so many of his stocks so close to earnings and his brother as well when they know the earning is going to bad. This is just going to add to the sell off as investors think that even the CEO+ his brother think that the quarter is so horrible. He should've instead deliver a warning that the quarter is gonna be a miss that way he could've reduced the intensity of the sell off then announced that he's purchasing more shares during the sell off. That's what a decent CEO would've done. I really believed in the business model and invested a lot in this company but now I have my doubt as it seems that the top management are only focusing for personal gain instead of focusing on making this company to dominate the market. At this moment, there's not really a competition for Hyrecar and there's plenty of advantage for them to grow exponentially. Hopefully, Joe will deliver good news in the next few days and the stock can bounced to around $12.
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    Heavy insider selling since May, with 0 insider buying.

    When you have a director sell 20K shares literally 5 minutes before an earnings report that is called 'RECORD', yet it halves the stock value in a few days, that to me is an illustration of a much deeper problem below the surface.... and I believe that is what the market is slowly discovering now.
  • R
    Yes Arctis now owns 6.3% . This is not all new purchases. They just increased their position by 28% compared to prev filing.
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    Is there a way to mute the lawyer ads?
  • T
    I give up. They wont leave up that Brian is present at NIADA today. Wonder why. Seems like a great place for an annoucment
  • J
    Oversold at this point. Market cap right back down to $210M. $25M cash, no debt. Fast growing platform, with growing pains. Many companies are still private at this stage (think Turo) they are showing to the public how the sausage is made and how it costs to adapt structure for high growth. This bad earning call came without warning and they are paying a heavy price for it. Hopefully they will learn not to repeat such a quarterly result without prior warning. Two founders selling a quarter of their holding was the warning...trimmed a bit but clearly not enough. Not selling now.
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    Another insider sold 20K shares on Aug. 9th, minutes before stock lost half its value.
    Somebody tell me how this guy is not in jail and why there are no class action lawyers
    hovering over this situation?
  • J
    Anyone know what this new sec filing is? Form sc 13g/a was filed. From what I gather a company by the name of Arctis Global LLC has purchased around 6% of Hyre stock. I have no idea if I’m reading that correctly perhaps someone with more experience can shed some light?