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    The Joker
    The market's at historical highs. I shall refrain from using the terms overvalued, expensive or frothy just to name a few to describe the current market. One can only know after the facts and I definitely don't have a crystal ball. What I do know is that this stock is cheap by various metrics and it's your way to indirectly own illiquid assets. Illiquid assets are great as you scoop them up at a discount at the cost of not having liquidity - which is fine if they're assets backing an insurance company. Be (very) patient with this stock. Price eventually catches up to value.
  • C
    Do you guys think this is support? To me looks like a good entry point.
  • D
    When Prem can donate his wealth to charity, then i will trust him more. His fund is much smaller than Bershire. He should be able to perdorm better than Warren. He is yet to prove his worth. I am will to give him the benefits of the doubt that he is realizing some of the hidden value of the company. It is no use to talk about bright future, the track record speaks for everything. FFH needs to return money to share holders one way or the other CONSISTENTLY.
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    Michael Burry
    Fairfax insurance business growing rapidly and performing well in a hard market. Buybacks have been significant and will continue. Prem made a huge $150M purchase last year, proving that be believes in the intrinsic value of the company. Atlas and Stelco are both performing well and look to continue for several years. Fairfax is also positioned very well to mitigate any risk of rising interest rates. Fairfax India is deep value below book and well positioned in a growing economy. All this and currently below 70% of book value if you account for the Digit increase and other book increases in Q3. Good luck finding a better buy in this market.
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    Great NCIB of shares buy back is an excellent moves while shres are below book values.
  • D
    Rocket time for FFH following the fast increase of value of BB.
  • B
    Must be time for employee share purchases. Stock up $20 in two days
  • G
    Why is the PE so low on this? Appears grossly undervalued?
  • A
    Wait? People have been waiting for over a half decade and still no performance here. For a short term play maybe, but for a long term investment probably not. What has changed to make you think Prem is now going to deliver. I think he has lost it! Just do a plot of frfhf vs the spx one a 10 year period and you will understand.
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    What a joke
    Only a zillion companies have been 3 to 13 baggers over the same time. MSFT aapl nvda AMZN PAYPL now Isrg ADBE just to name a few. Talk about companies with runway. Don’t thank me. All this happy talk makes you think it was close. I am not saying it can’t do something spectacular but it has a lot of catching up to do. A lot. So do all of prems companies. Blackberry is one that comes to mind. Yes the company provides safety. Safety from making money. All I am saying. Best of success to you. Thank god I pulled the plug long ago. Had a large position. Dying by a thousand cuts.
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    Someday this stock will be rediscovered.
  • S
    Steve Cohen
    This will be above $700 before EOY. $ATCO and $Stelco alone will rebalance this anytime!
  • P
    Anyone know how much stelco fairfax owns. Incredible earnings just released
  • C
    Anyone know why there are no options trading on Fairfax?
  • e
    Look what I said 5 days ago. Going to 600 min very soon.
  • I
    I've done a deep dive into FFH investment holdings over the last month or so. My estimate is that they're up about $1.2 Billion since Sept 30th. Combined with expected insurance profits, I would expect FFH to report in the neighbourhood of $50 per share net income for the 4th quarter. I would also estimate that FFH will eclipse their book value at Dec 31/19 by a bit - say, increasing from $486 USD to $492 USD, or $634 or so Cdn. They've increased their reserves for any pandemic losses by a healthy amount, so I don't see that being a significant risk. We'll see if I'm right about all of this when they report in February, but for the time being, this strikes me as a very low risk stock at this point.
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    It's been 4 months from my last post. I bought below 600 and sold around 640 for every 10 up / down swing. I still own at this 651 level.

    I listened to the latest CC on Friday 2/15, overall the questions and answers were not exceptional on top of the press release (IMO, very good and transparent, at the Fairfax website). As a reference, buybacks were average USD450 in the 4th quarter so you do the math in own buying price point circumstances.

    One thing I am glad on one side, but not so on the other was the consolidated underwriting ratio of 98.8. I hope the company puts effort to move it to low 98 or mid-97 in short while ex run-off, but not hearing any direction or questions. Glad that comparing to AIG's 141, Fairfax had 98.8 in the 4th quarter 2018. Don't know if the increase in short end Treasury was away from the volatile investment gain direction or preparing for a soft hedge to economic slow down.

    There are questions, some may be answered within inside track, while some are a guess of what the world is heading. With BB, SSW, Cara and other public holdings my conservative guess is USD500M unrealized valuation upside from Dec 31, 2018 till now. Private holdings ? I don't know. So it is still a USD450 valuation +/- private holdings upside and convertible upsides.

    Insurance line, if going 0.5 down in the consolidated underwriting ratio, should help at least USD12 a share earnings. At a p/e of 12, this will take the share price to USD570. Am I unrealistic ?
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    Kashyap V
    I was reading the chairman's letter and it talks about $100bn of deflation hedge that the company has at a cost of $7m. does anyone know more about this? will this protect ffh from the expected downfall in its portfolio businesses?
  • B
    Based on the price insiders Prem bought, i think FFH has great upside from here. I am buying oil stock again as price has bounced from 16 to 57 now, yet oil stock has not reflect the recovery.