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  • D
    I told you to get into SOL and that it would pop to $200 last week. It did. Due to a hack on coinbase then Uniswap, at exactly 8:05pm PDT all coinbase covered coins dropped at the same exact time, Tuesday. Followed by the same group attacking Uniswap on Thursday at the same time. This prevented SOL ft hitting $322 this week. It will take 3 weeks to recover to there now.

    In the mean time, you can get ACH, it's recovering the fastest, with solid new levels of resistance rising every day. Expect a $1 leap in the next 2 weeks.

    Doge is poised for .37 in a week and a half.
  • v
    The future is bright
    Dogecoin's biggest bullish catalyst is the reestablishment of a central development team. Notable members include Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, who joined The Dogecoin Foundation's board of directors last month. The Dogecoin Foundation was founded in 2014 but dissolved over the years as developers lost interest in the project. It's now making a comeback.

    In the near future, the Dogecoin network could encounter new protocol upgrades such as smart-contract functionality, which will enable it to rival that of Ethereum and Bitcoin after the latter's taproot upgrade. On Sept. 3, Elon Musk backed a major network upgrade that increased its security and reduced transaction fess.

    Overall, Dogecoin has its paws rooted firmly in a unique niche, and it remains a solid investment over a two-year horizon. Even though that situation might change, the return of developers would ensure that the network can innovate itself and solve new blockchain issues. But do know that the perfect time to go all in on the cryptocurrency ended a while ago.
  • V
    One day left until ACH starts to skyrocket. Its chart is matching ALGO almost exactly. Not sure if it's manipulation at this point, but, GLTA.
  • D
    I don't have the CRYSTAL BALL but the next bull run in Doge might leave many behind and chasing the price.
    As a CONSTANT DOGE BUYER, my average cost has declined to 0.28 (from 0.61).
  • K
    My thought on all these cryptocurrency is that only the wise. Know what to do.
  • T
    To many, realizing when to purchase and dump dogecoin is a supernatural.. they can’t resist the urge to follow hypothesis. The thing is, there are such a number of procedure out there and no one get confounded which truly works my suggested passage on dogecoin dependent on my specialized examination has been getting with a stunning P/L. I suggested purchase at 0.0349 with a TP bull at 0.0428 which saw over +100% in portfolio acquire on great influence
  • c
    Might be prepping for another run… excited!
  • D
    Coinbase crypt newspaper, mentions only 6 of some 50+cryptos available from them, in their latest edition. Do you think the DOGE made the list? Yes, it did. It is the lowest-priced crypto of the six.
  • N
    PrimeXBT Adds Dogecoin the low-priced DOGE became the perfect entry point for newcomers to the crypto space, driven by the idea that together, investors could pump the price per DOGE to $1 each.
  • V
    Tulsa, OK, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- AppSwarm, Corp. (OTC: SWRM), a software development company and aggregator of mobile applications, announced an advisory agreement with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) for their SpaceX DOGE-1 mission to the Moon.
    DogeLabs will assist in providing corporate and strategic partnerships to the DOGE-1 project and establish a working relationship to explore future space-related projects under TulsaLabs.
    DOGE-1 is the first-ever commercial lunar payload in history paid entirely with Dogecoin, launching aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

    The mission will deploy a small CubeSat into lunar orbit that will be equipped with a camera to record video of the satellite’s pixel display screen that is enabled to play digital content, including NFT art.
    The display screen will then be live-streamed from the CubeSat to various social media and streaming platforms, including Twitch or YouTube.
    For further information and updates on the DOGE-1 Moon project collaboration with DogeLabs visit:
    Tom Bustamante, Founder of DogeLabs, commented, "We are very excited to be working with Geometric Energy on their DOGE-1 project. Geometric’s depth of expertise and experience in space also makes them a great partner for potential future collaborations in both blockchain and space projects.”
  • K
    Sometimes I feel something is brewing between Doge developers, Elon musk and Vitalik. So I am in.
  • D
    Questions about dilution. Let us look at it. Today the market cap for Dogecoin is about 32 Billion which means that there are some 128 Billion coins in circulation. Mining adds, by some counts, about 16 Million coins a day or about 6 billion coins a year. The decisions underway may reduce that somewhat. But if the holders of the coin increase by 10% a year, the demand should take the value higher. Adoption is the key to its value.
  • J
    John Eric Daryl
    Right now is the good time to buy
  • R
    Real John
    Dogecoin fully usable with coin base card. Visa. They have tons of altcoins usable now. Click on the payment area on the coin base phone app. They just added tons for the visa card. I'm shocked.
  • D
    ACH completed it's double bottom after and now the charts are indicating strong forward momentum. Their PR report shows excellent outreach, collaboration, and exponential growth. By December this should be well into the $5.00 mark. Currently it's at .0777.
  • W
    Walter White
    I’m assuming the buy and hold types have target prices in which they’ll sell. I’m curious, have some questions for the buy and hold types, and would like to have a civil discussion: What is your price target in which you’ll sell or take some profits? What is that price target based on, how did you decide on that price? If you don’t have a price target then how will you know when it’s the right time (for you) to sell? How are you managing your risk (i.e. avoid possibly losing the majority of your unrealized gains in the event of a huge crash just like what happened earlier in the year)?
    Do you use a stop loss? If not, are you going to hold all the way down and hope it comes back up to at least break even? If you haven’t experienced losing big gains that you patiently waited for then have you asked yourself how that would feel?
  • D
    Dogecoin Spin-Offs Soar 1,000% After Elon Musk Shows Off ‘Floki’ Pupp
  • j
    Well shorts you can thank El Salvador for their wallet flop. The good news is that Panama is considering btc and other countries as well, this forces the IMF to hold crypto. Plus institutional money will bring btc back to 50k real soon. Remember many institutions trade with super computers on fiber optics steroids these flash traders have automatic programmed algorithms. These algorithms sold off due to sell signals so everyone panicked and followed suit. Take the gift and buy the dip. Crypto is always volatile but These larger swings are pretty rare during a bull run. 💎🤲🏻
  • R
    If you believe in Doge and plan to hold fairly long. The best thing to do is buy the dips while it's considered under valued. Trying to time the markets is almost impossible for the average investor. Stay in, and add on the decent dips is the only way not to miss the ride back up. At any moment, on good news. Doge could climb up 100-200% in just a couple of days. How would you feel staying on the sidelines if this happens?
  • S
    Look at the graph on dodge and bitcoin now 7.46 pm Sunday. They are literally exactly the same. What does this mean?