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    Impressive ending for CVM. Market down big and CVM Up big. Curious why the gains basically occurred last half hour of closing. Not sure if it had anything to do with options quadruple witching hour but I will take it.
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    The change is coming thanks to the CVM team not giving up. I am rooting for the people who have cancer #1. As a bonus I will become very rich.
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    I sure like the afternoon action. It was unexpected. Lets push this past $15 next week. I am very surprised we are not already in the 20s. We have a much needed treatment for a cancer that has not had a new treatment in over 50 years. Let alone one that has such great results as MK. Which is non toxic - no adverse events with a 14.1% increase in patient survival. MK will be approved. CVM is the best place to have you money right now. I am 20,000 shares long. And continue to add on pull backs
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    Seems like a chunk of money left high tech yesterday and was put into biotech as most of my bios benefited. Hoping for some good news on Monday but not expecting it. GLTA
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    markets down, CVM going up with relative high volume. do your maths
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    CEL-SCI’s Multikine® Immunotherapy Produces Significant 14.1% 5-Year Survival Benefit (62.7% Vs 48.6%) in the Group Receiving Surgery Plus Radiotherapy in a Landmark Head and Neck Cancer Phase 3 Study
    June 28, 2021.
    We are going on 3 months since this great news was released. Cel Sci has been working very hard behind the scenes preparing the NDA for the FDA. I would anticipate so very positive news in the near future.
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    Brett B
    Looking for work? Cel-Sci is hiring!

    Including manufacturing positions.

    Check them out on the company website.

    $95 current share price given by Seeking Alpha

    We are moving baby
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    right around 1/3 of CVM shares are held by institutions.

    I guess those institutions aren't as smart as Adam Fearstain. 😂

    anyway, that was really an interesting last hour for cvm! I walked past my computer screen somewhere around 3:20 and somebody had dropped it down below view app on a relatively small block of shares. I got back to my computer around 5 to 4:00 to see big blocks going by to the upside.

    was definitely an encouraging close, especially for a friday!

    and thanks again to whoever sold me shares at $7.86 when I bought another 20,000 shares! I had also purchased options at that time, calls for June 2022 with a $12 strike.

    Sweet. 😁😎
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    Institutions buyn, slight tick up too with certain hedge funds, they see something we dont. $13+next week I expect.
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    Just wanted to share with you longs here, I have changed my account to a non- margin account long time ago so that the shorts can’t borrow my shares. My suggestion is to do that and also remove your stops if any and put a sell order way higher than it is today, I have put a sell order at 60
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    Boy things have sure quieted down here since data release. The truth is there just isn’t much to say. We are back in the days of waiting and then waiting more. It feels like year 6 of the P3 trail. GK has nothing to say. Who knows if and when there will be any “big” announcement.
    Meanwhile there are the same old predictable posts; Mario complain about volume, Park complains about everything and Mitch feeds us the “daily” BS about adding more shares
    PLEASE , wake me when it’s over!!!
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    My takeaway from the BioTech interview is….

    "This is why Cel-Sci designed this into their protocol, and it is a key thing to highlight as it’s pre-specified that the company analyzes the individual group. Being pre-specified is requirement number one for being allowed to use it with the FDA. Requirement number two is that the actual analysis of the pre-specified groups must be done prior to being unblinded to avoid any potential bias.
    What happened in the case of Cel-Sci, the company didn’t get the data until the end of June, but the analysis was done by ICON in the six months before. Cel-Sci was not unblinded and during the period did not know what they were doing, allowing the analysis to meet all of the requirements for the use of this treatment option.

    The minimum is over 210,000 people that qualify from a total of 890,000 people diagnosed with head and neck cancer worldwide annually. Approximately 210,000 people fall into the category of surgery plus radiation for their treatment of head and neck cancers."

    Stunningly good and irrefutable facts.
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    Hey Geert. You owe us an update on LEAPS
    12/20/20—-CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE American: CVM) announced today its LEAPS COV-19 peptides, delivered as a therapeutic treatment following SARS-CoV-2 virus challenge, achieved a 40% survival rate in transgenic mouse models as compared to 0% survival in the two control groups in studies conducted at the University of Georgia Center for Vaccines and Immunology.
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    Hey Tony, how u doin, This stinker was not to stinky on Friday. Share price moved up quickly. I did increase my 2 shares by 19,998. Lol. CVM has been a huge money maker for me over the past few years .Shares were around $3 when I 1st bought. I sold out at $33 when shares went to $40 bought back in at $13 to $15. Then I stopped out at $19 at data. But was able to be patient and buy back in the mid $7s to $9. This company and the CEO is far from stinkers. You have to know that MK will be approved. They have the data. And it is excellent 14.1% survival over SOC. With no toxicity. Its a cancer drugs dream. Full approval for the non chemo arm is just a matter of processing the FDA paper work. Which is in process right now. I hope you are holding some shares long. Because 1 day this is going to be the homerun of a lifetime. Not often in life can you invest in a way under valued stock. That had a very long Phase 3 trial. That has been completed and proved to exceed its end point. Just wafting for FDA to approve. Anyone with any common sense knows this will get FDA approval for the non chemo patient group which is around 145,000 patients annually.
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    Today Could be the big day.
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    Cel Sci currently adding staff. If your looking for a job. Here are a list of openings.

    Information Technology (IT) Specialist,

    Human Resource Manager

    Raw Materials Associate

    Quality Control Technical Writer

    Supervisor of Quality Control

    Quality Assurance Auditor

    QA/DC position
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    The FDA has never not approved a Cancer drug if it has shown ANY OS (Overall Survival). MK is a lock!
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    Mirko, why are you here? If you don't believe in CVM, you should put your resources to work somewhere else. You have to be shorting the stock and trying to influence us to dump our shares. Why not work your artistry on the institutions! They probably will tell you to take a hike.
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    Options expiration folks
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    I smell smoke!