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    Brett B
    10 to 25B projected sales in head and neck alone per year.

    Also immediate phase 2 for all other cancers and tumors including breast.

    If the company sold for 10 B it would be $200 per share

    Multikine - Safely and effectively eliminating cancer
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    The stock has flat lined over the past week. Strange relatively large pm volume and then very low volume during the regular session. Accumulation on the QT? Expecting a breakout soon. GLTA
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    Some shorts on the board keep trying to manipulate the truth about the results of the trial. They bring up the primary and secondary end points. While completing ignoring the facts. Stated over and over again by Dr Talor and Geert. Here are the facts: For the 15th time. The non chemo group was a pre prescribed and separate patient group. This group exceeded SOC by almost 50% (14.1%) which is statistically significant and will get FDA approval. The patient group is at least 155,000 patients per year.
  • N
    Most people remain poor only because friends and relatives discouraged and advise them against investing and trading BTC while the wise ones kept investing and growing higher financially
  • o
    Early Trading volume is up…for the last 2 days…I am buying the dips…bought in at 11.30
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    "We are now validating the facility and will begin preparing our facility license application for Multikine. We continue to hire and train additional personnel required to efficiently operate the manufacturing facility in compliance with all federal and state requirements," stated CEL-SCI CEO, Geert Kersten.
  • J
    For those such as Kyle and Mario who still think that Multikine can be approved based on a subset analysis even though it failed its primary and key secondary endpoints, read what the FDA itself has to say on this matter"

    " If the analyses of the primary and secondary endpoints do not support conclusions of the medicine’s benefit, then FDA considers subgroup analyses to be exploratory, meaning they may inform the design of future trials, but do not support reliable conclusions about the medicine’s benefit. Focusing on only the most favorable of many subgroup analyses, even if the sub-groups are pre-specified, can lead to overestimating the evidence of benefit, because regardless of a drug’s true efficacy, some analyses are likely to appear favorable by chance when a large number of analyses are conducted."
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    i am going to make some bold predictions. Mario is going to say he is long and then say multiple times how if the company's product worked the share price would be higher. And then when it goes up he will say it is irrelevant because it is not trading in millions of shares.
    Park will then pipe up and accuse someone of pumping and inform us that he has been in this stock for 16 years (was 14 yesterday, 12 last week)
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    They’re not submitting the chemo arm to the FDA

    Therefore the idea that they missed is impossible
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    Peer reviewed data will be published in couple weeks I think and FDA can’t deny a pre-bla meeting. So we are looking at a stock price of atleast $25 within a months time. And after approval $100+
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    The dearth of public comment from Geert is telling. Apparently he will let the data speak for itself. CVM cash position is largest in company history. 14 % ! Gilead bought small cap. Immunomedics for $21 Billion in Sept. 2020 for a much smaller market (triple negative breast cancer) immunotherapy. I think MultiKine is going to blow peoples minds
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    I had some issues posting this so I am sorry for the duplications
    I have had conflicting thought processes pertaining to Cel-Sci journey based upon new information along the time frame that I have owned Cel-Sci.

    Initially, I thought that because of the company's long journey, long dedication of its higher level folks along with age that selling the company was the more likely probability. Then after giving it further thought and based upon some of my experience in bio-tech I thought that it was more probable that they would go after a few other cancer treatments beyond H&N.

    I've also thought that if they were to sell to Big Pharma, would they get lost in the older traditions and lose much of the multiple that a small company could eventually get if ultimately successful in the treatment of several different cancers. This has been a rather vague description of my personal thought process as it pertains to CVM.

    I also have been invested in Tesla since Q1 2019 and as some of you may know they recently reported their Q3 results. So, I have been looking at some different view points of Portfolio Managers and Investors to get their take and I inadvertently ran across something that I think could potentially compliment CVM journey.

    Cathie Wood runs ARK invest and she is a major Tesla bull, but she was being interviewed by the Milken Institute and she was asked why are you buying shares in Pfizer? I was surprised to hear that and her response went something like this. Pfizer likes Bio-tech and we think Bio tech is a value stock but the reason we have been acquiring Pfizer shares is because they are interested in three disruptive technologies that we have separate analysts at ARK working individually on. ARK analysts are each focused on a single disruptive technology and three of their analyst think that these three disruptive technologies have some interesting overlap and ARK has been buying Pfizer because they believe Pfizer recognizes the overlap.

    So, the three areas of overlap are Bio-tech, DNA sequencing and CRISPR Gene Therapy. I recently read Walter Isaacson's book regarding Jennifer Doudna entitled, The Code Breaker. The book was an interesting read and one of the things that stood out to me was how Science works. How today's Scientist stand on the shoulders of the Scientist before them and how tomorrow's science stands on the shoulders of today's Scientist. In other words, it is a collaborative effort and often times new discoveries are small and incremental.

    After watching the interview with Cathie Wood it made me start thinking that perhaps Pfizer and CVM may be an interesting partnership.

    I still remain conflicted on how CEl- Sci would actually play out but, I continue to think about it and throw new information into the stew of thought. I think we can make compelling arguments for either going it alone or being acquired but I thought the three areas of interest at Pfizer with these three disruptive technologies piqued my interest. Though some of you may like to listen to Cathie's thought process on Pfizer and see if it gets your thought process turning. The link is below:

    Go to about the 33 minute mark if you are interested in hearing her comments on Pfizer.
    Ark's Cathie Wood on Tesla, Crypto, China, Investing
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    Mario: "@Johnny in all fairness to Geerty he did say the data using the chemo arm did not offer a benefit, so what the actual data was is irrelevant. The MK radio are was not some fished out subgroup, it was a separate arm from get go that happened to work!"

    Mario is dead wrong on both points:

    1) The data on the primary and key secondary endpoints are not irrelevant: they are the most important data from the trial! Geerty is concealing them precisely because he knows that revealing them would make it obvious that Multikine would never be approved! Most likely Multikine use led to lower overall survival in the trial at large.

    2) Mario again misses the point on the subset analysis. First, FDA states that when a trial misses its primary and key secondary endpoints, all further analyses are exploratory only and can be used therefore only to generate hypotheses to test in a new clinical trial. Secondly, Geerty has not revealed the number of subset analyses he had the CRO conduct. Each such analysis must be accompanied by a statistical penalty because slicing and dicing the data numerous ways dramatically increases the probability of finding a subgroup where the drug appeared to work even though it did not 'work' overall. (And again that's why Geerty is hiding the primary outcome data!). So Geerty's reported p value is meaningless as is the 'prespecified subgroup' nonsense!

    Mario swallows Geerty's claims whole and therefore reaches the fallacious assumption that Multikine works and will be approved. he then wonders why institutional investors don't get it!

    The thing is, Mario, that the institutions get it very well: they know that the data Geerty is hiding is all important and cannot be cavalierly dismissed and they know that Multikine will never be approved based on a false subset analysis from a single failed pivotal trial.
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    Institutions have been increasing ownership of CVM recently.

    Total Number of Shares Held 17,731,877
    Large Block Owners 94
    Percent Shares Owned info_outline 41.10%
    Percent Change in Ownership 10.56%
  • h
    Clear phase 3 positive data and stock is $11.42. It appears all to hinge on how the FDA views the data submitted. Could go either way. My guess is manufacturing consistency will play a big part
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    A lot of pm volume again this am. Yesterday more than 150K shares traded pm and then only about 350K in the regular session. Seems strange.
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    Don't recall ever seeing CVM trading so many shares pre-market as it has the past few days.

    132,610 shares traded at 8:44 AM ET.
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    74K pm shares traded. More news coming??
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    These shares were sold to pay the taxes due as a result of the milestone reached and subsequent vesting of restricted shares of common stock issued from the 2014 Incentive Stock Bonus Plan.
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    Jim Cramer saying yesterday that CVM would get bought by big pharma. BUY BUY BUY was the least of the story. He just made millions of more investors aware of CVM a very undervalued company. That already has the excellent Phase 3 data in hand. Just a matter of finishing the FDA process. Any investor with any knowledge at all can see. This company is going to be a quick and easy 10 bagger.