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Carnival Corporation & plc (CCL)

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17.20-0.69 (-3.86%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
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After hours: 07:59PM EST
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  • N
    The happy news will come soon, and it will rise like a rocket then and we will recover the level of 25 dollars within two days
  • K
    Why are you all so emotional over the short term, it sounds like you all seem to believe this is going to rocket to $20 and then $70 in a mannor of months? New varient has spooked the market causing recovery concerns. CCL was always going to be a long term play until the WORLD travel patterns normalise. No clue why you are all surprised and swearing at each other. My view is bullish, which could also be completely wrong and there is not enough time to recover if the restrictions say in place for another year, but JESUS CHRIST, have some respect for each other.
  • U
    Carnival is fully booked for 2022 and mid 2023.
    This can only go up,
    The omicron is the mildest variant so far,
    These variants are getting weaker, it’s their nature, i’m thinking of adding 3k shares,
  • V
    Earnings are 4000% up from last year at this time. I think that’s going to help us out when earnings come out in January. This will easily climb up to $25 maybe even $30 by April 1 2022$
  • T
    Hi fellow CCL lovers. I like CCL, i think it will go through the roof. I even thing that omnicron will not impact too much the US and the developped world. But this is what i think ... and the mkt doesn't care about it.

    they are scared about new "stop sailings" and new share issuances to help for cash burn.

    This will prevail as long as this new variant isn't correctly identified ... i mean it's harm and its effect on vaccinated people. This will take some weeks.

    Don't expect too many lucky rebounds before the newsflow on this starts.

    Then , jump on board ... i fully agree.

    I made a lot of money with CCL and sold it at 23.

    Covid has waves ... surf them !!
  • V
    Investing in bitcoin is the best investment anyone can do this season, because it changes numerous of people life's
  • J
    I’m a real person from Dallas Texas. This stock always volatile in the morning. Unfortunately, they are not going out of business but operations cost money. They won’t be at $25 until Early January. I don’t think it will sink like last year, but the next week will be volatile.
  • e
    er doc
    This year 3/4 of the flu is Type A, 1/4 is type B. Luckily the flu shot is covering both.
    The new Coronavirus is mostly Delta now, but there is a chance Omicron will take over. That doesn't mean Delta will disappear. Just like the flu, we will have both types in circulation. They will come and go, just like the flu. Adjustments to the vaccine will be made each year --- just like the flu.
  • I
    Earnings beat is just one month away, analyst estimates for Sep-Nov quarter are too pessimistic, CCL will report a smaller loss than expected. The stock will fly, $25 by Jan 15th and $30 by February 15th!
  • T
    According to the medical field, generally variants are more contagious but less deadly.
    The media reacts as if we will all die of Covid, but they have their own agenda.
    I’m holding CCL and other get out stocks because at some point most people will realize that the sun will rise tomorrow regardless of what the media say.
  • A
    Stocks are done .... Market crash and panic is happening , this is just begining
  • A
    Where are my lovely shorts today? 🤣
  • S
    Snicker licker
    Viral Facebook post: COVID-19 death rates in England are higher among vaccinated people than unvaccinated.

    PolitiFact's ruling: False

    Here's why: Referencing one chart in a 30-page report while omitting important context, bloggers falsely claimed in an article that COVID-19 death rates in England are much higher among vaccinated people than unvaccinated.

    The article included the headline, "COVID death rates 4 to 1, vaccinated to unvaxxed." It was shared on Facebook in a post that was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

    The claim makes a statistical error. The ratio it cites is based on raw numbers of deaths among vaccinated and unvaccinated people. It does not compare death rates, which would take into account the size of each group.

    The claim references a chart in a UK Health Security Agency report that indicates during a three-week period in October and November, England had 3,430 deaths from COVID-19. Of those deaths, 2,822 were people who had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 587 were unvaccinated people. The rest were people whose vaccination status was not
  • j
    Ugly price action today, but holding the $17 area is a plus. The last time the stock got to an RSI this low (20.725 on the daily/10 year chart) July 19/20 the stock rallied from $19 to $23. I can't say I'm happy about breaking the $20 support level but it got to $17 quick to quick the bears/short sellers had to cover off of $17 and will continue covering to the high $19 and change area Monday. on the business side of CCL there's strong demand for cruising and the busy season is coming Jan, Feb etc
  • M
    Good day today ....but we have to break the 18.50 resistance at some point to move up.
  • C
    Headline on Bloomberg. Could be the reason futures are up.

    South African health experts, including the Doctor Who first sounded the alarm about the Omicron variant, indicated that symptoms linked to the coronavirus strain have been mild so far
  • z
    Soon this will pass and will go back to real business .
    This summer the cruise stocks will go much higher.
  • M
    Mr Clean
    The Jan 2023 $20 calls are going for just above $3 and recently had been trading above $7.....if you are certain CCL within a year will hit at least $23 you would be wise to load up on these. I own nothing of CCL and believe it will struggle, but those options are priced good if you are bullish.
  • r
    no concern ccl just lost 5% of its price today
  • K
    Investing is the wisest thing to do, especially with the current fall, when you allow a good trader to handle your investment, all you see is win and win 😊😊