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CCY - CCY Delayed Price. Currency in CAD
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1.2741+0.0144 (+1.14%)
At close: 5:00AM GMT
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  • N
    As oil prices rise, so will the CDN. Even if the DX rises we may see a higher Cad/Usd. Resistance at 82.25
  • S
    Food for thought.
    Since 2000 oil had gone above 100 dollars per barrel,in 2 stretches.2008,and 2013 the latter lasted for a couple years.
    The canadian dollar also went above par during the same time.
    With Canada loosing influence in the oil market due to pipelines not being built and no tidewater access,the USA also loosing rigs,and companies bankrupt,the Russian and Saudis,have more control over price.saudis need 82$ us a barrel to break even.we all know f Saudi and Russia get together the oil rice goes where they want it to go.there’s a good chance the Canadian dollar will go back to par in next year or your bets accordingly.
  • R
    .72 CAD is coming soon to your bank accounts. USD is still king. Once market corrects dollar will rise. USD that is. Oil is in dream land.
  • J
    At this pace, it’ll be at par by August/September
    USD will rocket back after Covid relief has ended.
    Invest with CAD into US stocks.
    Gain in USD, then cash out when above par.
    Easy 22% from today and you get to still play with your money.
  • D
    Dark Knight
    The absolute bottom !!! Now USD fight back !!! Let’s go !!!
  • S
  • f
    IMO, CAD in trouble, lack of vaccines in Canada, election likely in March or April, huge deficit. IMF likely to downgrade Canada's credit rating this year. My guess CAD back to .70 to the USD.
  • M
    if cad and usd become equal im converting my cash to usd lol.
  • K
    CAD free fall. Just wanted to say thanks Joe Biden,from all those jobs and the economy reliant on the oil industry in Alberta.
  • J
    Quit looking at the day to day movements. It’s a currency...
    1M chart minimum. 6M - 1 year paints a better picture of momentum.
    USD not doing well and continuing the trend.
    Possible parity this year with CAD if Americans keep getting free money.
    2022, USD will come back strong if pandemic recovery efforts begin.
  • V
    this is Bidens USD 🤣, he's now doing as much if not more damage as Trudeau.
  • S
    bottom reached! bounce back
  • H
    sorry guy dollar run up gone. oil going down. so dollar.same.
  • R
    Say bye to Keystone on Wednesday. Even more reason to go back to 1.40 by EOY.
  • A
    Antonio Montana
    when is this going to stop? all my money in USD and every 0.01 im down 13k!😑😑😑
  • D
    Dark Knight
    Nice! 1.28, then 1.30+, to 1.35 !!!
  • J
    USD in a free fall!
    The new standard will be CAD.
    ...just kidding. But parity coming by end of summer.
  • k
    Usd crashing
  • J
    CAD taking over!
    New global standard!
    Just kidding, but weak USD is sure helping me.
    Thanks boys!💋
  • r
    Great bashing going on here love thy neighbor potatoes potatoes tomatoes tomatoes aren’t you glad there’s an invisible line and not an ocean between us?