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Top Glove Corporation Bhd. (BVA.SI)

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  • n
    I heard about TGLVY the other day on ( It's looking like an interesting play.
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    Crazy Horse
    The US is now banning rubber gloves from thailand because if defects or the fact some gloves were used. This will be a huge boom for top glove.
  • L
    the buyer vol very big
  • H
    You don't expect them to just rebound to $20? Its the first day of the announcement. It will take time to rebound but we did receive the yield two months previously. Labor issues cleared and they can import to the States now. Expect to see results perhaps in the next few weeks
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    Crazy Horse
    I love buying these dips. haven't missed one yet. like it or not the world demand for gloves is outpacing production. an investment dream come true.
  • P
    Thank you, Top Glove. for the very generous dividend payment I just received. Top Glove has a 15 per cent yield. This is the most underrated stock ever.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
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    TGLVY - Vol 63949, Price 3.1000, Change +0.3800 (+13.97%),
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    THO - Vol 2292669, Price 121.80, Change +9.00 (+7.98%),
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    Crazy Horse
    The use of gloves in every hospital and doctors office in the world is going to out pace demand. Covid-19 taught us that and it won't be the last virus. you can bank on it.
  • m
    profit up 366% in the quarter, 30% price increase, orders booked through 2021, doubling capacity with 400 new production lines....yet we are down to love this market. today was a gift to buy more
  • R
    Top Gloves is a dividend machine: Top Glove’s board did not declare a dividend in Q2 2020. It said it will start paying special dividends in Q2 2021 for the second to fourth quarter period of 2021. 

    The latest Q2 dividend brings the total dividend declared for the first half of 2021 to 41.7 sen per share, 3.5 times that of the FY2020 dividend of 11.8 sen per share.
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    Crazy Horse
    I have been buying shares since it was $4.00 a share and will buy more today. best stock I own and demand for their product is through the roof. it's a dream stock. this doesn't happen very often.
  • R
    Top Glove commitment to rectifying complaints made against the company that recently my have had some negative influence on its share price.

    It has plegded funds to improve its workers’ living conditions and is working closely with relevant authorities to remedy the situation. The company’s first Innovation Campus, including a research and development centre will be completed in 2021.

    Top Glove’s recent troubles will be overcome and are not great danger to future growth and profitability. Globally demand for gloves is increasing which is driving up average selling prices and in return Top Gloves profits.

    Preparing to meet the huge current and future demand, Top Glove has already announced massive expansion plans.

    Bottom line is that the slump in share price presents yet another buying opportunity, since the underlying business at Top Glove for the foreseeable future is still shining bright.
  • D
    Time to buy. Too cheap to ignore. Quarterly results are highly profitable. The coming result should be better. An added incentive is the dividend payout. The company intends to pay 70% of its profit as dividend. Resilient performance for the next 6 quarters.
  • B
    is there value in investing in this company given covid wiil be around for years (even with a vaccination). Not only are these gloves needed for first responders or anyone in the science / medical worlds, but everyday consumers world wide have our are going to change their perception of contagions and their everyday behaviour. demand for PPR and gloves will forever be increasing...I look daily to see if anyone posts here. can someone give me some clarity on why there's no movement here?
  • s
    the delta variant cases are also surging in the US and in the EU, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand ... so demand will be high for 2021 to 2023
  • J
    8/31 is the date listed on the yahoo financials. Do you think we can we expect a release soon?
  • N
    TGLVY stock price was not that high. Why did they choose to split it while other stocks like GOOGL that are over $1,000 a share and choose not to split?
  • A
    Please take a look PE of Glove Manufacturer Mercator Medical.Current PE is 2.5 for 2020, PE for last year (with latest earnings estimate from this week) is 1.9. There's no other glove company with such low PE. All Free Float can be procured with current price for less than 250 mln USD.Please support and share. Looks that someone is making fun of shareholders. Especially when all other Glove companies returned to positive trend.If you look on current price and what they have in analysis you'll know it's a joke.