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    To many, realizing when to purchase and dump bitcoin is a superpower . They can't resist the urge to follow hypotheses. The thing is, there are such a large number of procedures out there and one get confounded which truly works my suggested passages on dogecoin dependent on my specialized examination has been getting with a stunning P/L. I suggested purchase at 46k with a TP bull at 48k which saw over +200% in portfolio acquire on great influence
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    Mark A
    "Bitcoin exchange reserves have hit new multi-year lows this week, data from on-chain analytics outlet CryptoQuant showed, meaning there’s less bitcoin supply that can be readily sold on the market. Low bitcoin exchange reserves happen when investors move their holdings off exchanges and into storage."
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    If you need to buy a couple of million dollars worth of bitcoin, where are you going to get it? Where are you going to get it!
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    If I deposit 1,000 dollars in a bank, it eventually gets converted to data bits. The physical money is free to travel in and out of the bank from person to person. The data bits in the banks computer system are what gives my balance. How are the data bits in owning a crypto currency any different? The only difference is the exchange rate which people have no idea how it gets set/priced. All marketing and hype.
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    JE the gold bug shorted bitcoin
    Ah hahahahaha
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    Dollar printing completely out of control
    Expect more and more trillions to be flooding Crypto marketplace
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    *Cryptocurrency/ forex trading is a Big chance to make money nowadays,if you can't see that at this point it is time to learn about it*
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    Golden cross and cup with handle setup on day chart.
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    After a couple of years of studying Bitcoin and the U.S. dollar that I was raised to trust like it was some faceless god, I eventually started valuing everything in Bitcoin’s satoshis instead of the U.S. dollar.
    The biggest reason wasn’t because of Bitcoin either. It was the U.S. dollar’s system that did it to me. Once I learned what the system was and how it functioned, I could no longer value anything in dollars after realizing how fast they were exponentially losing value.
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    Bitcoin’s Golden Cross happened with yesterday’s close!

    Golden Cross happened for Bitcoin in May 2020 and the price was below $10,000, in the following months it skyrocketed, Doubled its value, and continued towards Uncharted territory!!!!
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    UKRAINE could soon become the Second Country to ADOPT Bitcoin as a LEGAL TENDER!!!
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    JE shorted at 48k (with fake money), didn't he? He's the expert at losing money! NONE of his trades ever work. It's hilarious!
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    the best coin for the long term is the Canadian maple leaf.
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    Crypto doing much better then the market inflation at 4.1% let’s goo bitcoin and Cardano!!!
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    A very good article: "Cathie Wood predicts bitcoin will surge to $500,000 in 5 years - and says Ark Invest's confidence in ether has shot up dramatically." This is a very conservative estimate too. There is too much going on now with key investors seeking regulations and large corporations acquiring thousands of Bitcoin for their corporate treasury. As more companies acquire thousands of Bitcoin for storing away corporate profits soon there will not be enough Bitcoin for the retailers.
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    Yeah I'm plugged into this also! Great results in a short time
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    Bitcoins limited supply and blockchain authentication make it better than fiat money like the dollar, which is constantly being diluted by a politically driven printing press. ... That means the depreciating dollar will be used for transactions, and Bitcoin will be hoarded.
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    $810 MILLION in BITCOIN Options Expiry tomorrow, FRIDAY!!!
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    El Salvador's Chivo #Bitcoin can now send transactions as small as $0.01.