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75,459.51-3,434.56 (-4.35%)
As of 9:09AM BST. Market open.
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    Pyramid Ponzi Bitcoin
    Drops quicker than a prom dress. Great quality for a crypto whose only claim to fame is its ability to store value, ha.

    But I'm sure a value store as hyped as this one must have some backing. You can always exchange your Bitcoins for a certain number of ounces of gold, silver or some other "real" asset, correct? To be trading at 60k per bitcoin, surely this is more than just a ledger entry, right?

    Fiat currency is also backed by nothing, but at least countries issuing them have armies to back them up. Surely Bitcoin has a militia, ready to go to war if necessary to defend the currency?

    No? Ok, lets see, no physical asset backing, no military backing, then surely there was a UN resolution adopted making it a globally accepted currency, correct? When was the vote and how much did it pass by? How many countries voted yes, 150? 160? 170? Did they virtually sweep it? 180? 190? How many adopted it? Oh, El Salvador, I guess that's good enough.

    So what am I missing?
  • A
    Now I am reading experts claiming Bitcoin could easily triple. I still think higher but, that's me.
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    Pyramid Ponzi Bitcoin
    If the only reason for expecting bitcoin to go up a lot in the future is because it went up a lot in the past, what reason is there to expect the trend must continue?

    If you have an empty coffee cup and a full pot of coffee and you start filling it up and now you are almost at the top but there is still a lot of coffee left in the pot, is it logical to expect that your coffee cup will start expanding to accommodate the rest of the coffee in the pot? What laws of nature defend this expectation?

    What logical reason is there for expecting that all of the money in the world will flow into 21 million electronic ledger entries with no physical backing, no military backing and only one small counrty in south america supporting it?
  • j
    Over One Trillion U. S. Dollars Is At Stake Here Folks!
    Interesting that real money is the measurement for all cryptos, huh?
    Does anyone but myself notice that there is something very wrong that has gone on with ALL cryptos?
    If it smells like fish!

    $ 60,697.11-1,523.17 (-2.448%)
    As of 12:58AM BST. Market open.
  • l
    Somebody asked if Bitcoin was worth $65,000.00 . The answer is : Only if someone is willing to pay that much or more for it. Bitcoin just like stocks or anything else is only worth what someone else will pay for it. That describes the worth of almost everything except emotion.
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    Bitcoin is a decentralized computerized money that you can purchase, sell and trade straightforwardly, without a go-between like a bank. ... Every single Bitcoin exchange that is at any point been made exists on a public record available to everybody, making exchanges hard to converse and hard to counterfeit
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    The problem with BTC is it follows the market and not a good hedge like gold.. it should be.
  • U
    The following LIKE Bitcoin - and are not BIG Baby Hands :
    Michael Saylor, Rebecca Patterson, Jack Dorsey Twitter, Mark Cuban, Richard Branson,
    Floyd Mayweather, Home Depot, Microsoft, Overstock, Starbucks, Whole Foods,
    Raoul Paul, Mike Novagratz, Elon Musk, Visa, Square, Cathie Woods, PayPal,
    BNY Mellon Bank, Harvard University, Chamath Palyapita, Mastercard,
    Kevin O'Leary, Gregory Mannarino, Stanford U, MIT, Argentina, Mexico,
    Lebanon, Iran, Japan, Mayor of Miami, Mass Mutual, Paul Tudor Jones,
    Gene Simmons KISS, Max Keiser, Simon Dixon, Anthony Pompliano, HedgeEye, Africa,
    RealVision, Morgan Stanley, Pantera's Morehead, Kraken, Howard Marks,
    Grayscale, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Laurie, LioneL Messi, Madonna, Johnny Depp,
    Goldman Sachs, Chipolte, Canada, Tom Jessop Head of Fidelity Digital Assets,
    Paris Hilton, Jimmy Song, Walmart, Apple, Caruso’s Real Estate Company,
    Winklevoss's, Singapore, TIME Magazine, Voyager, Coinbase, WisdomTree,
    Simplfy, Galaxy Digital, VanEck, Kryptoin, NYDIG, Valkyrie, Mark Moss,
    Luke Gromen, Ray Dalio, Goldman Sachs, Larry Summers, Sam Drunkenmiller,
    Mark Cuban, Willy Woo, and your mom.
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    Also, analysis doesn't look good for bitcoin... last time it hit 64K, it was on huge volume increase (3X+).

    The volume has actually been going down (20%).

    Not much conviction going up....last time, the conviction was huge.
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    The current Price of Bitcoin is (Market Beta of 1 single Elon Musk Tweet) x (Monthly amount of Times Jack Dorsey Claims Twitter or Square is Considering a Bitcoin wallet) x (Amount of Times Cathy Wood claims Bitcoin will hit $500k) = Donkey Squat, this is just Virtual Chuck-e-cheese tokens and This Hot air balloon fueled by these scammers will pop sooner or later.
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    The Second U.S. Bitcoin ETF Is Set to Start Trading Friday
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    Bitcoin ma hodnotu. Fondy ich predavaju za stalu sumu 52.000 eur. Slovakia.
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    Powell today announced The Fed will deliver a plan to End QE stimulus at the Next FOMC meeting. This is very negative for Bitcoin. And when the current Fed held bonds are sold off, this will crash the price of Bitcoin to very low levels as the dollar strengthens, and any Store of Value Bitcoin could arguably hold, would diminish rapidly. As Bitcoin is obsolete and non-scalable as a currency, with no Utility, Bitcoin is simply a Pump and Dump Ponzi Scam.
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    You want to stop inflation? Put an end to investment property in the residential sector. Tax the hell out of capital gains from investment property in residential, unless it's your primary residence. Let the local job market determine the price of a home, not an investment trust fund or other out-of-market investor. Crash the overinflated housing prices. Bitcoin isn't solving anything.
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    You might as call Bitcoin the rarest "tulip bulb" that will only continue to increase in price! Let's see, it costs $0.00 for the "issuer" to make it, and there are zero barriers to entry for anyone to produce a identical competing product. The history books will end up comparing Bitcoin to the great tulip bulb craze of the 1600's , and sadly 97% of retail BTC "investors" are probably completely unaware that a tulip investment once existed.
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    Bentley W12 Update: #Bitcoin Smashes Thru All-Time High Resistance & Explodes To The $66K Range! $BTC [Video Update] Link >>

    *Follows, Comments & Likes on #YouTube are Appreciated!
    Bentley W12 Update: Bitcoin Smashes Thru All-Time High Resistance & Explodes To The $66K Range! $BTC
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    In Satoshi’s scheme, there will always be a grand total of 21 million bitcoins worldwide, so bitcoin’s price should only rise as more people start using it. This asset class is a new genre, completely digital and fully decentralized, such that there is no organization controlling it or setting rules. Conceptually, Bitcoin is just information. Bitcoins are also certainly easier to transport than a gold bar. No matter the amount being transferred, bitcoins can zip around the world in just minutes.
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    Bitcoin plummeted to $8,200 on Binance's US platform, Cointelegraph first reported. The brief decline in the cryptocurrency was an 87% fall from $65,815.
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    Buying bitcoin will be a ripoff when you will have to pay 30 to 40 percent of your profit to the IRS soon once the taxes for capital gains changes.
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    Elon Musk Jr.
    Walmart puts bitcoin ATMs in stores in pilot program with Coinme (Source: Seeking Alpha)