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    Blink Charging: Implied sales growth of 1,489% by 2024
    Another small-cap stock with big-time revenue upside is electric vehicle charging equipment and services provider Blink Charging (NASDAQ:BLNK). Blink recorded $6.23 million in full-year sales in 2020, but is expected to generate $99 million in sales by 2024. That's nearly a 1,500% increase in four years.

    The clear and obvious catalyst for Blink is the electrification of automobiles in the U.S. (and globally). In an effort to fight climate change, we're liable to witness a multi-decade vehicle replacement cycle for consumers and businesses. This replacement cycle will be just as much a win for ancillary infrastructure players like Blink Charging as it'll be for EV manufacturers. Providing charging equipment and owning charging stations could allow Blink to play a key role in the green evolution of the auto industry.

    Although the upside catalyst here is plain as day, and the company has raised enough capital via stock sales to make a handful of acquisitions, the big thing lacking here is differentiation. A quick look at Blink Charging's income statements suggest it isn't spending any of its capital on research and development. Without leaning on innovation in a trend that's entirely dependent on standing out, I have to wonder if Blink Charging won't be left in the dust by other EV charging equipment providers.

    Additionally, the company looks to be many years away from profitability. Even though Wall Street has been lenient in valuing high-growth stocks, a multiple of nearly 13 times sales for 2024 with ongoing losses is an eyebrow-raiser, and not in a good way.
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    don't forget Dan said back in Feb when Blnk was $56....'easy swing trade to $60" with supreme confidence-
    Dan has been quiet-
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    ( is truly one of the best stock advice newsletters out there! Their daily emails give me all the information I need to trade more wisely each day. I rely heavily on their watchlists and recommend all traders should do the same!
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    When the time is right this will be one of the greatest short squeezes of all time. Over 30% short interest... Am I reading this right?
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    it does not matter if the double there earnings when it seems like they are hemorrhaging cash. look at their losses vs 1 year ago? what changed? what will change to retain more of their earnings. A company can not work to loose cash or even break even. This is a young growth company, which is expected to have initial losses before becoming profitable but the high change in YOY losses makes me believe there is something wrong. No real news on the direction of this company. The US infrastructure bill will not turn this company around.
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    The 7 Best Lithium Stocks For details
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    A more unknown metal that’s really coming into its element recently is Lithium, with demand soaring year on year because of increasingly reliant tech innovat...
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    Up over 4% pre-market, down over 5.5% 20 minutes after open. What the $%#@ is up with the market and this stock???
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    So tired of this #$%$ going down every single day. This is Shorts dream stock. What ever all this BS hype about EV it is not happeneong here with this company.
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    $RMO conversation
    Here are some green/clean energy popular stocks. Make your own conclusions.

    $RMO - MC $648m - Rev $1m - earnings $28m loss - Cash $267m enough for 2.5 yrs (based on Q2)

    $BLNK - MC $1.32B - Rev $4m - earnings $13m loss - Cash $195m enough for 3.5 yrs (based on Q2)

    $WKHS - MC $1.10B - Rev $1m - earnings $43m loss - Cash $338m enough for 2 yrs (based on Q2)

    $RIDE - MC $1.09B - Rev $0 - earnings $108m loss - Cash $366m- enough cash for 1 yr (based on Q2)

    $GOEV- MC $1.74B - Rev $0 - earnings $112m loss - Cash $563m enough for 1.5 yrs (based on Q2)

    $FSR - MC $4.10B - Rev $0 - earnings $46m loss - Cash $962m - enough for 5yrs (based on Q2)

    $HYLN – MC$1.51B – Rev $0 – earnings $23m loss – Cash $457m – enough for 5 yrs (based on Q2)

    $LAC – MC $2.52B – Rev $0 – earnings $20m loss – Cash $505m – enough for 6 yrs (based on Q2)
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    the good news is they have a level 2 charger at a barbershop in Lansing , MI that costs $ 0.20 per 60 seconds.......that in my book is an expensive hair cut
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    Here are some facts about RMO and why we should see it go much higher.
    1. Market cap $650M (was $5.2B!!)
    2. Cash on hand $267M ( enough for 3yrs without making revenue) while they expect to bring rev in Q3.
    3. have their own patents + working factury
    4. 32% held by insiders + 28% held by institutions
    5. short % of float around 30%
    6. cash and revenue should start coming from Lion Electric
    7. new sharp CEO with impressive resume!
    8. production for Paccar long term contract is about to start.

    IMO the risk reward ratio and current price is laughable and its a strong buy in my opinion. its just too good to be true. I am super bullish! do your own DD.

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    "Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq: BLNK, BLNKW) (“Blink” or the “Company”), a leading owner, operator, and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment and services, today announced the deployment of five fast IQ 200 Level 2 AC EV charging stations at the Holiday Manufacturing Inc. facility in Framingham, Massachusetts.

    The purchase and installation of the host owned Blink IQ 200 chargers were made possible by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and Eversource (New England’s largest energy provider), which provided funding to support this deployment via the MassEVIP Workplace and Fleet Charging program, as well as the Eversource Make-Ready program.

    “As we continue to grow our northeast market share, we are pleased that small businesses like Holiday Manufacturing understand that the future of transportation is all electric and have the foresight to deploy our IQ 200 EV charging stations, knowing they won’t fall victim to the planned obsolescence of other Level 2 chargers,” remarked Blink’s President Brendan Jones. “This agreement is a testament to the forward thinking of Holiday Manufacturing and its desire to lead by example by providing its employees and the general public with accessible EV charging. As one of only three EV charging station locations in Framingham, we applaud Holiday Manufacturing for its role in expanding EV charging in the region.

    Holiday Manufacturing is a family-owned bow and ribbon wholesaler headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. It manufactures hand-made bows and ribbons for a variety of occasions and sells them online directly to customers. Like Blink, Holiday Manufacturing is a flexible and nimble company which can accommodate both stock and custom orders.

    Erik Simon, President of Holiday Manufacturing, commented on the deployment as follows: “We are pleased to offer the public and our staff access to EV charging with Blink’s IQ 200 chargers. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and deploying these state-of-the-art EV chargers at our facility is a significant step towards accomplishing that goal.”

    For the installation of the charging stations, Holiday Manufacturing upgraded its electrical infrastructure to 100amp circuits for each charger, allowing it to provide up to 65 miles of range per 1 hour of charge, the fastest Level 2 charging on the market"
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    someone had/has pretty big buy order in After Hours at $33.50 (stock closed 32.94).....I just sold about 1,600 shares in AHs at the $33.50 price...
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    SI update (sept 13, 2021)
    $wkhs 35.82%
    $fuv 34.44%
    $blnk 33.82%
    $sprt 33.44%
    $root 33.37%
    $gogo 32.61%
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    I own blink shares (1400) with an avg cost of 3.30. what do you think I should do?
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    can some one please explain why is blnk stock worth more than chpt
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    aabb ....BLNK....+......AABB Sept Crypto Exchange Coming.
    ⭐️Blink Charging Stock Predictions - BLNK Stock Breakout or Fakeout?
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    any idea why this is down so much?
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