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    I started following "lionstock-aletrs” (Gooogle it - off course without any space or dash in between the words) and their notifications are better than anyone else.
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    I’ve been a shareholder since last November. I contacted Investor Relations at the company to ask about the reason behind the company not launching the share buyback during the past 12 months as announced. To my surprise, they informed me that the company has been buying back its shares since last year!!! When I asked them why wasn’t this announced and how many shares were bought back, they responded that they’ll put all of the information about the share buyback in the annual report that should come out next month in April! I have to say public communication is definitely not their forte in Bitauto.
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    The company really needs to say something....just ANYTHING: Reaffirm guidance, talk about the stock buyback, the industry growth prospects, the trade agreement possibilities...ANYTHING!

    What concerns me is that if a company has approved a buyback but fails to buy its stock when it's so low, what kind of a message is that giving the market? I'm still bullish on the stock and I picked up another 1,000 at $18.05, but the company mgmt. needs to be more vocal.
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    Some of you realize this is an undervalued company. How much? The most obvious sign that BITA is undervalued can be seen by looking at Yixin's market cap. BITA's current market cap is USD$1.48B, but their 44% ownership of Yixin (the HK traded financing firm) is worth USD$1.53B. This means the market is assigning a negative market value to the advertising, EP platform, and digital marketing solutions business segments. So at first glance, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Now, if you compare BITA to Carvana (CVNA), a US firm that closely resembles BITA's strategy, with a major difference that CVNA only markets used cars and also holds inventory, key ratios give us an idea of the level of value BITA shareholders receive when they buy shares in this company. For the trailing 12 months, BITA had sales of USD$1.3B, while CVNA had sales of $859MM. Both companies have a TTM EPS loss (BITA -USD$3.64 vs CVNA -$1.30). Price/Sales (BITA 1.09 vs. CVNA 3.5). Price/BV (BITA 0.48 vs. CVNA 106.4). Gross Margin (BITA 63.09% vs. CVNA 7.93%). Net Profit Margin (BITA -16.31 vs. CVNA - 19.13). These ratios show a market disconnect. I have no idea why this company trades at such a discount, but what I do believe is that this stock should have much higher multiples. I would guess this stock should be worth at least 3 times where it is currently trading. Because of this, I am long.
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    WOW! CITIC Capital filed form 13D with the SEC disclosing they purchased 4.6MM shares of Bitauto, which represents 6.52% of BITA shares.
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    Bitauto's soft sales guidance includes the impact of new revenue recognition standards, where value-added tax numbers move up from tax expenses to become a drag on the top line. Without this policy change, first-quarter revenue would land in the neighborhood of $330 million -- just above that now-unreachable Street target.

    Fourth-quarter transaction revenue more than doubled over the year-ago period thanks to rising transaction volumes and the booming Chinese car market in general.

    All told, this looks like a knee-jerk reaction to headline numbers that should fade away when investors dive in to take a deeper look at Bitauto's actual business prospects.
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    2b market cap 5b actual value
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    closing above $24 will put us on the quick path to $27 before earnings. IF, i say IF, earnings are in line on guidance then we'll get back to $30's no problem. IF not, we'll go right back to $19/$20. Solid movement the past week
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    Yixin closed at HK$7.24, giving it a HK$45.44B market capitalization. Bita owns 44.40% of Yixin. At HKD 7.81 per dollar, Bita owns $2.58B of Yixin. Bita's market cap is $2.65B. So, at the current price Bita's non-Yixin assets are practically free at $70M. That is without counting the cash in the balance sheet prior to the spinoff.
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    I bought at 20.27 just now.
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    Earnings looking great. Cant wait to see how the market digest this one during trading hours. Also watching this one.
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    Bitauto Holdings (BITA), a marketing and transaction services provider for China's automotive industry, reported Q4 adjusted earnings of RMB1.45 ($0.21) per ADS, up from RMB0.72 in the same period a year ago but missing the estimate of $0.24 from analysts
    The company reported revenue of RMB3.12 billion ($453.7 million), up from RMB2.69 billion in the same period a year ago and topping the Street projection of $425.9 million.
    Bitauto said it expects to generate Q1 revenue in the range of RMB2.47 billion ($359.2 million) to RMB2.52 billion ($366.5 million), below the Street projection of $378.1 million.
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    Allan R
    solid earnings and incredible top line growth! Stock up .65 in premarket just after earnings announcement....this one could move back to the $35-$40 level fast.
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    with over 30% of the float shorted its going to be a quick ride back to $40's
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    Andy Zhang, et al. have developed a thoughtful approach to benefiting from the growth of the used car marketplace, while side-stepping the high costs associated with building out a used car ecosystem. As Zhang discussed on the call, all of the used car competitors are unprofitable, and not even close to profitable. By securing the exclusive rights for Yixin to all financing opportunities from Yusheng, this partnership will prove to be a high margin business for Yixin, while concurrently providing exposure to the fast growing marketplace for used cars. In other words, revenues will accrue to Yixin, without any associated costs of building offline stores etc. IMO, this was a smart move. BTW, Yixin's $260MM i/o 20 YR Yusheng convertible note, when fully converted will represent 40.63% of Yusheng's share capital.

    Contrast that with the ATHM approach, which involved ATHM investing $100MM in an 8% Tiatian Paiche (TPP Car, Inc.) convertible bond. (ATHM currently has $132.9MM in cash on the balance sheet, which means most of their cash will disappear from the balance sheet on the next earnings call) In other words, ATHM is buying access to all aspects of the used car marketplace.

    Further, it is interesting to note that Tencent is an investor in both, Yixin/Yusheng and Tiatian Paiche (TPP). Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming US Uxin IPO, which is a Chinese used car competitor. They are seeking to raise $500MM in an IPO. When their information is public, we will all see what Zhang was talking about when he said direct access to all aspects of a used car marketplace is not the optimal way to gain exposure to the used car market.
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    Tencent Holdings Ltd and private equity partner Hammer Capital have offered $16 per share to buy out the other shareholders in Chinese car comparison website Bitauto Holdings Ltd, valuing the company at just under $1.2 billion.
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    College fund
    Would anyone happen to
    When earnings are ?
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    New to trading so please be kind. Am I understanding correctly that they were projected for a loss of -0.09 and they actually had a loss of -0.13 per share?
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    As I think through the potential effects of the new Chinese tariffs on American automobile importers, I sleep well knowing that this escalating trade battle will have no material adverse effect on Bitauto's revenue and earnings trends. BITA is essentially a Chinese IT company doing business solely in the PRC. They connect Chinese automobile purchasers to dealers selling automobiles. Demand from the Chinese consumer for automobiles in general will remain strong, although they may shift their purchases to non-US vehicles, at least in the short term. Demand for a specific vehicle is highly elastic, since there are so many options, but demand in general for automobiles is relatively inelastic. People need modes of transportation. This will continue to be the case despite tariffs on the import of US auto's. That said, BITA's stock may decline in the short run as investors lump BITA in with all other Chinese stocks and sell due to fear. However; one year from now, as long as management continues to deliver on expectations, we shall see a stock price considerably higher than it is right now.
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    May 31 short interest on BITA has been updated... Shares short increased to 11.66MM shares up from 8.09MM for an increase of 12.66%. Hope we get a good earnings call tomorrow as this could provide us with additional tailwinds.