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    Jayde Jk
    Good morning everyone. I believe that you can now stop commenting on the sale of patents and continue with your usual life... We have not heard about it until the end of the quarter and I believe that we will not hear anything until the earnings release, but I will provide you with my opinion as to why there is a delay. If you don’t want to read everything, just go to the last paragraph.

    I will just say this and finish with that topic. It is not a problem that we did not hear about the agreement by the end of the quarter because no one said that it would be 100% done. JC said 80% and if he didn’t believe the job couldn’t be completed by the end of November, he wouldn’t give a percentage, but you have to understand that sometimes things don’t go the way we plan or expect. So I can say that I am not disappointed that we did not hear about the deal, my only disappointment is that we did not get any updates and I think we will not hear anything more until the earnings because BB is now a quiet period. I’m not sure how much they can disclose during the quiet period, and sometimes companies choose not to say anything during that period even about things that aren’t related to their quarterly results.

    There is one thing you should all be aware of. In the last earnings call JC said that they agreed on the price and the price is the MAIN TERM of every sales agreement, and when the parties agreed on the price, the deal is done, so the question arises why wait longer? It is a regulatory approval and be aware that this is the Canadian government and that the Canadian government will not give any approval so easily. I think the Canadian government is what is currently on the way to closing the deal. They have invested a lot in BB and research done by BB, and BB is Canada’s largest patent holder. Believe me, they will not be happy if BB patents pass into foreign hands, these patents are very valuable to the Canadian government, maybe worth hundreds of millions of dollars (or billions, I don't know) and whose creation is partially subsidized by the Canadian government. Also, Blackberry is the only Canadian company among the world's leading patent holders. So, we have a large portion of BB’s patent portfolio here, which will most likely be owned by a non-Canadian company, and this is something that is delaying the approval of the Canadian government.
  • J
    One more thing to add about the proposed patent sale/lawsuit settlement. If the deal collapsed, BB would be absolutely obligated to announce that fact. It is a material transaction that the market is well aware of and if there was a material change to the status of the transaction(either way), BB is 100% obligated to let the market know it. So........the transaction continues but is just taking time. However, that does not mean anything about tomorrow or the future. Just as of this moment, there is no material status change.
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    The VV
    If there is a time to really stick together and hold it is NOW!
    Shorts are really thinking with the fear that is out there due to the uncertainty of this variant it is striking time. From the info that is available this variant is manageable as we speak and we need not to panic, BB is great stock with amazing fundimentals, in my opinion it will shine and has a great future, Stocks with good fundimentals are like good wine, they need time to mature .
    I raise my glass to holding together. This shall pass too.🥂
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    Jayde Jk
    @nano, lol, when will you get bored from your gifs? Whenever I go to the newest reactions to see if there are some comments of interest, I see you with your gifs. I don’t have nothing against you, and you are welcome to post, but if you want to post, please try to post something that can be informative in nature, this is something I would like to see from, not just to see you play around with your gifs. This is just a friendly advice.
  • s
    Never too late to invest in BB. No downside risk but huge upside potential. Don't worry about these algorithmic swings . If you have cash and little more patience, then this is the best stock which will grow organically - no matter Patent Deal gets done or not.
  • B
    Given the high volume when BB spiked in January and June know that many will and have taken tax loss sales on taxable accounts. There's a 30 day wash sale waiting also.
    Given BBs strong and growing business in Cybersecurity and IoT this creates a huge buying opportunity for bulls looking forward to positive surprises or confirmation of growth this past quarter and into 2022.

    I'm buying here and possibly doubling my 22,000 share position.
  • p
    $BB looking strong for 2023 and beyond, though I think the stock will gain traction in 2022. They have a well-diversified portfolio of business in markets that are growing rapidly. Beyond that, their products are rated exceptionally compared to their competitors. Fundamentally.If you want investment ideas from real knowledgeable traders, check them out at the platform
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    Jayde Jk
    I come across this presentation, it’s a longer one, but if you have time you can watch it. I haven't watched it yet and cannot give you more info. I watched just a few minutes at the beginning and it seems interesting to me. I’ll watch it as soon as I have more time, probably this weekend, but in the meantime I’m sharing it with you. I’m not sure if anyone already shared this here.

    Building connected auto solutions with AWS IoT - AWS re:Invent - December 1, 2021
  • J
    I do not usually write or comment here. I am a long term holder of BB stock and Leaps and though I would love to see momentum now, I am rather indifferent to the short term movements of BB stock because I firmly believe that within a 2 year period long term holders will be very pleased with their investment.

    I too find it incredible that the patent sale/lawsuit settlement is taking so long to complete. But I am not privy to any details of the complexity of the transaction nor the size of the transaction. And there is absolutely no reason to believe that John Chen has anything but the best interests in BB and its stockholders, nor is he hiding anything. We will be given information when there is information to be given.

    That being said, I also believe that when John Chen announced the 80/20% chance of finalizing the transaction the quarter ended just now, he put himself into a position of having to update the stockholders and market in general about the status of the transaction. Once he opened the door and commented on it, I believe, by SEC rules, not by some moral obligation, that he must update the market on the status of the transaction. Therefore, I would be particularly surprised, if we do not hear something in the very near future.

    In the meantime, I am bullish, confident and hopeful.
  • F
    An impressive amount of stop losses were triggered, very well done by market makers pushing out paper hands. This is how giants load up their own long positions. $BB will be over $20 by end of 2021

    Mark this post
  • A
    They are just trying to scare you all out of the stock before it jumps from the patent sale amount announcement.
  • L
    Think politics does not play a role in a stock. Know why Crowdstrike is where it is? Because of the Clinton emails. That is why. I am convinced their success is a payoff for that. I follow both companies closely since I owned BB for years. BlackBerry is and was a far superior company.
  • s
    At these levels the upside is probably much more likely than anymore downside. And that is for the short term. Long term potential appears apparent that there is massive upside that will start climbing with the launch of IVY early next year. Buy while you can while this is cheap because the cheaper you buy the more meaningful you will benefit. No need to comment on the lack of revenue. Blah blah.. That is obvious if you have researched the company. This is about buying stocks in a company that is in its infancy in terms of their recent revamping of the company that will most likely grow into lucrative margins given the space they are now in that clearly is the future...
  • J
    Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs both hold over 20M shares each, an increase of over 300% based on their recent 13F. Those shares were purchased at a higher multiple than today's trading price.

    Understand, no?
  • J
    Put out Patent News or Fire Chen. The share price hasn't moved from 5 years ago and he has made $80+ Million.
  • B
    Tesla using BB
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    Jayde Jk
    In my post yesterday, I asked everyone how you are not tired of asking the same question about the sale of patents, but I see that the saga continues.
    The only problem I see here is not whether the sale of the patents will be completed this quarter, it is unlikely because today is the last day, but you never know, anything is possible. The potential problem I see here is if there are no updates. No one promised it would be completed this quarter, JC said 80% which is not 100%, but JC also said he would update shareholders ... So one thing I would love to see is any updates on how the sale of patents is going….
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    Quick question.
    Yahoo says BB earnings is Dec 21.
    but other sources are saying Dec 16.
    Does anyone know the actual date?
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    State Street Corp Invests $4.81 Million in BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)
  • B
    BB holders...IMO don't be shaken out! Major Institutions are accumulating BB now and pulling every string they can to get the best entry price. Your conviction is being tested! My conviction on BB is solid, I'm buying more and holding.