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    BABA will be ok. The question is when and whether you can afford the wait. My largest holding is in BABA but I shifted just a bit over to other positions as a correction to be more balanced. BABA should be performing at the same level like AMZN in 2020 but the barriers caused by it not being an American company are real. I am Chinese and I see how BABA dominates over there. Chinese consumers are extremely digitally-oriented across age groups and they spend. Not to mention the cloud computing and AI.
    I wish I could ignore this stock and check it again in 5 years (and no doubt it will look glorious) but patience is easier said than done.

    Delisting is not to going to happen, but if Jack Ma were to do the IPO all over again, it probably would have been Shanghai, not NYSE.
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    Bill Johnston
    For Chinese companies—such as tech giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Baidu, Inc.—that want to continue with their listing or want to initiate listing on a U.S. exchange, the PCAOB must have access to audit work papers of the principal audit firm. Companies that cannot grant access because of government restrictions can satisfy this standard by providing a co-audit from an accounting firm “with comparable resources and experience” that the PCAOB determined can conduct proper exams.
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    Bill Johnston
    Oddly enough, the release of the new regs on internet retailers by Xi may provide a catalyst unless they are more severe than expected. At least it will remove an unknown.
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    MJ Stock Trader
    $JD conversation
    Picked up some JD Feb Calls dirt cheap and also some $BABA Jan calls. Folks, the delisting does NOT impact these stocks. A Chinese coffee company cooked the books last year. No different than some US companies. BABA and JD and the other Chinese big companies are all GAAP certified and do audits. Buy on this dip!!! JD will be at $100 by Feb and BABA will be back above $300 in Jan.
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    $NIO conversation
    Everyone is going to be happy with London Stock Exchange or Hong Kong Stock Exchange become the biggest stock exchanges if Chinese companies are delisted right? Trump, you're really going to be okay with the NYSE losing the NO.1 place? You already lost the tradewar with China, id argue not by your fault. You can't win a losing battle.
    All these companies have 3 years to comply, and so what if they do comply? All the negative sentiment from Chinese stocks will go away and they will be even priced higher because Chinese companies tend to be undervalued to begin with. So you think NIO is cooking the books? Doubt it, this company was days on the verge of bankruptcy similarly to Tesla.
    Looking at Alibaba as well $BABA, this company is heavily undervalued compared to its counterpart.

    Seems like a win to me. If the Chinese companies you invest YOUR money in do comply, then U.S investors relations go up even more. This allows Chinese stocks to become even closer to fail evaluation. If you delist Chinese stocks, then they will move to the London Stock Exchange or the Hong Kong. And they will happily be the NO.1 stock exchange. You think Wallstreet is going to be okay with this? This mess that's been going on for years just seems like a short attack to me, which makes sense after a big run up beyond every companies fundamentals.

    In all honesty, this is actually a good thing for investors and Chinese stocks. Because it's not a delisting of Chinese companies like shorts are painting it to be. Which makes me question if the average investor is stupid because they keep calling it that. It's a compliance agreement. Are you sure Trump isn't pro China? Seems like right before he leaves the house he wants to legitmize China even more by making them follow U.S standards (really, this is how you should be looking at it.)

    So, if $NIO, $XPEV $LI $BABA $JD $BIDU $CEO $NTES $CHL all comply and turn out to be fair. Then that means even more money pours into these Chinese stocks because they become significantly less risky than before. Amazing. So how is this a bad thing? How are people being fooled into thinking this is a bad thing? I don't believe the companies I am in are Nikolaing their numbers. Better luck next time shorts, gonna need some coffee to wake up on this reality check. I will debate anyone here that this is actually a good thing.
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    fake Identity
    This delisting thingy is not new. Baba’s CFO addressed this back in May in their earnings call. I quote below;

    During the company's earnings call, Wu also proactively addressed investors' concerns over delisting risks, heightened this week by the U.S. Senate's unanimous passage of a bill that would delist Chinese companies that are not accessible to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board's audits after a period of three years.

    "We are closely monitoring the developments of this bill," Wu said.

    Investors should know that there has been ongoing dialogue between regulators in both countries to allow more information to be passed on to the oversight board, she said.

    "Alibaba's financial statements are prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP," the accounting standard adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the company has been for over 20 years audited by global accounting firm PwC, Wu said in her bid to assuage investors.

    "The integrity of Alibaba's financial statements speak for itself," the executive said.

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    Bill Johnston
    Everyone in the universe knew this de-listing vote was coming. So why the crash? Maybe it had more to do with the story the Ant IPO would not happen for as long as a year or more from now. Is that possible?
    Maybe fund managers did not want to tie up money for that long waiting for Ant to go public so they took their marbles and went elsewhere.
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    Bridgewater bought in Q2 and Q3 between 187 and 216. At that time there were no problems emerging regarding the Ant IPO and new regulation against BABA.
    Why should I pay more for the stock than Bridgewater did without BABA having these issues?
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    Beware of the all the anti-China fear mongering, $BABA is down but not out. If Alibaba's stock fails then the entire effort to integrate the global economy into the NYSE fails. $BABA has over 3000 institutional shareholders sitting on roughly 2 billion shares, no way does either country allow that amount of international capital to collapse.

    This seemingly endless headline dip is riding on racist propaganda - not rational thinking - and its coming from both sides. The hit on Ant/Ma definitely airs of the CCP flexing its disdain for western capitalism, and the subsequent market and media overreaction has been absurd given how well respected Alibaba is within the global economy.

    Today's flatline was indicative of institutional manipulation, and $BABA will likely be held down to shake out losses from retail investors like us for who knows how much longer. As a short term holding $BABA may not be worth the heartache, but as a long term play I believe $BABA will soon be back in the ring reflecting the amazing company that it is.
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    Very large dark pool prints in AH. Two separate orders each totaling 4.1M shares, yes, Million.
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    BABA appears largely to be US property !!!! Delisting why ??

    Top Institutional Holders
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    Blackrock Inc. 89,129,456 Sep 29, 2020 3.29% 26,202,277,474
    Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 62,523,304 Sep 29, 2020 2.31% 18,380,600,909
    Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc 62,466,304 Sep 29, 2020 2.31% 18,363,844,049
    FMR, LLC 37,661,345 Sep 29, 2020 1.39% 11,071,682,203
    State Street Corporation 37,417,032 Sep 29, 2020 1.38% 10,999,859,067
    Baillie Gifford and Company 25,031,910 Sep 29, 2020 0.93% 7,358,880,901
    Invesco Ltd. 24,736,138 Sep 29, 2020 0.91% 7,271,929,849
    Schroder Investment Management Group 24,334,797 Sep 29, 2020 0.90% 7,153,943,622
    Norges Bank Investment Management 24,015,334 Dec 30, 2019 0.89% 5,093,652,341
    JP Morgan Chase & Company 21,142,316 Sep 29, 2020 0.78% 6,215,418,057
    Top Mutual Fund Holders
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    Vanguard International Stock Index-Total Intl Stock Indx 29,697,897 Jul 30, 2020 1.10% 7,454,766,104
    Vanguard International Stock Index-Emerging Markets Stk 23,876,852 Jul 30, 2020 0.88% 5,993,567,389
    Price (T.Rowe) Blue Chip Growth Fund Inc. 14,664,287 Jun 29, 2020 0.54% 3,163,086,705
    iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF 14,011,822 Sep 29, 2020 0.52% 4,119,195,431
    Vanguard International Growth Fund 11,759,473 Aug 30, 2020 0.43% 3,375,321,535
    Invesco Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund 8,974,336 Jul 30, 2020 0.33% 2,252,737,822
    Fidelity Series Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund 8,043,574 Jul 30, 2020 0.30% 2,019,097,945
    Vanguard/Primecap Fund 7,971,176 Jun 29, 2020 0.29% 1,719,382,663
    iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF 6,884,781 Sep 29, 2020 0.25% 2,023,987,918
    Price (T.Rowe) Growth Stock Fund Inc. 6,022,652 Sep 29, 2020 0.22% 1,770,539,234
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    silver lining...instead of these audit requirements being a bad thing I think they will help create entrance barriers for competition and legitimize baba to potential investors that are currently on the fence. will end in a better place
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    How many times will alibaba investors get spooked by the ‘delisting’ fiasco. It’s like people don’t even read the whole story anymore, either way this goes, alibaba still has 2 whole years to comply and maintain US accounting regulations. I am really baffled that this is still a point of concern for some people, alibaba is valued well over half a trillion dollar company, you bet they are gonna act like one financially. Alibaba has nothing to hide. And best believe, executives just want to address the concern, and provide the financials, so that we can all move on from this shadow that is the delisting debate.
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    Many funds have already converted BABA ADRs to HK09988 shares. The downs are mostly due to sell off by retails investors who are not long term into this stock or do not want to trade in HK exchange. Confidence wise most or all longs agree with hedge funds ALIBABA has the potential to reach 1 trillion valuation and continue to grow in double digits for many years to come. No doubt it does take a toll on one mental to watch all the negative news and sell off... have faith and all the best to all and happy year end holidays.
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    Alibaba is poised to go toward $310. Hiccups are great buying opportunities. If anyone knows BABA, they’ll know they have great accounting practices.
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    fake Identity
    I’ve been spending the past 1 hour debating with myself on the best price to buy more. Should I wait until tomorrow etc.

    So I’m thinking there’s a 70%-80% chance of HK Baba closing lower tomorrow, resulting in US Baba opening slightly down.

    But on the other hand, there’s a small chance that if Dow is green tomorrow, and many shorts covering tomorrow before the vote to pass the bill; we may see a bounce off today’s low...

    So I’ve decided to buy more today... but putting aside some cash for tomorrow/ Wednesday.
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    From Zacks analyst blog: "BABA was undervalued before this November sell-off. Today the stock is a stronger buy than ever with robust upward momentum, 16 out of 16 analysts calling this a buy."

    "At the end of the day, China has no intention of disrupting its strongest tech giants. This was more of a powerplay by Chinese regulators to remind its domestic tech titans who really holds the cards. 

    BABA shares whiplash sell-off has created a fantastic opportunity to purchase one of Asia's highest potential enterprises at a substantial discount. From a technical and fundamental point of view, this stock is a buy.

    From a technical point of view, BABA was quite oversold last Wednesday when it bottomed. You can see my oscillators circled in red below, pointing to oversold. Now BABA has done a complete reversal and has robust upward momentum on its side.

    Alibaba has a cornucopia of digital products at its disposal, and it will use all of them to control and profit off the prolific digitalization occurring in Asia today.

    The fact that the Amazon of the East, BABA has not taken off to the extent of its western counterpart is baffling. Alibaba controls the e-commerce space (80% market share), the cloud-computing category (roughly 50% market share), and a 33% stake in the leading FinTech in the most populous and soon-to-be largest economy on earth.

    Alibaba is valued at less than half of Amazon despite producing substantially wider margins, greater profitability, and having a more extensive revenue growth outlook for the next couple of years."
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    Shorties and bashers always bring up how Xi will beat up on baba. What they haven't figured out is this is a positive, longer term. The sum of the parts exceeds the current baba stock price, by about $200. And that is conservative.
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    If I look at the charts, only Alibaba is a Chinese company and the other Chinese companies are American.
    Alibaba is punished harder than the other US listed Chinese stocks.
  • C
    I find it strange that BABA and JD are down nearly 5%, but BIDU was barely down at all despite all three being Chinese companies. To me, it seems like the large investors are trying to scare retail investors into specifically selling their BABA/JD shares for cheap. I could be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me.