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  • Y
    Nobody becomes a millionaire or a billionaire by working for others and depending on them. Good investment brings millions of dollars and consistency bring billions; the market is all about bitcoin at the moment.
  • G
    Will someone please help me understand why AMZN is $300 less than last quarter and has hardly grown in the last year, yet has shown incredible gains as well as helped so many buyers around the world during the last 18 months of Covid? Not to mention all the Prime movies, AWS, cloud, etc.? Appreciate your input.
  • N
    UPS’s earnings heavily relied on Amazon’s uptick in demand for online shopping. Not only did they manage to beat earnings and revenue on all top line forecasts, but they did so while battling rising costs, inflation, and a shortage of workers. With Amazon announcing they now deliver more packages than FedEx, it’s quite near impossible that we see Amazon miss this quarter. Not only do I expect a beat when Wall Street expects a drop in earnings, I expect the Supply Chain Crisis to have caused a huge uptick in demand for Amazon products and services. Amazon’s stock has been flat all year, not posting significant gains, this could be the quarter that solidifies Amazon’s return to shareholders this year. Can’t wait for the 29th!!!
  • E
    The wisest thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different streams of income that doesn't depend on the government especially with the current economy crisis around the world
  • K
    with an army of people hired for this holiday season, they will guide high for Q4. Earnings call with be a $200 boost to the share price, then news of a huge Black Friday will be another $200. If they announce a stock split, we will be at $4300 by Jan.
  • M
    AMZN will have blow-out earnings tomorrow and have a similar reaction as MSFT and GOOGL today to new ATHs!!!

    Friday AMZN will close ABOVE 3731 AND NASDAQ will also close at a new ATH.
  • S
    Google and Microsoft beating earning and Amazon not expected to do so? Retailers are doing great and Microsoft and Google showed the cloud is even better. So it's very likely Amazon will also blow out Earning...So why is the stock wobbling today? Makes no sense at all who would sell or short Amazon today and tomorrow.
    Just weird game by the mm...
  • A
    Tomorrow will be a good time to invest after the bell. Get your cash ready. Buy after earnings release!
  • P
    Party 🎉 is Finally Over
    This was as high as 3700. based on UPS blowout quarter yesterday I predict at least 3500 for Amazon Thursday ah.. United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS)
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    218.07+14.17 (+6.95%)<--- YOWSA
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    Trader x
    Time to send hedgies home. They don't have time left. AMZN above 4000 at earning. AMZN P/E has became cheaper since last 4 Qs. This time big boys will push the breakout 4000. The more we buy accumulate, the more explosive the short squeeze become. Buy in mass. Time punish hedgies for their rotten games. Cuz TRUTH will prevail , EPS is what matters. AMZN has been growing and growing. COrrection will come quick
  • W
    In about a year:

    Tesla: $300 to $1000
    Amazon: $3300 to $3300

    I shoulda' bought Tesla.
  • K
    $3700 by Friday, in two days! If they announce a split; it will expect lode to $3950 on its way to $4100. After Black Friday sales, on its way to $4300 by Jan.
  • T
    What you need to realize, a lot of the volume is fractional shares. I buy more every paycheck. 64.1476 shares in 9 years. Stay poor bears.
  • G
    good opportunity to buy before earnings. This will go over $3600 this week, IMHO
  • A
    I want to buy AMZN but can't decide if I should buy tomorrow or a few days after earnings
  • r
    AMZN should have blow out earnings especially the cloud I hope they get the recognition they deserve and finally push over the 4000 mark and stay there they are worth a whole lot more then that
  • S
    if you guys look at the charts -- this 1 year area of consolidation (stock moving sideways) is historically normal for this stock -- with a little bit of technical analysis (fortune teller abilities) you can conclude that this stock will explode in the next 3 months -- I have been trading this in and out for the last 3 months but this last time I bought I am going to hold because I feel an explosion coming in the next 3 months that will be a bigger gain than the trades overall (and much less work on my part)
  • M
    Supply and demand. If we all bought 1 share of amazon today. That's x amount of shares off the market. If you can afford more go for it now buy and HODL!
  • a
    Amazon passes fed ex in shipping for first time ever. Knew it would happen soon and glad. Fed ex is terrible at handling packages. They either come crushed or delivered to a neighbor.
  • D
    Only way this will breakout to upside is if split announced. Why else buy a company whose stock price has gone nowhere recently and pays no dividend.