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    So first the share recount gets delayed to June 2nd all of a sudden, and then the passing of 002 gets delayed all of a sudden. Seems like the SEC may have asked AA to hold off until they can get the 002 possibly implemented and approved. Just realize, the share recount happens, millions of not billions of synthetic shares get exposed, and 2-3 weeks later 002 gets approved, and because of 006 its effective immediately, and margin calls begin to occur. If all these factors go as planned, it’s very possible the squeeze is right around the corner, it takes nothing but patience to simply buy and hold, even if it takes another 2 months. However, pure speculation, but the delaying of the share recount suddenly and also the 002 approval seems possibly planned, as if the SEC asked AA to not release the share count until they can get 002 close to approval or approved. Just a thought.
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    funny cause its true i took a look at citadel securities financial statements from there year end guess what AMC has double the cash on hand they do
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    I have 2 point to cover now Im out of Yahoo's mute jail:
    1. For people not happy with shares issued by AMC: it is perfect that they sold a big chunk of the 43m shares; if they drop it while it squeezes it will directly halt the squeeze.

    2.For people who say Citadel have billions and can stretch this for years: Theoretically that is correct, however thats their investors money and they expect a return on it; not for it to be frozen and bleed. They cant keep this for long, investors will start pulling out and margin calls come in.

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    blackrock had to have bought the 21,488,588 shares today direct sale from AMC or our volume would have been off the chart so I assume that it was the remainder of the outstanding shares from the 43 million offering
    we should no longer have any extra downward pressure if that is the case
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    All 3 million of us need to become A List members $25 a month and then check into 3 movies a week whether we go or not is irrelevant just by checking in makes it look like we did. It’s as easy as reserving your seats with a push of a button.

    3 million times $25 for a membership = 75 million dollars of revenue accumulated each and every month this is something that i haven’t seen talked about but is something we all need to do.

    We are now the owners of AMC which is crazy but now we need to also invest in our company to create high revenue for this next quarter.
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    AMC Floor $100K
    As u might know. HFs average short price is around $7-$7.50 with 2.5B Synthetic Shares. Ouch.
    U have any ways out for HFs? I don't see any unless AMC bankruptcy (which is zero probability).
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    J amc4eva
    Dear God (???s???)
    I do not know much for certain in this life, I have struggled with "faith" & am not a perfect soul. I DO know that this earth has a struggle or 3 for humankind and some of us have been willing to sell the others up the river.
    I KNOW I am ashamed and frustrated A LOT by the actions of my fellows and that by finding UNITY we find peace.
    I believe we are still a young species and my ONLY prayer would be that we learn to see the value in our differences and that we become LESS FEARFUL of one another.

    LORD, if there is anything out there to hear the cry of my soul....LET AMC SQUEEZE HARD and let there be a change to the system that lets bounty be spread amongst the people and not concentrated. Everyone does not need the same amount but they should get same chance.
    May this bounty only come with a sense of gratitude and love earned from teamwork...may it be a viral spread we can be proud of...OpenSourced knowledge sharing, raising up our neighbours to be as strong is so much better than having to build defenses out of fear they will be envious and need to try and steal away from others or force dominion.
    May we start a wave of reclaiming wealth not simply to hoard for power but to enjoy the beauty of what it unlocks, relax in security, smile at our neighbours and SHARE freely knowing it will flow around to benefit all. May we have the ability to invest in our communities to give our children safe activities to keep them busy, engaged and proud to be the next team members. May we hand down to them a system that does not allow the hoarders to wield powers to subdue their fellows.
    My prayer for us to levy this fine to the aggressive, over leveraged shorters and begin the dominoes of change is: to help everyday folk to be more aware of the power FOR GOOD that we can be when we come together, do not let us be corrupted by any wins and let us see this money as a tool freely shared by all for security and fun. NO MORE DOMINION OR FEAR.
    And please keep our silverback true and strong. May all stonks rise!
    💞🌍💞 🦾 🙊🙈🙉 🤟 💖
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    1. No bankruptcy
    2. 2 billion liquidity (highest recorded money at hand for the company)
    3. Solid re opening plan to all AMC theaters within CDC guidance
    4. Increasing box office return $5 billion future projections
    5. 3.2 million retail investors with increasing institutions buying as reflected by 13f filings
    6. Estimated 1-2 billion FAKE shares

    No excuses, No dates.... just plain facts and math
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    580,342 shares added institutional investment today
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    Well I stepped away to do some yardwork this afternoon. Came back to see which other TUTES joined forces in AMC and Boom
    2021-05-07 13F Bnp Paribas Arbitrage, Sa yet another has now bought more than their previous total owned - 124,783 now owns 278,910

    I mean this really feels like the walls are closing in on the shorts and hedgies.

    Today 9 new funds entered or expanded on ownership of AMC previously owned by all 8 was roughly 293,900 shares
    After today's 13Fs the eight now combined for roughly 727,300 shares
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    Love Monday mornings, and AMC
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    i am beginning to think the short squeeze has already begun we just dont realize it because it is moving so slowly. If we look at the charts from the January squeeze till now you will notice an uptrend followed by some consolidation. Then we have some days where it falls but never gets back to the 5 dollar range...and the lower price range seems to keep going up. We are holding around 9 to 10 range this is the consolidation range. We have peaks of 14 a few weeks ago and lows in the 8 range. If we keep holding and riding these waves eventually it will break out. All we need to do is hold, and buy when we can. Just my thoughts. I see so much bullish and bear comments, the bears are not seeing it, they probably want us to sell and believe the negative hype. Can the hedge funds find a way to stop it?...of course...Can the longs holding and buying? We already are.
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    Willie Moon
    If you've learned more than you ever imagined about the stock market via AMC you're already a winner. You will receive your trophy, shortly.
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    Got to admit unwound of love to seen 10.01. But it was fun to see the 9.51. Push. Like I said many times. This is the most fun I ever had with stocks in 30 years of trading.
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    Rise of the Apes
    post with link is being deleted CNBC article
    AMC CEO Adam Aron raved about its new investors who are at odds with Wall Street
    PUBLISHED FRI, MAY 7 2021 10:37 AM EDT
    Adam [Aron] was very complimentary of the individual retail investors," Handler said, in an interview. "They clearly support him. And put their money where their mouths are ... the stock is where it is right now because of those retail investors."

    As a token of appreciation, Aron said that he and AMC would each make a $50,000 donation to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, a conservation fund dedicated to protecting endangered mountain gorillas. This is the first time the company has donated to this organization and it's a clear nod to these new investors.

    AMC delayed its annual shareholders meeting more than a month in order to give these investors an opportunity to attend the event and "make their important voices heard," Aron said.

    "Just go on Twitter, just go on Reddit, just go on YouTube, read what these people write," he said. "They love AMC. And these are not people who are just going to be investors in AMC. These are going to be customers of AMC who come to our theaters and enjoy watching movies at our theaters as paying guests."

    Because of these new investors, Aron said the company will shift how it disseminates information to its shareholders.

    "Before when I wanted to talk to the company's ownership, I could fly to Beijing and I could sit down with three or four people and they have 75% of the votes," he said. "It's going to be a little different now ... so you're going to see a lot more outreach to literally millions of investors in our company and it's going to be quite public."

    "I've started tweeting again," he said.
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    The recent push back on the hedge funds by each and every one of us has created a mess for the SEC. Trust me, they know exactly what is going on and they also know that the Market mechanics have got to change now that we retail investors have a better understanding. The short market in it's present form will no longer be the cash cow that it once was for the hedge funds. All their tricks have been exposed and retail has found ways to even the playing field. There is only one thing left for the SEC to do and they have been doing it now by changing the rules to ensure that the hedge funds never target a company so heavy where a stock is 100 percent or more shorted and a hedge fund is never under leveraged. There have been massive losses by the hedges and there will be even more losses shortly. I do believe that we will win this war and the hedges will have to pay us dearly. Like many have said, everyone involved from the top down are just trying to position themselves to better absorb the losses the market is going to take when the positions in GME and AMC are finally closed out. After that, the potential of future short squeezes will be non existent. I'm looking for a big payday while we watch so many people cry about how we are killing the market and about how we retail investors are wrong for what we are doing. Let's keep shooting for the Moon!
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    Liquid Assets
    Brutal Gamma squeeze is brewing. 1.6 million shares more today that need to be bought back ! Add in the 26% interest rate and I say confidently that they are cooked !
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    No gyms...still in lockdown in Canada! The only thing not locked down is my AMC account 35k and holding strong!
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    Ok so today's twisted story by bashers may be that AMC dumped 17 million shares into the market at a 9.85 average. So lets think about this.

    1) AMC still has a company to run - they strengthened the company by raising more capital - this outs us in a better position and hurts hedge funds claims of bankruptcy and huge debts

    2) Out of the 17 million shares dumped into the market, who do you think bought most of those shares? I would say APES and longs

    3) 17 million shares does absolutely nothing to hurt us - Hedgies are on the hook for upwards of 1.5 BILLION synthetic shares so 17 million of which were bought up by APES is nothing

    4) AMC may continue to dump some more shares and the way they are doing it is not bad - a few everyday not one big dump

    5) AMC still has 26 million shares today in reserve in case this does squeeze.

    6) Bottom line is this - TRUST ADAM ARON and do not let any basher twist this fact today or next week.
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    RECAP of Conference Call

    · 3.2 MILLION APES (as of March 1 I believe) confirmed by the Kongfather


    · Market share went from 25%-->33%

    · Raised 2.95 BILLION in equity in the last year. 2B being since December 2020.

    · Plan to renegotiate leases with theatre owners

    · 1.26 Billion dollars in debt forgiven or transferred to equity

    · 99% of theatres in the USA are open, limited capacity and limited hours reducing in lesser financials but saved $$$ on costs doing this.

    · As of March 31, total liquidity is $1.025B most they have ever had in their 101-year history.

    · DONATING $50,000 to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund from AMC and $50,000 from Adams personal pocket.

    · Employing 5,000-10,000 people in coming months.

    · Adam is enthusiastic about having many individual shareholders. Finds it easier to communicate via YouTube interviews and Twitter.

    · The Kongfather is extremely optimistic that AMC will win this war.