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Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (ADMP)

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    khristoffer bryan c
    almost all the stocks are red we are the ones that are green investors are holding this price
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    No worry this will go up when good news comes out soon
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    I say about 3 dollars is a fair price to take over this company👍
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    I was spot on when i said a couple weeks ago, that if Tempol trial is delayed or fails, the stock will be down at least -30%. And it did.
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    Woah! I am in complete and total shock about ADMP filing financials "(period).(period)" Anyone here that didn't have to do something about their jaw doesn't know the first thing about the company. John has been harassing everyone here on the board. I think he's just throwing the pasta against the wall to see if it will stick--he doesn't know anything about last Wednesday--I don't believe it. As far as there being only old articles re Tempol--very untrue, we are all on the edge of seats because of a very interesting primary research publication that showed unequivocally the power of Tempol to halt Coronavirus replication at very tolerable concentrations by way of Iron removal from the key protein enzyme responsible for rna replication. The paper without a doubt shocked the scientific community because until then EVERYONE was under the impression that Zinc was holding the enzyme in the prefect position required for replication. I will skip the analogies except to say that all the major therapies used to halt replication go after the strand of growing RNA as its produced by the enzymatic system--the enzyme has to mistake the drug for the actual building block. While it is true that the RNA strand is very long the the fact that these drugs are not more effective clinically suggests that the probability of a successful swap is not all that great so some strands are completed and hence the infection can continue to spread. Tempol goes right after the enzyme itself and removes the iron from it's coordinating role in bringing together several peptide segments along the proteins linear chain. There is an old saying opposites attract. The Iron has enough of an opposite charge to attract several turning points of the protein bringing them together--with the iron removed they repel one another and the protein folds out of the lower energy state and into a unstable state that relatively speaking flails around. The experimental results have clearly shown that once this happens the viral replication moves to a standstill. Mechanically there are not any close analogies because we don't typically see charge separation directly one could think of an electro-magnet holding say four lines in place supporting some mass--kind of like an inverted tripod--turn off the magnet and the structure fails / falls and the supporting lines fall away. So whatever it appears to work experimentally and it is known that it has other beneficial antioxidant properties as well that have been compatible in human subjects. At a high enough concentration this will deal with the iron in the enzyme. Had this not been used in human subjects before this would be an entirely different ballgame but apparently it does not compete with other biological iron processes in a meaningful way at compatible concentrations.

    So a Monday report from ADMP is on the horizon, and BTW monday's economic calendar is clear during the CC as competitive bidding for treasuries ends at 1 pm. Popcorn anyone?
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    This is a serious question. Do people really get paid to talk negatively about companies?
    There's maybe 10-20 people looking at these message boards. Maybe more, but not hundreds. Even if investors act on this bull, it's not going to move the needle.
    Why would short sellers pay for that and how do they advertise for the positions? Lol.
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    A numbers of stockholders on this board have owned this stock for years and only have the rear view mirror to look because of the same promises and no action from this management team. It tradesn a lot of shares now because the great management team had issued shares all the way down to .50 cents. I hope you don’t hold your breath tomorrow expecting good news from our CEO that will make the stock go UPWARD. I hope I’m wrong but for 6 years we have heard nothing but promises and no earnings!
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    FOR SALE BY STOCKHOLDERS - Bargain priced company with 150M market cap. Bought rights to Tempol to treat radiation dermatitis and now the NIH is pushing it for treatment of Covid. Finally, after a few CRL's, the FDA has approved Zimhi to counteract potentially fatal opioid overdoses. Also have FDA approval for Symjepi to treat acute allergic reactions (as a less expensive alternative to the epipen). Hey big Pharma, now is the time to act! The NIH is begging someone to pick up the Tempol ball and run with it. $5 bucks a share or best offer! Please rescue us from current management
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    Earnings was actually not that bad US world meds knows how to market our products and Zimhi sales going into January is probably going to be large government contracts. EMS doesn't like having to reapply treatment while doing vitals, we have the strongest FDA Approved opioid med in the middle of an opioid crisis. Tempol clinicals are being done right, pfizer is giving away their antiviral because including vaccinated people in the study invalidates their data.
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    They had some interesting insights about ADMP on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Great writeup on Seeking Alpha, calls it like it is . Just what we have discussing here , real good read!
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    Merck pill is risky as Pfizer's
    Molnupiravir acts by introducing mutations into the viral genome during viral replication. A metabolite of the drug is picked up by a viral enzyme called RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and incorporated into the viral genome, eventually causing so many errors that the virus can no longer survive.

    Human cells have a DNA, rather than an RNA, genome, but some laboratory experiments have suggested that molnupiravir could cause mutations in human DNA as well
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    Another great earnings ( loss) report. Carlo surly showed us why he is paid $1 million . Everything he touches ends up costing the company more cash. The USC compounding company sale is costing us money and will take several quarters to get resolved. Looks like we have enough cash for several months and any other CEO that put a company in this shape would not take a salary until things improve. Do you think Carlo will do that?
    Don’t hold your breath!
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    Read about Merck pills:
    Another concern is that the way in which molnupiravir generates mutations in the coronavirus genome could lead to the emergence of a new variant of concern.
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    We should all know:
    -Merck pills have a problem with Corona Variant mutations. 🙀
    -Pfizer pills have problems with side effects because the combination drug. ☹️🙄
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    khristoffer bryan c
    Chill and relax first quarter of 2022 is our time when they starts selling their Naloxone
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    Drug stores cross USA , can not keep nanalox one in stock ,Pfizer has stepped up production
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    Have Dennis Carlo clear his desk and put his resignation in?
    We need a capable leader in his chair.
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    Kaleo buyout by private equity firm for $310M (with $70 M contingency sales milestone based amount included) suggests ADMP has very little to no value at current levels in a buyout (if Tempol fails in Covid).
    Adamis products are not innovative, not sophisticated.
    Adamis has no intellectual property.
    Symjepi sales trajectory has been dead for the last 4.5 years.