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    Nick R
    Dividends were paid today.
  • A
    Plz, anybody, who'll get adr's dividends let me know when you get it.
  • J
    Has anybody converted there shares through the process BNY Mellon has specified?
    I have shares of CHL at a broker who does not trade internationally and therefore they cannot convert to 0941.HK.
    I want to convert my shares but my broker does not want to transfer it to BNY Mellon so that they can convert.
    Anybody else facing difficulties?
  • A
    How much we'll get after 13th September?
  • A
    I received a letter that on September 13, 2021, the ADR CHL will be blocked until they are written off. Until then, I can exchange them for ordinary CHL shares. Or do nothing and get the money after September 13 (the deadline is not exactly defined) (the amount is not exactly defined. Does anyone have any information about how much we will get for one ADR CHL after September 13? What does this price depend on?
  • K
    Anyone get any Fidelity info on this stock?
  • J
    Are ADR holders going to get one more round of dividend?
  • Z
    Top results, 11% growth, 6,5% dividend increase. I was many time informed, that this company is a black list company, but I did not sell, I am in plus, plus the great growth, plus dividends, I am happy with it. They are new growth areas with realy high growth, this stock is still a bargain.
  • D
    Converted my shares through Fidelity and they are now on the Honk Kong exchange.waiting to see if they go up at all before I sell them.
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    My brokerage finally gave me the option to convert, 2 days before the deadline. And they went to charge $200. Plus, once it's converted, they can't trade it for me since they don't do international so I'd have to find somewhere else that would accept the transfer. Has anyone converted directly through Bank of New York Mellon rather than through your brokerage? I believe that's possible? If you have done, what was the experience like and what are the fees?
  • M
    I finally got the "CHL ADS" converted to 0941.HK
    but my Bank did it on the 25th of August which is the ex dividend date.
    I guess it's double or nothing with my div :0
    I don't know how such a blunder is possible but I'm happy regardless
    and the position is green since I bought most of the CHL a day before the trading halt.
    Always do the opposite when the market is in panic.
    I did the same thing with LKNCY and ofc. didn't expect the same level of profit with China Mobile
    which is a mature Company that you can hold forever.
    The conversion was $30 USD for 800 CHL. A good price.
  • s
    What happens to CHL ADR Put options that have not been exercised. Thanks
  • O
    Did not convert, just going to collect the div… am I screwed? (Probably)
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    I got a message from my not US broker
    "Payment can take a long time, as it all depends on the liquidity of the underlying securities in the local market"?
    According to article about CHL dated May 17, 2021 company was going to spent about $6bln.
    Does anyone have suggestions about liquidity?
  • s
    TD Ameritrade is robbing their clients by charging more than $4 per share in transaction fees for selling CHL shares. Based on my conversations with several TD Brokers/Traders, their quality and knowledge level is below average at best. I was hoping the merger with Schwab will finalize sooner, but it's likely to take couple of years for the merger to fully occur. I have started moving my accounts out of TD Ameritrade for good.
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    Send this link to your Broker, or you will receive cash for the ADS which will count as a sale under tax law even if you didn't sell.
  • f
    Vanguard has contacted me about redemption. Have other reviewed and should I take it?
  • M
    Anyone have any luck with TD Ameritrade doing the conversion to HK shares?
  • D
    The options for holders of China Mobile American Depository Shares (ADS) have seemingly become clearer.

    If you still own the ADS, you can convert it to HK shares by September 13. Based on the BNY Mellon document provided by NowUDonut (see Aussie thread), Mellon will facilitate conversion for a fee (see document). I expect that this option will be available through all brokers but you should verify with yours.

    If you do not convert the ADR to HK shares by September 13, Mellon will liquidate the shares sometime after September 13 and you will receive the net proceeds. I believe you don’t need to do anything but, again, verify this with your broker.

    So, sometime after September 13, China Mobile ADS will no longer exist. Anyone who hasn’t sold will own the HK shares. If you are not a US citizen, you can hold these for as long as you wish.
    If you are a US citizen, you must sell the shares by June 3, 2022. This is per the latest Executive Order (#13959, dated June 3, 2021). This deadline may be amended or revoked in the future.

    This is a duplicate link to the BNY Mellon document provided by NowUDonut
    Good luck
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    So if a person has.... $1,000.00 of China Mobile, how much will the HK shares be worth? Does anyone know? I checked with MarketWatch, and China Mobile was selling for HK $49, which is a little over $6 U.S. When it was delisted, China Mobile was about $55 U.S. per share. Does this mean we'll lose $49 per share? I don't understand how this works.