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  • B
    Remember Stay in classes and study commercial' Legal studies...
  • D
    no more "stimulus" til the Iran Nuke Bitcoin factories are SHUTTERED
    Where in the heck is Congress' head?
    Nukes mining Bitcoins = US Congress bribed
    Three major power plants in Iran will soon offer their energy outputs exclusively for Bitcoin mining, the country’s Thermal Power Plant Holding Company (TPPH) announced on Monday, as per a report on local news outlet Tehran Times.
  • G
    George N
    Treasury Yield spiking up...BIG Troubles coming with the already distressed Mortgage loans...!!! More and more loan delinquencies...
  • R
    Dividend paying stocks niw only game in town
  • S
    Just found out that TNX got alerted by Seems bullish
  • J
    John Wick
    Fed selling treasury bonds, withdrawing liquidity from the market?
  • P
    Dear Federal Reserve,

    For the sake of Humanity and mankind, can’t you please just DIE? The economy is getting worse thanks to you, you monotize the debt, the dollar is in it’s slow death as the growing national debt says so, you’re making majority of the people lives more miserable trying to take credit putting the fire out you started that you never finished. The rot of your establishment has a growing stench that is literally choking the public and you have dumb rich people believing into your lies every time you have a summit. Lying Powell says they are letting inflation rise for they have no control over. The Federal reserve has formed into a financial terrorist organization. Please let the free markets operate on their own, stop being a painful influence and please do the right thing and DIE. Take one giant step for mankind off of a cliff and knock down that terrible looking structure on Constitution Ave NW, since the Federal reserve isn’t constitutional anyways.
  • R
    Forex foreign investors dumping Usa fed bonds with the Usa dollar before being wiped out
    2020 dump the Usa dollar with bonds is the play
  • G
    I expect, fear, a $0.02/share drop in prices of GNMAs today, VFIIX/VFIJX, along with the Fidelity GNMA. This loss will never be made up; it will take a good 5 years to catch up if one is reinvesting the dividends monthly. Call should have been equities, not Bonds; oh well!
  • B
    I'm payi g $200.00 to clean my daughters and son nem room!
  • J
    Imagine how high this would be without the fed
  • F
    this today triggers gold / silver sell off
  • m
    Going Negative?
  • F
    Uhh ohhh
  • s
    At some point the big trade will be to short this thing.
    On the radar
  • J
    I think market observers and analysts are all misreading the yield curve implications. Decades ago large banks were the main risk takers in the market in terms of volume, turnover and capital formation. The Dodd-Frank and Volker rule during housing crisis had changed the whole market landscape. Restrictions on bank risk taking have limited banks ability to penetrate into risk taking and requirements on capital safety and reserves make large financial institutions to be more client oriented and risk averse. It is similar to what Europe had since long ago and European banks particularly with consumer operations were not allowed to carry broad based risk trading in equity market. This is why many European banks opened subsidiaries in USA seeking riskier and fast trading opportunities along with access to Fed's liquidity support. On top of that within last 30 years there was a massive shift toward electronic trading and the rise of passive index industry had overthrown banks as major asset managers and risk takers. The business model of of such fund industry is looking for fee collection from portfolio managers and investors. Without sophisticated technology and fast trading algorithms such business model could not exist as fund offerings of different structured products needs to have almost perfect dynamic hedge as investors and portfolio managers buy and sell such products for hedging or trading purposes. Coupled with very friendly regulation from SEC that allow ETF like structures to dominate the market along with efficient and fast technology, massive cross asset computerized setups and autobots the yield curve has lost some recession predictive power as large bank institutions are no longer the biggest part of the curve active players.
  • T
    Trumpy The Russian Stooge
    Amazing 10-year just keeps on going. Is bond market telegraphing recession or is this a secular change where we're going to see a prolonged continuation of the already very long period of time that rates have remained at historic lows? I'm not sure, but I don't believe the economists at the Fed are sure either. In the face of uncertainty, the Fed should be on hold until we see signs of a significant increase in inflation.
  • G
    Rates are rising because everything they are doing is inflationary. Making the real return negative.
  • T
    market has huge gains yet treasury yields are falling? Something's fishy here
  • A
    The floor has been removed. Negative interest rates are inevitable.