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  • m
    It's not Alpha, Beta, Omicron, Phi or Omega causing this. It's not even the daily news or Fed's timely announcements to drive the sheep in one way or the other. The reason for extreme volatility which has increased exponentially for almost 2 years now is because of the availability of resources to EVERYONE in the world, ability to trade at the click of a button, zero commissions trading, knowledge of the market, and to top it all the gambling of Cryptocurrencies where there are trillions of dollars in market cap! Stock market involved fraudsters from the beginning, and now, it's only worse because the reach has expanded from a small team on Wall Street, to a mega large team in the whole world! I know kids aged 18 and perhaps even younger, arguing about Bitcoin and Catcoin, at an age where they should have been focusing on starting their careers and create value. Instead, everyone works from home, everyone wants to trade, nobody wants to work but still become millionaires, and retire early! "FIRE" movement LMAO! I have many more years to go before I retire, and I am terrified of the future!
  • D
    Dont be worry...overnight FED can bring Nasdaq 16k so tomorrow they can apply -10% during trade hours....the name.of the game
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    Do you know when it will recover? Monday will recover before market open with ZERO (0) gain
  • J
    Thank supreme leader Xi Jinping for the new Xi variant. The fear and yellrow journalism of the Libby press is driving down oil and treasury yields. The Nasdaq will reach 17,000 points next month. Long live the communist party 🇨🇳
    Wear a mask, panic, social distance, zoom. Get snake oil vaccines and boosters, and listen to the oracle Fraudci and MSN. Safety is more important than freedom. Ben Franklin said it perfectly: "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
  • r
    With all the bad news I'm surprised the market is down today.
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    Dose not matter how high it goes my stocks will stay same- no gain at all
  • Y
    Investing now is basically gambling. Nobody can understand this manipulation. All we know is that it started in January.
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    Nothing else I can say- this is my last comment here and I will delete my investing app so I don’t get hurt anymore because it is too late to sell it lost
  • X
    market recovering losses and rising, investors not believing anymore to doomsday FUD about Covid variants
  • A
    The 570 point drop of the Nasdaq from 11:19am to end-of-day is really spectacular! Breadth continues to come out of the market. We have about 8,000 points further to drop before I would consider looking to buy any stocks. It is a very risky time. The Fed had really screwed up the stock and bond markets during recent years of extreme excess.
  • B
    Algorithms are destroying the stock markets. When will we ever learn!
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    After market closes it will gets up 200 points, but like I said stocks will remain same
  • N
    I don't have a good feeling about this. Time to pull all my cash and start day trading crypto.
  • M
    Thanks Joe!
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    I hate when people come and say buy - we are all in since March and locked 🔒 there is no more money to buy unless we sell what we have lost then what is the point
  • Y
    Me thinking out loud:

    1. So, BLACK FRIDAY is finished

    2. I didn't go out today

    3. None of my close family members went out shopping today

    4. So, was BLACK FRIDAY a big day? Will the financial analysts tell us that shopping went through the roof on BLACK FRIDAY?

    5. Today was clearly BAD for the DOW index, losing some 900 points

    6. Will Monday be a BIG GREEN day with the DOW going up 900 points?

    7. COVID19 hysteria and manipulation will be used for the rest of 2021...

    8. Investors are Gullible?

    9. I am fixing me a cup of Hot Tea with honey...

  • W
    Very healthy pullback after really too long without one. It's impossible to not be bullish on the short to medium-term future. Tech is deflationary and much of the current inflation will blow itself out over the next 6-12 months. Interest rates are not going up until 2023, the Feds complaint with asset prices, consumers are buying everything that's not nailed down(hence the extended inflation). Tech provides the best growth and long term EPS and PE projected improvements. An easy buy. Load into TECL if as well if you're as bullish as I am.
  • r
    The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 to "maintain price stability"....a dollar saved in 1913 is now worth about 2 cents.
  • A
    All About Timing ⏱
    This market is

    iam not selling even though I lose everything so let them play
  • S
    They should rebalance the NAZ, DOW and S&P index. It is sooo misleading. You have a few stocks (TSLA, AMZN, NFLX, etc.) moving it to the positive side while majority of the market is in a bear market correction.