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HKSE - HKSE Delayed Price. Currency in HKD
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29,447.85-479.91 (-1.60%)
At close: 4:09PM HKT
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    The Hang Seng Index is now in a BOOM market.

    The trend is up, we are now at 26.300 points.

    In 2021 the Hang Seng will hit "All Time High"

    In 2022 we will hit 40.000 points
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    The amount of foreign short sellers in Asian Financial Markets is uncalled for. Asian Financial Regulators should consider new terms & conditions for foreign investors & foreign funds investing in our regions. Investment is for long term plans & not for short term gains, encouraging gambling. If nothing is done, than Investment is a non meaningful event anymore.
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    I need someone to go to Nordstroms Rack and let a supervisor know I swiped out some gear 2daya ago and sent you to pick that gear up for me...
    Merdis Griffin I'm offering $300.00
    today if possible'
  • h
    Hong Kong will be taken over by CCP. They can’t let this revolt happen again, it’s freedom vs communism and will spread to mainland. Protestors will occupy SEHK (HSI) and people will stop paying rent. HK economy about to tank. Free people will leave, Capital & people flight!
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    So when is Xi going to make China great again?
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    hina & HK real estate is highly over leveraged. The wealthy on both sides are terrified, terrified! HK is a falling knife which will affect China. This HSI drop is only the beginning, panic selling is about to set in. But don’t make the mistake of a comeback. HK real estate won’t ever come back. China taking advantage of the USA has ended.
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    why is the Asian markets so succumb to US policies & political gains? Do we, as Asians really need their businesses & US dollars? Chinese history have been around for more than 5000 years, does doing business with Americans really that crucial that we need to hang our heads low? There are Asian companies which might be or in the building to be on par with American companies too. It may take time, 10 years, 50 years, a hundred years, we did it once for 5000 years, what's another 100 years? We should decouple from US economy, nothing is real there. Brace up Asia, East Asia, South East Asia - let's join hands & walk together in good spirits to get out of this crisis. Cheers!
  • M
    I’m in HK now. Witnessed some protests first hand., one much closer than I wanted. Very interesting. I’m here for two more weeks.
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    Countries around the world should cancel their debts to China as payback for withholding information about the Coronavirus outbreak.
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    It’s not shorts making the market go down. Nobody has that buying power. Also, only reason China isn’t down more is bank of China propping up their ‘free market’
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    5 yr. reversal...back to the stone age for the Chinese market...Xi and Putin are quite the team. Xi need to re-think and mend the fence with Trump.
  • R
    Time for the world to stand up to China for starting all of this
  • J
    In my humble opinion, the people (China and America) are surprised with China's refusal to negotiate a trade tariff since they have had tariffs for many years on many goods/products.
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    this dropped is an opportunity to
    buy value stocks. Just to single out
    a few - 0939, 1288, 0763, 1810 which
    I viewed as defensive stocks. Except
    for 0763, the rest didn't really dropped
    much in price wise. As for 0763,
    altho it dropped quite a gap but
    the recovery was fast.
    The potential of 0763 to rally to
    hkd27 wouldn't be too hard for him.
    Just my thoughts.
    Asian markets are just reacting to
    tons of unsured bad news, with no
    answers, just predictions.
    Anyway, analysts are paid to write
    reports, I don't really follow them,
    I only follow facts, facts from govt,
    the companies itself & their
    earnings report. Good luck.
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    Hongkong financial regulators should question or sue Moody for writing such no solid base true facts about Hongkong financial status. They do not represent the Hongkong financial systems at all & yet they are writing & suggesting what's going with Hongkong financial markets. Hope Hongkong authorities look seriously into this issues. Citizens livelihood are at stake here.
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    I want to offer Frida a $1,000.00 to stop by love' Clean up for me amd take your time if you accept my offer...💕⭐💕⭐
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    Finished - Asisn financial markets been spooked by US regulators. Why do we need American brands? Are Asians so dependable in these products? Why can't we used made in Asia?
  • P
    The CCP could care less about the HK financial center. They will tear it down in order to build it up in the future.
  • Y
    Why not falling?
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