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  • J
    So, how many people bought the dip? I guess the market never loses.
  • J
    I hope that everyone has read Chapter 1 & 2 from the book "The Intelligent Investor" on Investment vs. Speculation & Inflation. You will understand where the market currently is and what will happen in the near future with increasing inflation and eventual increase in interest rates.

  • R
    Hi Guys, I’m pretty new to investing and reading through different articles to gain knowledge. I’ve invested small amount in VOO which is Vanguard S&P 500. Can someone please lead me to understand the difference between this particular stock?
  • e
    Jerry said it and it’s true: it’s OK when stocks don’t go up every day. But, the intrusion of inflation is another matter. The TIPS bond is now bumping into its all-time high. This is a Treasury issue that monitors the CPI. Please watch that metric. And make adjustments as you see fit. Food and energy are really not in the CPI and we know they are running at 8%. Stocks are generally not hurt by rising inflation as long as the companies have pricing flexibility. Bonds are creamed. And the discount factor for future earnings rises which means a lower entry point for companies called growth stocks. The pattern for oil stocks is highly cyclical but as the price rises the oil in the ground also rises. Commodities have the eventual delivery action but silver is interesting. Any funds that require liquidity to trade like ARKK, will suffer should the Fed be stirred to act to sop up liquidity.
  • V
    Fact checked: There is no empirical evidence to support man made climate change theory
  • C
    Drops 3-5 % are normal and healthy- not the end of your financial life. Watch the signs, adjust your portfolio according to your age, and CALM DOWN everyone. So if there’s a 15% pullback which a lot of money on the sides has been waiting for, they will get in at that point and the market will increase. Bonds - do inflation protected or short term for now or cash.Inflation bump is supposedly temporary and expected. Economy really opening this summer. Still first year of presidency. Historically + for markets. Forecast for end 2021 is S&P 4400. Turndown forecasted from what I’ve read by Schwab I believe 2023.
  • M
    12$ Combo meal and 75,000$ for a 1\2 ton truck what inflation rate is that ? 60% ???
  • R
    Stock peeps crying over -2% loll

    Crypto peeps cheering over -30% drop and buying them as discount sales.
  • D
    Its amazing how much power the Federal reserve has. The Fed patted wallstreet on the head yesterday and said inflation is only temporary and they will not raise rates for at least a few months. Here we go again.
  • I
    I Will Make Some Money
    300% of the GDP, a GDP based on debt btw. And everyone convinced that the SP should be at 6000 or more,
  • A
    to the moon
  • e
    Anybody else notice that the bid/ask spread is widening for stocks? Does that mean liquidity is starting to dry up? I don’t need to tell you that would be an ominous signal. Of course the cost of carry has risen slightly which would influence market makers and that might be the reason. Anyway, it’s just another note of caution.
  • M
    Mandy Lynn Aberdeen
    hello to you all 68 ...have a little cash i want to put in some div positions ...any predictions on when and how much a correction may be ...thank you !!
  • T
    INFLATION will cause RECESSION soon.........................
    Markets to TANK !
    stay short.
  • B
    Seeking Alpha; Sun May 9th:. "The Overvalued S&P 500 Signals Low 10-Year Forward Returns: The average of S&P 500 for April 2021 was 4141. This is 1701 points higher than the long-term trend value of 2440. The current percentage difference of S&P 500 level relative to the current long-term trend level is 70%, a value never exceeded in the recent past since August 2001."
  • J
    Spoke to a financial advisor the other day and said to invest in the s&p 500, put my savings in and will invest monthly, is NOT looking good :(
  • B
    Palm Beach County officials in Florida are reportedly preparing for drumpf to get indicted. :-)
  • f
    Jobs miss, stocks higher. The FED has destroyed the economy and the markets by rigging interest rates and printing trillion upon trillion of fiat debt notes. END THE FED. Buy physical Silver and Gold to preserve wealth.
  • P
    The hardest thing to do is sit on the side lines and watch the “dips” just keep dipping.
  • B
    Oil is cheap , 70 dollars oil is coming. 70 dollar oil is the same as 50 dollar oil last year. Inflation will take the price there. With increase demand, it can go to 100.