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    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend ( They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
  • J
    Perma bears just refuse to wise up. As a result they continue to experience HUGE numbers of margin calls, accounts being wiped out, and bankruptcies. Those are the things that happen when on a daily basis they put their money on a pipe dream market crash.
  • R
    A 2% decline in the stock market is a massive correction these days… hahaha! What a Ponzi scheme!
  • r
    With interest rates at 0 and with the money the fed has been pumping into the market If this was to drop 40 to 60% rather then a normal 10% correction.
    And real estate will follow.
    Your going to have a lot more to worry about then your retirement investments.
    The future security and freedoms we all enjoy could be at stake.
  • J
    John # 2
    I sold quite a bit today :) It will likely prove to have been a bad move haha thats just how it goes
  • S
    If nothing else, what's going to cause this market to drop precipitously is buyer's exhaustion. Everyone that is able to buy into the stock market has basically bought into it. No stimulus checks going out, back to work as usual, and the rest, will result in buyer's exhaustion. That was essentially what pricked the tech bubble in March of 2000. I see the same thing happening here. It's running on fumes, this equities market. Valuations make zero sense. We have to retrace back down to 2,500. It's unhealthy for the market to just keep going up, with nothing tied to the fundamentals.
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    Crypto bubble will get pricked and deflate. Meme stock bubble will get pricked and deflate. That will just start the avalanche. Then you'll get a massive 30-50% decline in the indices. That's when value will come alive again. Mark my words: a market cannot stay *massively* overvalued for a very long time. Eventually, a catalyst will take it down, and it will take everything else down indiscriminately. Until then, just enjoy all of this massive speculation, but don't partake in the insanity. Be sane, be rational.
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    I’ve got only three ratios for everyone to keep in mind. Price to sales for this index is 3.10. Historical average is 1.50. Price to earnings is 45. Historical average is 15. Price to book is 4.60. Historical average is 1.50. Therefore, for stock prices to be fairly valued, let alone discounted, this index needs to fall 50%, to 2,100. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone with any sense knows this is extremely overbought and overvalued. Sell and save yourselves a lot of headache in the upcoming months.
  • C
    Plunge Protection Team buying futures and debt this morning in the hundreds of billions. The end game is coming.
  • V
    Just keep in mind that corrections greater than 10% rarely occur in the 12 months following the market reaching a new all time high. Such a quick correction has only occurred 3% of the time.
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    To say that valuations are stretched and out of touch with reality would be a massive understatement. S&P 500 to lose 50% of current value within 12-18 months. I'm calling that right now.
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    It really doesn't matter if rates are going to be raised this year, next year, or two years from now. What should tank the market on its own is *overvaluation*. This market is priced 3.10 times revenue, 45 times earnings, and 4.56 times book value. The rates can stay near-zero for 10 years from now, for all I care; the market would still be due for a massive correction just on valuation alone. Prove me wrong.
  • F
    So Fed says they won't raise rates till end of 2023, and S&P tanks? Why?
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    The Delta virus in Britain has increased by 90%! Over 500,000 people have died in Brazil! Get the vaccine as soon as possible to avoid being caught by the delta India virus!
  • s
    This market has no sense at all. Stocks are up , Bonds are up, Dollar is up, Gold is up , Crude Oil is up ?????
  • C
    hey guys was wondering if anyone knew why the personal saving rate is still 14.7% why so high if inflation is 5%
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    Ready to buy like Warren..
  • f
    FED bankers should be in prison for what they have done. Biggest asset bubble in US history and destruction of the dollar. There are no Markets anymore, just interventions. Gold and Silver are money.
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    It’s been a long time since we had a bear market purely based on (over)valuation. Last time was the tech bubble when it burst in 2000. It’s a matter of time when we have this one burst as well. Yes, I understand interest rates act as gravity for equities, but we are approaching absurd levels. S&P’s P/B is approaching 5 and P/E is approaching 50. For context’s sake, Berkshire’s ($BRK-B) P/B is 1.4 and P/E is 6.7, at this moment. So you tell me what’s out of control. Fed, you *have to* raise rates. Give people a safe asset to put their money into; a CD, a money market, anything. You have been warned, folks. Be very careful. This market is extremely overbought.
  • U
    It is hard to believe that someone is still buying the US Stocks in this Tulip Mania BUBBLE!
    S&P 500 Ponzi Scheme went from 1500 to 4200 in a blink of an eye for no reason, with 2008 fundamentals. The US Stock Market is a Get Quick Rich Scheme! Collapsing real Economy and ABSURD Valuations do not matter!
    The fraudulent US Media and scam artists are vomiting nonsense about fake "economic recovery" that is not happening in reality, but nobody mentions the ABSURD Valuations and Skyrocketing valuation multiples, P/E, P/S ratios!
    Since when someone is buying P/E=+35 stocks???