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    I watch as my employer throws 20% of my salary into the Wall Street casino roulette wheel to for my retirement savings. Inflation is rising almost as fast as stocks are falling, and interest rates are going nowhere. I'm like a water buffalo surrounded by lions on one side and crocodiles on the other. America doesn't work for people like me. I'm not trying to get rich. I'm just trying to live and save for retirement. Being fifty-three years old, I can see my prospects for retirement are virtually non-existent. This country is a slaughterhouse from an Upton Sinclair novel, and people like me have their heads is on the block while billionaires are profiting from our labor and our wasted investments. I'm being smoked from both ends.
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    First, keep interest rates artificially low at crisis level ZERO for over a decade while mercilessly QE Infinity pumping the stock markets to higher highs year after year. Second, watch as what remains of the middle class are forced into equities by said zero interest rates. Lastly, crash the stock market and destroy what remains of the middle class creating a permanent neo colonial feudal serf society while using cirporate media to pit AmerIcan's against each other, not the corporate state oligarchs responsible. It's basic class warfare 101 people.
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    $^GSPC conversation
    I hope that everyone has read Chapter 1 & 2 from the book "The Intelligent Investor" on Investment vs. Speculation & Inflation. You will understand where the market currently is and what will happen in the near future with increasing inflation and eventual increase in interest rates.

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    When every joe schmoe ipo is valued at 40-50 billion+, you are in a massive bubble. You have late 90's bubble coupled with excess money printing and low rates. Rates have nowhere to go but up due to accelerated inflation. Raise rates 3-4% and see what happens. This was a gift in the last 24 months without the obvious note card that said profit and get out. Fed has to raise rates to avoid far worse inflation. Ultimately, asset prices have to fall. Lowering rates was bad enough, printing Trillions and planning to print Trillions more was the worst possible move, it destroys economies in the long run.
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    We have a long way to even have fair values on stock, 3000 pts drop is possible
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    Well, we only need to drop another 8K - 10K points to get the Dow where it should be for our current economy. This sell-off is only going to last through today, before we close out the week in the Green way way way up again.. Tomorrow, the jobs report will show massive hiring and low unemployment and that will send the market soaring again past 35K by Friday at the close.
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    Impeach China Joe and the Ho
    US Consumer Prices Increase by Most Since 2009. U.S. consumer prices climbed in April by the most since 2009, amid a record increase in used-car costs and signaling a build-up in inflationary pressures. The consumer price index increased 0.8% from the prior month after a 0.6% gain in March, according to Labor Department data Wednesday. Excluding the volatile food and energy components, the so-called core CPI rose 0.9% from March. Food and energy prices are rising even faster.
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    Original Soothsayer
    Used car prices up 10% in one month!! Wait and see how much gasoline prices will rise this month, thanks to Sleepy's pipeline shutdown
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    Stocks going down, prices rising. Might be time to cash in the 401K.
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    Does the Federal Reserve care about poor people which now can't afford basic goods and services do to inflation. They seem more interested in keeping big banks and Wall Street investors happy. This is bad karma. We are in trouble because our priorities are really messed up.
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    Original Soothsayer
    Inflation is the rise in prices for the same goods and services. You get inflation when demand for goods and services exceeds supply. Oil dropped to minus $34 a barrel in March 2020 because the supply suddenly exceeded demand by a wide margin. Sleepy has increased demand for goods and services by handing out free money and free benefits. Sleepy is reducing supply with labor shortages, supply chain blockages, and raising the costs of doing business with taxes and regulations. There is your perfect storm for the increase in inflation there for all to see.
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    Interest rates are a tool our government can use in the event of an economic slowdown. Lower rates creates more spending from consumers. Unfortunately, free money from stimulus and low interest rates have ballooned the market to extreme levels. What can our government use to offset another recession? More stimulus...welcome to Socialism folks!
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    Fact: investors are NOT moving to crypto. They are pulling out in droves.
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    Original Soothsayer
    0.9% core CPI increase in April, the biggest since 1982! SleepyJoe's Jimmy Carter economy is here! And it only took 4 months! That is why the stock market is teetering!
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    Original Soothsayer
    There has never been a time when the Nasdaq crashed and the broader market escaped unscathed. It doesn't work that way. A pipe dream. In the Y2K tech bubble, the S&P500 ended up dropping 33%.
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    Original Soothsayer
    Highest core inflation since 1982. What did Paul Volcker do? Nothing, like Powell is doing? NO!!! He tightened and rang it out of the system. It was painful at the time, but unleashed 20 years of economic boom and prosperity.
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    Inflation numbers for U.S. coming out, if don't live in U.S. (which some on these boards don't) not a big concern unless own U.S. stocks etc. Those are govt.numbers still real inflation numbers would be interesting.
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    Good the cheaper the stocks get the more room to go back up.
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    Nice person
    Pullback or correction?
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    Whipsaw reaction on the Dow futures with the cpi - more tricks by the market makers to damage positions..
    Headlines and analysts are being drama queens with this little dip - 10,000 shaved off the Dow is more like a correction..
    The Fed have two choices - they can either risk the whole country rioting with inflation reaching astronomical levels and keep on pumping billions to the already billionaires or leave the markets alone to correct naturally, with the dollar stabilising and inflation under control.... The Fed must have a death wish if they continue..