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    Moderna CEO offers a bleak assessment of COVID-19: Virus to stay with the world 'forever'.
  • G
    The media is muting the fact that the FED keeps pumping $Billions into the equity markets. Great for wealthy stock owners but most Americans will have to pick-up the tab in the form of higher taxes.
  • N
    Nasdaq Composite BUBBLE
    Why not to PUMP US Stock indexes by 100% every single day?
    The Valuations mean nothing anyways. It is just a PONZI SCHEME and it is all about Unlimited Printing Dollars.
  • C
    The long term historical fair market value of the DOW is 12k.
    * Benjamin Graham approved statement
  • F
    Fire Sale
    GameStop Corp. is worth more than $10 billion
  • T
    They are PUMPING Nasdaq again
    What is the point of trading or "investing" anymore???
    US Stock Prices are NOT going down since March 2020, no matter how terrible the news is...
    The Valuations and Reality got lost...
    Corporate Revenues and earnings are FALLING, but the stock prices are going up parabolically without a single break.
    $^GSPC $^IXIC
  • b
    Did the American public notice the traditional average deaths for Seasonal Flu ranged between 60K to 100K per year was Miraculously cured this Winter and is non-existent.
  • E
    Extremely Overvalued US Market
    Will there be a single day that the Fraudulent US Stock indexes do not hit new record high valuation???
    Falling Corporate Revenues and Earnings, Record high corporate and national Debt, Record high Stock dilution, Record Loss and Record Bankruptcies Do not matter anymore????
  • A
    We are learning reality from the virus. We are not alone on the Earth ...
    and we are not the masters of the universe, no matter what Wall Street thinks or the number of atomic weapons we have.
  • l
    The President proposing the replacement of over 600 thousand government vehicles with EVs
    The BOOM is a comin' oh yes it is
  • M
    Dow futures looked to be dumping but euro indices decided to rally and the Dow followed..
    Some big earnings out today, let's see how the Dow reacts or where market makers decide to put the price..
  • B
    Manipulation? All 4 markets plus gold and silver all took a plunge at the same time . Who has the kind of power and control?
  • m
    Market is going to 50000 by 2022. Is that right? My true massage was deleted twice. Pumping.
  • M
    What's caused the futures to be so happy - dow up nearly 90 pts.
  • R
    Does inflating the stock market create more jobs? If you answer yes you're the 1%.
  • A
    Hey look! Market is up today on news that news is good to be up on. What a scam.
  • D
    Daily voter fraud update:
    Dominion suing for billions...looking forward to it.
  • N
    The market is suffering from a high level of cognitive dissonance. Reality will catch up to perception soon. We’ve been treading water for a couple weeks now. Downward tread will start. All these people buying on margin and betting with options, that money is coming due. They may as well sell to cover their positions or increase America’s poverty rate.
  • Y
    WANTED; Now hiring 17 GOP Senate to work for USA. Must have own set of bal-s and don't swallow! Please apply at ballet box if not now do so in 2022. We are an equil opptunity employer -- Unless military or minority then your hired.
  • T
    The US govt will replace over 650,000 vehicles with EV's. My Tesla stock in up around 2,000% since 19. Hmm, perhaps we can go another couple thousand before Joe's alzheimers "really" kicks-in" :)