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Zach Roloff's 3 Kids: All About Jackson, Lilah and Josiah

‘Little People, Big World’ star Zach Roloff shares three kids with his wife Tori Roloff

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff with their kids: Jackson, Lilah and Josiah.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff with their kids: Jackson, Lilah and Josiah.

Zach Roloff is a proud father to his three kids: Jackson, Lilah and Josiah.

The Little People, Big World star shares his two sons and daughter with wife Tori Roloff, whom he married in July 2015. Beyond showing their romance on-screen, the couple have also shared milestones with their children.

Zach and Tori's first child, Jackson Kyle, was born in 2017 and their second, Lilah Ray, followed in 2019. Around the time Lilah started talking, the pair welcomed their third child, Josiah Luke, in 2022.

During a 2020 episode of the long-running TLC series, Zach opened up about fatherhood. Tori was heading out for a spa day with her friends and asked her husband if he would be okay with caring for the children alone. Zach not only encouraged his wife but also shared why it was important for him to spend quality time with his kids.


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"It's not babysitting. You’re the dad. Take some responsibility," he said. "Moms bring something special to the table, so do dads."

Like Zach, all three of the pair’s children were born with achondroplasia, the most common form of short-limbed dwarfism. During a 2021 Instagram Story Q&A, Tori, who does not have the condition, opened up about their kids' dwarfism.

"Absolutely not," Tori wrote in response to a question asking if she wishes she could raise a child who doesn't have dwarfism. "I'm Obsessed with the three kids God gave me and I'd have it no other way."

From their sibling bond to their favorite family activities, here’s everything to know about Zach Roloff’s kids: Jackson, Lilah and Josiah.

Jackson Kyle Roloff, 6

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> Tori Roloff and her son Jackson Roloff take a selfie.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Tori Roloff and her son Jackson Roloff take a selfie.

Zach and Tori’s oldest child, Jackson, was born on May 12, 2017.

“Baby and mother are doing great and Jackson is already mastered holding daddy’s fingers and snuggling with mom! He is adorable and Tori and I are loving being parents,” Zach said in their birth announcement.

Shortly after Jackson’s birth, Zach opened up to PEOPLE about his son’s dwarfism, saying that there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his son.

“You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” he said at the time. “But I knew, dwarf or not, I was going to parent my child with the mentality that not everyone gets a trophy. You have to earn it.”

In 2021, Jackson underwent surgery to correct the bowing in his legs. “This kid time and time again blows us away. He was so brave and confident. He made @zroloff07 and I so proud as he talked with the doctors and nurses and was wheeled away without worry,” Tori wrote in an Instagram post following her son’s operation.

<p>Zach Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff with his son Jackson Roloff take a picture together.

Zach Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff with his son Jackson Roloff take a picture together.

In addition to starring in the TLC series, Zach is also a soccer coach, so it’s no wonder that Jackson has already picked up an interest in the sport.

"I love playing soccer with my daddy," Jackson said during a confessional in a 2022 episode of the reality show. Later, he added that his favorite thing about playing soccer is “scoring goals.”

Zach further explained that they were gearing up for Jackson’s debut at a Little People of America (LPA) convention in Washington. "Jackson's gonna play in the soccer tournament in DAAA for the first time," he said, referring to the Dwarves Athletic Association of America.

In an Instagram post to honor one of Jackson’s 2023 soccer games, Tori noted that their son was beginning to notice his dwarfism, with his peers asking “why he was so small.”

"I WANT him to know he's different. But maybe not in the way he thinks he is,” Tori wrote in the caption. “I pray you see your differences and use them to change the world. You are different, kid. Different than any kid I've ever met. You are one of a kind and I am so stinking proud to be your mom.”

Lilah Ray Roloff, 4

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff's daughter Lilah Roloff poses for a photo outdoors.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff's daughter Lilah Roloff poses for a photo outdoors.

Zach and Tori's middle child and only daughter, Lilah, arrived on Nov. 19, 2019.

“Zach and I are so excited to introduce you to our sweet baby girl Lilah. She has been the perfect addition to our family!” Tori told PEOPLE at the time.

During a 2022 episode of Little People, Big World, the proud parents revealed that their then-2-year-old daughter had started talking.

"There's mama, dada, Jackson, Lilah, dog dog," Tori shared, while Zach noted that Lilah "only says that stuff when we ask her."

The couple also gave an update on Lilah’s health, explaining that as well as being born with achondroplasia, their daughter has strabismus, a condition where the eyes point in different directions.

<p>Zach Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff's daughter Lilah Roloff.

Zach Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff's daughter Lilah Roloff.

Zach has a close bond with his only daughter, which Tori spoke about in 2022. Lilah was having trouble sleeping one night, so her dad stepped in to console her. Snapping a cute photo of the father and daughter, Tori showed the two fast asleep beside each other.

"Best dad ever," Tori gushed over her husband on her Instagram Story. “Daddy just laid down with her and never got back up!”

To mark Lilah’s 4th birthday in November 2023, Tori posted a sweet tribute to her on Instagram. Honoring her daughter's milestone with a series of sweet photos, the mom-of-three wrote, "You are so special to our family. You are sweet, loving, and hilarious. You are the best little sister and big sister! You have grown so much this year with your confidence and being independent!!"

Josiah Luke Roloff, 1

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff's son Josiah Roloff posing for a photo.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff's son Josiah Roloff posing for a photo.

Zach and Tori welcomed their youngest child, Josiah, on April 30, 2022.

The couple were expecting some sibling rivalry after the birth of Josiah, but Tori was more than happy to confirm that Jackson and Lilah welcomed their baby brother with open arms.

"We were preparing ourselves for jealous moments or for things to kind of go awry every once in a while," Tori told PEOPLE of her older children’s reaction to their new baby brother. "But they literally haven't. They've both been so affectionate and just in love with Josiah and it's been so much fun to watch."

Tori said the older kids were also helpful with their little brother, who was born three weeks premature. "They are slightly obsessed with him and it's adorable," she said. "They're just both very concerned about where he is, what he is doing. They take turns feeding him the bottle and want to bring him blankies and binkies."

<p>Tori Roloff Instagram</p> Zach Roloff's youngest child, Josiah Roloff.

Tori Roloff Instagram

Zach Roloff's youngest child, Josiah Roloff.

A few months after Josiah’s arrival, the couple were taken aback by how alike he and Jackson looked at a similar age. "I'm pretty sure I birthed the same child twice,” Tori joked as she posted photos of both of her boys, showing off their similar blue eyes and facial features.

When Josiah celebrated his first birthday in April 2023, Tori listed some of his milestones in a tribute post on Instagram.

“You are the sweet guy ever. You are always so happy and love watching your family," she wrote in the caption. "You are on the move and ready for any adventure! You love eating and bath time and I love how obsessed you are with your siblings!! I have loved getting to love on you the last year si si!"

Their celebrations included a Western-themed birthday party coined “Josiah’s 1st rodeo.” In a video posted on Tori's Instagram, the tot giggled while enjoying a cow-printed birthday cake.

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