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Yongnam Holdings Limited to commence trading on OTCQX

Pic credit: kenteegardin

See why the SGX-listed construction group sought the listing.

"This market platform will allow Yongnam shares to trade more easily on an international basis, enable the Company to diversify its shareholder base, encourage trading liquidity, and improve access to new capital markets," said Yongnam Holdings Limited (Yongnam) in its release announcing its ADRs will commence trading on the OTCQX starting 8 January 2013.

OTCQX International is a segment of the OTCQX marketplace reserved for high-quality nonU.S. companies listed on a qualified stock exchange in their home country. The OTCQX marketplace offers investors transparent trading, superior information, and easy access through their regulated U.S. broker-dealers.

Trading of securities on OTCQX is fully electronic and investors can access OTCQX securities through all major online and full-service brokerage firms in the U.S., including Schwab, E*TRADE, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, and Fidelity. OTCQX market data is disseminated through Yahoo, Bloomberg, Reuters, and most other financial data providers. The Company has selected Bank of New York Mellon as depositary for its ADR program.

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