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Yahoo Poll: How much performance bonus are you expecting this year?

Office workers in Singapore. (File photo: Abdul Rahman Azhari/Yahoo News Singapore)

According to Randstad survey results, 83 per cent of Singapore workers expect to be rewarded with a bonus in 2019. Most (69 per cent) expected 1-2 months’ bonus, while just over a quarter of Singapore workers (27 per cent) were expecting 3-5 months’ bonus.

The survey found a misalignment between what workers expected and what companies were planning for. That is, only 17 per cent of firms were going to give performance bonuses of 3-5 months’ wages.

Do you think you will be getting a performance bonus this year, and if so, how much? Have your say in our poll and leave a comment below.


Singaporean Workers Have High Bonus Expectations For 2019