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World's First Blockchain Real Estate Platform That Offers Cash Back and Rewards Contributors

Leading online property platform, DirectHome (PATENT PENDING: 10201803142V), announces the launch of an ICO of its token, DIREC which integrates blockchain technology with real estate transactions.

SINGAPORE, April 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- DirectHome is a leading service provider in the real estate sector, offering users on its online platform the opportunity to buy, sell and rent properties without the need for a real estate agent, consequently helping to significantly reduce transaction costs. The platform is the World's 1st Platform to offer cashbacks and reward contributors via Tokenomics, powered by blockchain. DirectHome has taken a giant step in the sector with the launch of the initial coin offering for its token - DIREC token.

According to DirectHome whitepaper, DirectHome's global business is a decentralised, crowd-sourced and transactional platform designed to provide the complete real estate database globally, while facilitating property transactions between all existing stakeholders including home owners, seekers, agents, and developers in an efficient ecosystem via the ERC20 blockchain with smart contract implementation within the tokenomics infrastructure.

Unlike most ICOs which are only based on selling untested Ideas and beautiful roadmaps, DirectHome already has its own proven platform that has transacted more than $350 million in property value. That means, when the DirectHome platform is being converted to blockchain, users will be adopting the tokens developed by DirectHome. This would then naturally give rise to the demand of the token.

The DirectHome corporate team and advisors includes Former MD of Bank Of New York Mellon, CEO of Fortune 500 company and International Real Estate Developer.

The DirectHome global team will be sharing this historical revolution on 5 May 2018 at the Singapore National Museum. DirectHome event registration is now open.

For more information, chat with them on DirectHome telegram.