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UOB Reserve Card; A Prestigious Credit Card With Exclusive Benefits In Singapore

Neha Gupta

If you consider yourself a high net-worth person, United Overseas Bank has good news for you. You will now be spending prestigiously, which is a sign of nobility by enjoying all the privileges that the UOB Reserve Card offers. In Singapore, the credit card is among the most prestigious cards that offer customized services that fit exclusive spending, whether in the country or abroad. The UOB card is famous for the provision; it offers customers of purchasing unlimited discounted miles.

The card stands out from among other credit cards because of the exclusive extras that it can provide. All your travel needs are catered for by the card, and now you can have an exclusive travel experience by flying business class in either British Airways or Singapore Airlines. If you are someone who loves exploring and touring, then you should make the UOB Reserve Card your companion.

With the card, you can save up to 50% of tour travel expenses. For instance, if you are traveling to Japan from Singapore, normally it will cost around S$4,330 for the 68,000 miles journey. However, with the UOB Reserve Card, you could pay discounted rates at S$19 for every 1,000 miles, which will cost you around S$1,292 minus taxes.


Getting a UOB Reserve Card

There are four ways through which you can qualify for the UOB Reserve Card. The card is for invites only, so the bank determines who it deems fit to have the card. You must have deposits of around $2 million in your account which will make you eligible for an invite to purchase the card.

Alternatively, if you have a private banking relationship with the bank or a high business/social profiles, then you are eligible for the card. For frequent travelers who spend over S$200,000 on credit cards in a year or individuals with an annual income of more than S$500,000 also met the criteria for qualification. Replacing a lost card will cost you S$642, but you can still go for the standard material card for S$20.


Benefits of UOB Reserve Card


UOB Reserve Card offers Exclusive miles

The card costs S$3,852 in annual fees, and you will receive 100,000 miles once you pay the fee. You also get 50,000 extra miles when you spend S$250,000 within a year.

It offers the best miles per dollar spent of 1.6 for local spending in Singapore compared to other cards such as DBS Insignia and UOB PRVI Miles, which earn 1.6mpd and 1.4mpd. For overseas spending, it is average with other cards at 2.0mpd. Most cards such as Citibank Premiermiles and DBS Altitude earn 2.0 mpd, and only UOB PRVI Miles offers 2.4 mpd, but it has a 3.25% foreign currency transaction fee relative to UOB Reserve card’s 2.8%.

You also get to purchase more miles through the “UOB Reserve Payment Facility” at 1.9 cents per mile. The rate is relatively the same as for other cards, but the upside is they don’t cap the miles, and you can buy as many miles as you want. It is important to note that the transactions you incur in purchasing the miles will not be part of the S$250,000 spending necessary to receive the 50,000UNI$ bonus.


UOB Reserve Card gives you access to Private members-only clubs

With the UOB Reserve Card, you will receive exclusive access to some of the best private clubs in Singapore and overseas. For instance, in Singapore, you get exclusive access to Tower Club Sentosa Gold Club and China Club. Also, cardholders are eligible for complimentary membership in the International Associate Club. This includes high end and fine country and golf clubs with around 220 members globally in Singapore clubs in this category include Hollandse Club, One 15 Marina Club, and British Club.


UOB Reserve Card offers travel privileges

With the UOB Reserve Card, you get to enjoy a committed travel concierge from UOB Travel to help in managing your travel requirements. They offer you several promotions, and cardholders can enjoy airport transfer but once they have spent at least S$55,000 on UOB Travel packages. Other cards offer airport transfers at a lower threshold with fewer restrictions. DBS provides unlimited transfers for all its Asia Treasure members.

UOB cardholders can also receive an upgrade to First Class if you fly Business Class on British airways from or to Singapore.


Hotel and Dining benefits

If you have a UOB Reserve Card, you get to enjoy several benefits that include a host of amenities and room upgrades. You also get to benefit from Priority Pass Access in various lounges but for only the primary cardholders. Guests will pay $27 each to get priority pass.

The dining benefits of the UOB Reserve card are amazing compared with what AMEX Centurion offer. You can get priority booking on select celebrity chef restaurants where you get to enjoy private kitchen tours, private booking as well as free wine. You will receive a 20% off ala carte dinner and lunch menus in 9 restaurants, but you will have to spend a minimum of S$200. You also get 30% off if you dine at PARKROYAL and Pan Pacific hotels.



Having a UOB Reserve Card will offer you several benefits and privileges to enable you to enjoy a prestigious life. When comparing the card with other credit cards, UOB Reserve Card scores high. For instance, AMEX Centurion has an exorbitant annual fee when compared to the card. The only card that has a slightly lower annual fee is DBS Insignia which charges S$3,120, and it matches the 100,000 miles that UOB Reserve Card provides. It can match the UOB Reserve Card, but then it doesn’t have the unlimited miles that UOB offers through the “UOB Reserve Payment Facility.”

UOB also provides other credit cards that also offer a range of benefits. You get to enjoy exceptional cashback on online shopping, dining, and even on fuel. The wide range of credit cards UOB offers gives everyone a choice, so one doesn’t have to worry about having to be a high net individual to get one.

(By Neha Gupta)

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