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U.S. Markets Fall, Hopes For A Trade Deal Fade, BREXIT Talks Close To Failure

Thomas Hughes

The U.S. Futures Moves Lower In Early Trading

The U.S. futures are moving lower in early Tuesday trading after a series of events led traders to believe U.S./China trade negotiations are going nowhere. On the U.S. side of the equation, the White House has expanded its blacklist of Chinese companies by 28. The move is intended to help protect Chinese Muslim minorities that are being persecuted in the country. On the Chinese side of the equation, China’s Sout China Morning Post reports that government officials have toned down their expectations for a deal. Further, Chinese representative Vice Premier Liu He will not carry the Special Envoy title signifying his official status in the talks.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the lead with a loss near -0.29% while the S&P 500 and NASDAQ Composite are close behind. In economic news, September PPI was much weaker than expected and ups the odds for an FOMC rate hike this month. Headline PPI fell by -0.3% during the month leaving the YOY gain at only 2.0%. 2.0% is the Fed’s target rate but with the pace slowing, it is clear the economy is slowing. At the core level, PPI also fell -0.3%.

European Markets Fall As BREXIT News Fails To Soothe Frayed Nerves

European markets are also moving lower on Tuesday due to the downturn in trade hopes. The sentiment was further soured by news the BREXIT talks were close to breaking down. An expectation a solution to the Irish-Backstop had developed over the weekend but that is now dashed. With the BREXIT only three weeks away it is becoming increasingly likely there will not be a smooth transition.

The DAX is in the lead in early trading posting a loss of -1.05% despite better than expected IP numbers. Industrial Production in the EU’s largest economy rose 0.3% versus an expectation of 0.1%. The news suggests that Germany’s broader economy may avoid recession but concerns over slowing remain. The French CAC is also down about -1.05% while the UK FTSE 100 is trailing at -.035%.

Asian Markets Are Broadly Higher

Asian markets are broadly higher despite signs a trade deal between China and the U.S. will remain elusive. The Nikkei leads with a gain of 0.99% while most others advanced 0.25% to 0.45%. Analysts at JP Morgan are certain no deal will be made other than maintaining the current status quo. It is possible Trump will delay or suspend tariffs set to take effect next week but traders are cautioned not to put much hope in that outlook.

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