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Traffic accidents dropped 9.5% in 2012


But more traffic violations reported.

Singapore Police Force reports that there were 7,168 fatal and injury accidents in 2012, a decrease of 758 cases from 7,926 cases in 2011.

The fatal and injury accident rate (normalised against 10,000 vehicle population) dropped from 83.32 in 2011 to 74.27 in 2012.

Despite last year’s drop in the fatal and injury accidents, there is still a significant number of deaths on our roads.

"The increase in the number of traffic violations remains a concern as every traffic violation can potentially result in a fatal or injury accident and the loss of lives," said Singapore Police Force.

The total number of traffic violations registered an increase of 3.6% in 2012 from 316,214 to 327,503 violations. 

Of particular interest is the continued increase in the number of speeding and red-running violations from 2010 to 2012.

"These violations have the potential to cause greater harm to the violator as well as other road users around them"

 Speeding violations and red-running detected rose 8.5% to 244,806 and 1.2% to 17,705.

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