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  • S&P 500

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  • PSE Index

    +78.11 (+1.15%)

Tracks of the week reviewed: Dizzee Rascal & Ocean Wisdom, Miley Cyrus, Zayn

Luke Holland
·2-min read

Dizzee Rascal & Ocean Wisdom
Don’t Be Dumb

More famous these days for being TV’s adorable face of grime – your mum sort of knows who he is but calls him “that nice Dizzly Rizzle boy” – than for actual MCing, it’s a pleasure to be reminded that Dizz remains a genuine, billion-words-per-minute slammer. Even he is upstaged by Camden Town rapper Ocean Wisdom, though, whose verses streak by so fast your eyebrows are gone before you realise what’s happened. Terse, urgent and excellent.

Miley Cyrus
Mary Jane 5EVR

It is the sad duty of any Guide singles reviewer to occasionally be lumbered with a pop star’s paean to a pet that has left to soil the great shag carpet in the sky. Miley’s the undisputed don of this curious kind of aural taxidermy, and I’ll tell you what: when this twinkle of power balladry ends, and the freeze-frame of Miley holding her ex-pup’s bandaged paw pops up, I felt things. Actual emotional things.


Now rubbing shoulders with the most hallowed mononymous warblers out there – your Didos, your Dariuses, your Hoddle and Waddles – the 1D beta’s second salvo from his third LP is the sort of slow-pop R&B grind-jam that used to be synonymous with those bars that reek of Issey Miyake and only sell bottles, never pints. Slinky and spryly funky, if a little hookless.

Black Honey

Demonstrating that “less is more” is something said exclusively by cowards, the Brightonian foursome have chucked everything at this widescreen, Cardigans-esque pop-rock belter. Lush harmonies, rubbery bass, chanty bits, full-on choral bombast, tooty trumpet solos: it’s a sort of Mr Creosote of a song that presumably exploded into a warm shower of guts when they tried to crowbar in a key change.

Tom Grennan
Little Bit of Love

You know those people who you ask what music they’re into, and they say: “Oh, a bit of everything,” and you think: “Jesus, at least have an opinion, because I now hate you,” and then, no matter how nice they are afterwards, you do hate them? This is what they listen to in the gym.