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Tourism sector fails to satisfy travelers

Year-on-year percentage changes in tourists’ satisfaction of Tourism sector and sub-sectors. Source: CSISG 2012

Tourist satisfaction with hotels dip to -8.2%.

According to Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore 2012, it was revealed that tourist respondents, as opposed to locals, were considerably less satisfied year-on-year in both F&B and Tourism sectors.

Here's more from CSISG2012:

In particular, tourist satisfaction in all three measured Tourism sub-sectors declined significantly this year as compared to last year.

Further examination showed that this was due to a significant year-on-year decline in the tourists’ perceived quality in each of the three Tourism sub-sectors.

The data also showed that this was accompanied by higher year-onyear levels of expected quality. Particularly hard-hit was the Hotels sub-sector, with tourist
satisfaction declining 6.6-points (-8.2%).

Contributory to this was the tourists’ reduced year-on-year satisfaction with 5 out of 9 hotel touchpoints that have significant impacts on perceived quality. Analysis of the data suggests that service providers in the affected sub-sectors may improve satisfaction by reversing the fall in Perceived Quality. 

Within the Tourism sector, all three measured sub-sectors (Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Cafes) showed significant year-on-year decrease in satisfaction.

Specifically, the decline was led by the Hotels sub-sector, scoring 70.1-points, 4.4-points (-5.9%) less than in 2011.

The Tour Operators, Travel and Ticketing Agencies sub-sector fell by 3.0-points (-4.3%) to 68.5-points. The Attractions sub-sector fell by 2.8-points (-3.7%) to 72.6-points. It is noteworthy that this satisfaction score of the Attractions subsector is significantly higher than the Tourism sector. 

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