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Top 10 most expensive cats in the world 2018

There’s nothing better after a long, hard day at work than snuggling up with your pet. Indeed many studies show that the stress relief afforded to us by our furry friends can add years to our lives. The cat is the most popular pet in the world, and nowhere more so than in the USA, where the pet cat population totals 74,000,000. That’s the same as the human population of Thailand!

These pets are spoilt rotten by their cash-rich owners, Americans spend over $50 billion per year on the little critters, with 27% of Americans admitting to having professional photos taken of their feline friend, and 36% giving their pet a birthday present.

But if you’re looking for something a little more exclusive than the average American tabby, there are opportunities to part with some serious cash in return for an elite pet. We’ve uncovered the most expensive cats that money can buy in 2018, and most importantly what you get for the price and whether they’re worth digging out your credit card for.


1. The Ashera $150,000 – $1,000,000

A hybrid breed combining the top qualities of the African Serval, the Asian Leopard Cat and the Domestic Housecat. Invest in this beautiful creature and you will be rewarded with an affectionate, loyal and intelligent new family member.

These cats are extremely rare, which is the reason for that hefty price tag. A company in Los Angeles produces only 5 kittens per year. But in return, you have the advantage of caring for one of the most exclusive and unique animals on the planet.


2. The Savannah $1,500 ? $50,000

The Savannah is another hybrid, this time combining the African Serval with a Persian Domestic Housecat. This affords the cat an almost dog-like temperament. This breed loves to play, and exercise and are amazing at jumping. Loyal and intelligent, this cat is sure to offer a calming influence on your home.

The first Savannah was bred in 1986, and by the mid-1990s they became very popular. There are five types of Savannah from F1 to F5 depending on the percentage of Serval genes the cat possesses. An F1 female is highly sought after and will command the full $50,000.


3. The Bengal Cat $1,000 – $25,000

One of the most famous premium cat breeds, the Bengal is considered one of the most beautiful too, thanks to its larger than average size, muscular build and spotted coat.

They are active and intelligent cats however their inquisitive nature will make them keen to explore. With Asian leopard cat and Domestic Housecat genes, this puss will bring a gentle nature to your household, perfect if you have young children.


4. The Allerca Cat $6,000

This cat is the only choice if you or anyone in your household suffers from allergies. The Allerca breed has been genetically designed to be hypoallergenic. By disabling the genes that cause cat allergies in humans, scientists have opened the doorway to a whole new audience of pet owners who were previously unable to enjoy the benefits of owning a furry pal. Of course, all that scientific innovation comes at a price, but isn’t it worth it to see allergy-ridden kids enjoy a childhood pet?


5. The Persian Cat $500 – $5,500

Another famous breed associated with old Hollywood glamour, although historical evidence suggests it dates back to the time before Christ. Just imagine this puss stretched out on a chaise long and you’ll get the idea. With their luxurious, long dark grey fur and glowing green eyes, you’re sure to impress the Instagram crowd with a Persian.

As far as temperament goes, they are gentle and affectionate cats, perfect for a family who want to give lots of cuddles. They don’t mind noise or bustle, but they will need lots of combing of that luscious mane of hair.


6. The Peterbald Cat $1,200 ? $5,000

What do you get when you cross an Oriental Short Hair world champion and Donskoy? A Peterbald Cat. An adventurous, curious, intelligent and energetic cat with very short hair like a velvety peach and a slim, muscular build.

Of Russian origin, this cat won’t make a mess or cause any fuss but will still be the delight of the family. Ideal for households that already own a pet, Peterbalds are great at making friends. The Peterbald is the perfect indoor cat as they can be prone to sunburn, but they love to sit on laps.


7. The Russian Blue Cat $400 – $3,000

Another strong contender if your house is already home to some furry friends with whom your new cat will need to integrate, is the Russian Blue. A playful and energetic feline friend with a smart brain and a curious nature. Their gorgeous grey coat will look great curled up on your sofa.


8. The Sphynx Cat $300 – £3,000)

An entirely hairless cat with striking blue eyes, this cat originated when a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless cat in Canada back in 1966 due to a genetic defect.

Though they have no health issues and are loyal, playful and sociable with humans, this cat is best taken care of by experienced pet owners as they require specific treatment. They must be bathed regularly to cleanse body oils and do not like to be outside.


9. The Scottish Fold Cat $200 – $3,000

Famous for those super cute turned down ears, the Scottish Fold will be a loyal and faithful companion for as long as it lives. Originating on a farm in Tayside, Scotland in the 1960s, a farmer spotted the unique characteristics and developed the breed.

These cuties are prone to degenerative joint tissues, though they are mostly happy and attention-loving animals. Though they require more time and attention than other breeds on this list, they will reward you with love and affection.


10. The British Shorthair Cat $500 – $1500

A popular breed, particularly in the UK, they are easy to train and care for. If you live in an apartment, the British Shorthair will be more than happy, making it a great choice for city-dwellers.


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