Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Singapore

By Jacelyn Lim

With the recent release of the Labour Market Highlights 2011-2012 by the Ministry of Manpower, most would probably be clamouring to find out where they stand amongst their peers, and also which route of career advancement they should take to maximise their wages.

We’ve done a short write up of the top 10 best paying jobs in Singapore (with reference to the list provided by MOM) for your convenience.

The banking and finance sector is axed out due to their inconsistent monthly wages.

1. Enterprise Architect (Infocomm Technology)

As an Enterprise Architect, one can expect a monthly wage going from $8k to $14k. Overseeing the amalgamation of business and technological aspects within the organisation would be your main duty. You would have to work with all kinds of people from a large spectrum; from the project managers under you to the upper management. Communication skills are vital as an Enterprise Architect would have to translate technical jargons.

For a more in-depth job write up, you may visit:

What does one need to qualify?

• Diploma or degree in Computer Science, Information Technology and/or Software Engineering

• At least 7 years of experience in developing and implementing business systems in a large organisation

Possible Drawbacks

• Need to work with a strict timeline and under great stress.

Possible Perks

• In high demand locally due to the calls to align business objectives with IT infrastructure.

2. Project Manager (Infocomm Technology)

Project Managers can look forward to a monthly wage starting from $6k to $8.5k. Managing, defining the perimeters and aiding the implementation of infocomm projects would be your main duty. Prioritising and precise resource allocation would and should be your expertise.

For a more in-depth job write up, you may visit:

What does one need to qualify?

Project Managers can come from a myriad of backgrounds, but most employers would expect them to have at least a background in IT and several years of experience.

Possible Drawbacks

Manager by name, you would still need to have an overall understanding of the project and its technical aspects, and are required to step into the roles of your team members when necessary.

Possible Perks

If you’re someone who is easily stifled by office life, a Project Manager might just be for you as there is great balance between office and on-site work, as well as the opportunity to work in different time zones. Project Managers are also short in supply in the Singapore market; the outlook for this position is good and expected to rise.

3. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Aerospace Engineering)

Note: Pay is gauged at a Senior Foreman’s standards

A Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can expect to earn around $4.8k to $8.5k a month. You would be leading a team of technicians in maintaining and certifying aircraft standards.

For a more in-depth job write up, you may visit:

What does one need to qualify?

• A degree/diploma in Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering

• A license issued by the airworthiness authorities.

Possible Drawbacks

If you treasure your weekends dearly, this may not be the job for you. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers often have to work shifts instead of standard 5-day work weeks.

Possible Perks

All aerospace companies offer medical benefits. There is also a steady stream of demand as the sector is expected to grow.

4. Manufacturing Engineer (Precision Manufacturing)

A Manufacturing Engineer is expected to earn around $4.5k to $8.2k a month. You would be expected to monitor the manufacturing process by working with mechanical and electrical engineers, and ensure that the finished product fits the final requirements.

What does one need to qualify?

• Diploma/Degree in Mechanical Engineering

• PCP for Manufacturing Operations Specialists

• PE WSQ Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Operations Management

Possible Drawbacks

It might be a stressful work environment as Manufacturing Engineers would be required to think of solutions in real-time.

Possible Perks

The manufacturing industry is a budding industry and demand for manufacturing engineers and related expertise is expected to rise.

5. Production Engineer (Biomedical Sciences Engineering)

As a Production Engineer, you can expect about $5k to $8 a month. Your duties include overseeing the production line to ensure smooth and efficient operation of production.

For a more in-depth write-up about the job, you may visit:

What does one need to qualify?

• Degree in Chemical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

Possible Drawbacks

You might be required to take up staggered shifts.

6. Security Consultant (Infocomm Technology)

A Security Consultant can expect to earn about $5k to $8k a month. Your job scope would include implementing, enforcing and managing security systems; monitoring, tracking any security threats and breaches such as viruses, as well as providing counter-measures to protect system integrity.

For further information:

What does one need to qualify?

• Degree/Diploma in Computer Science or Information Systems

• 2-3 years experience in administering network security as well as a sound knowledge of personal computers/workstations of similar information technology function

Possible Drawbacks

Work under tremendous stress and strict timelines.

Possible Perks

They are in high demand as the infocomm industry is thriving.

7. Marine/Technical Superintendent/Fleet Manager (Maritime)

You can expect a salary from $5k to $8k a month. Your job would encompass managing the technical operations of the company fleet of vessels; inspecting and ensuring the vessel is in compliance with company procedures; and providing support on vetting cargo, deck and navigation matters.

You can obtain more information from:

What does one need to qualify?

• A degree in Marine/Mechanical Engineering

• Class 1 (Deck) Certificate of Competency (for Technical Superintendent)

• Class 1 (Engine) Certificate of Competency (for Marine Superintendent)

• 3-5 years of experience

Possible Drawbacks

If you dislike frequent travel, this job might not be fully suitable for you.

Possible Perks

There is a good balance of desk-bound and on-site assignments. The former includes writing reports for management agencies while the latter includes both local and international on-site inspections.

8. IT Outsourcing Manager (Infocomm Technology)

You can expect a salary from $4k to $8k. Your job scope would include overseeing IT outsourcing projects and monitoring quality, schedule, cost and other baselines to ensure that both service and business goals are achieved.

For more information, you may visit:

Possible Drawbacks

As vendor locations might be off-shore, an IT Outsourcing Manager might have to travel frequently. Liaising with external vendors of different culture might also be a difficulty that you have to overcome.

Possible Perks

There is very high demand for IT Outsourcing Managers in the Singapore market as there is an increased need to cut costs.

9. Ship Charterer (Maritime) - $6,000- $7,500

As a Ship Charterer, you can expect a monthly wage of $6k to $7.5k. Your job would include ensuring that ships deliver cargo on time in the most cost-efficient manner, as well as match ships with suitable cargoes.

You can find more information about the job here:

What does one need to qualify?

• Degree in Maritime Studies/Business /Economics /Mathematics

• 4-5 years of experience

Possible Drawbacks

Working hours are usually normal office hours. However, you may be required to work outside office hours to network with clients or meet deadlines. Ship charterers usually have to travel extensively.

Possible Perks

Ship Charterers are in demand due to the growth in trade.

10. Quality Assurance Engineer Manager (Aerospace Manufacturing)

Note: Monthly wage is valued at a Manager’s level

As a Quality Assurance Engineer Manager, one can expect from $4.5k to $7.3 per month. Your job scope would include ensuring all aircraft components comply with airworthiness requirements prior to release.

What does one need to qualify?

• Degree in Aeronautical/Mechanical/Quality Engineering or equivalent

• Minimum 2 to 5 years working experience in a similar capacity in the aerospace industry

• CAAS Aviation Legislation Paper (M10)

Possible Drawbacks

Be prepared to work shifts instead of 5-day work shifts.

Possible Perks

All aeronautical companies offer full medical coverage.


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