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Tiger Airways beat Singapore Airlines in 2012 on-time performance

Pic credit: Kentaro Iemoto @ Tokyo

Six percentage point gap separated the two.

In FlightStats year-end airport performance report, it revealed that Tiger Airways had 86.38% on-time flights in 201 compared to the 80.87% performance of Singapore Airlines. This put Tiger Airways as the 10th best performing Asian AIrlines, while Singapore Airlines settled for 13th place.

Tiger Airways performed better than Singapore Airlines in other performance categories. Tiger Airways, for example, had fewer Late flights -- or flights 15 to 29 minutes late on schedule -- at only 7.86% compared to Singapore Airlines with 11.66% Late flights. 

Overall, Japanese carriers dominated the rankings. J-Air topped the list with a 92.58% on-time performance, followed by ANA Wings (91.03%) and Japan Air Commuter (90.51%).

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