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The coolest consumer tech innovations you can find at CES 2021

Scout Robot

Scout Robot. (PHOTO: Moorebot)
Scout Robot. (PHOTO: Moorebot)

Remember Aibo the dog robot? It seems that pet companion robots are being rolled out more today. Maker Moorebot is set to announce Scout Robot at CES 2021, which can be used to autonomously monitor a home, office or business, going under furniture and into hard to reach locations or even as for remote pet observation and companionship. If you’re away from home, Scout cab watch over your pet and it features a two-way audio feature that lets you listen and even talk to your pet.

For professionals and businesses, Scout can perform inspections in areas that are hard to reach. Equipped with a 1080P FHD camera and night vision, you can remotely guide Scout into almost every space of your house, office or building.

Moorebot’s capabilities include Smart Home integration with either Amazon Alexa or Google Home, monocular SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping), and audio and visual intelligence that enables Scout to recognize, follow and interact with individual persons and pets.

Time Kettle

(PHOTO: Timekettle)
(PHOTO: Timekettle)

What if you have a device that allows you to translate audio immediately without having you to type the words? Time Kettle is a pair of translator earbuds that can translate up to 93 languages with 95% accuracy to boot. Simply turn on the earbuds in class and listen to the translation live as the downloaded app in your phone captures the conversations.

Not only that, one of its remarkable functions, the Remote Mode, can be used for up to 40 people with 40 languages translated at the same time with no distance limitation; which means people can enjoy group chatting and remote video calls via Zoom or Skype.

For more information, go to

Biohacking Orb

(PHOTO: Biohacking Orb)
(PHOTO: Biohacking Orb)

Biohacking Orb, a sensory deprivation chamber, was created in early 2020 to create a new category of touchless, self-administered treatments and experiences centred around evidence-based modalities. These treatments are designed to enhance spirit/mood and improve body and mind performance.

The ORB improves body and mind performance and enhances spirit/mood through seven treatment journeys based on evidence-based wellness modalities that include neuroacoustic sound therapy, vibroacoustic therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and infrared.

For example, as part of the neuroacoustic sound therapy, the orb will “biohack” your brain with healing pulses of sound. By applying specific sound frequencies and rhythms to induce a desired brain state, the Orb is able to shift the mind from the Beta brain state (wide awake and alert) to the Alpha (relaxed and creative), Theta (deeper relaxation and meditative) or Delta (deep sleep and healing) brain states in 20-to 50-minute sessions, depending on desired results.

The Orb is controlled via an iOS or Android app and users can easily choose from the seven treatments available for use.

For more information, visit Biohacking Orb website.

Smart Home Needs

(PHOTO: Smart Home Needs)
(PHOTO: Smart Home Needs)

Smart Home Needs is a digital platform that improves people’s wellbeing and facilitates Smart Home adoption. Based on four important needs, the smart digital companion will make recommendations to better our lives: work efficiently with the Home-Work need; sleep at your best with the Sleep Well need; live sustainably with the Save the Earth need; feel safe and secure with the Be Safe need.

The platform will suggest relevant contents to the user, compare preselected products, identify best products from the marketplace and connect with their own Smart Home and Meaningful Life experts.

Want to improve your sleep or even boost your career and financial growth? Look for their Life and Business coaches and chat with them at the tips of your fingers.

For more information go to:


(PHOTO: Skadu)
(PHOTO: Skadu)

Scrubbing the kitchen is one of the most time-consuming household chores to do, and we don’t think anyone would find it fulfilling. In comes European Product Design Award winner Skadu, a handheld power scrubber with a unique approach to scrubbing, using three scrubber disks that rotate in opposite directions.

The movements create a multiplier effect, thus drastically increasing scrubbing efficiency and allowing for effortless and speedy cleaning of stuck up grime. Skadu also comes with a set of attachments for diverse tasks such as the brush attachment for bottles and glasses and the copper scrubber for burnt stuck-on food on your BBQ grills and baking trays.

Skadu is now live on Indiegogo, with an early bird price of US$59.

Lify Smart Herbal Brewer

Lify Smart Brewer. (PHOTO: Lify Wellness)
Lify Smart Brewer. (PHOTO: Lify Wellness)

With its patented ultra-high pressure infusion technology, the Lify Smart Herbal Brewer offers a fast and efficient way to extract herbal ingredients - a cup of freshly brewed herbal tea in just 40 seconds.

The Lify Smart Herbal Brewer is also an IoT smart home appliance where users can control and customise their brewing methods (temperature, volume and extraction time) to their liking. Users can also get recommendations on which wellness formula to drink based on their body conditions, moods and the real-time weather - a new DIY approach for consumers to track, identify and solve their wellness needs.


Takumi Express. (PHOTO: Yo-kai Express)
Takumi Express. (PHOTO: Yo-kai Express)

Yo-Kai Express is known for their autonomous restaurant solutions serving freshly cooked Japanese Ramen in under 60 seconds from their kiosks. At CES 2021, the Japanese maker is set to launch Takumi, a smart home appliance that is fixed with pre-programmed cooking settings that will cook a meal from two minutes to eight minutes using RFID (radio-frequency identification).

Think of it as the next Instant Pot food/drink maker that can whip up ramen, rice bowls, dim sum, soup dumplings, pastas and even coffee.