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TaskAmigo Gains Some Traction Despite Founders Still Being in School

Willis Wee

Singapore’s TaskAmigo is a platform for people to post and find short-term tasks. These tasks include things like making a delivery, queueing for concert tickets, or data entry. The startup was founded by Garreth, who now has Dawn Lee (community manager) and Andrew Fam (business development) as core members in the team. Garreth is now an undergraduate at SMU, Dawn an undergraduate at NUS, and Andrew, who recently graduated from NUS.

Founded earlier this year, TaskAmigo now has a modest army of 2,300 users who are a mixture of listers (clients who list tasks) and runners (people who run the tasks). Out of all those, 150 people are active runners, which I think is more good progress for our tiny Singapore market. Garreth told me that the price of each task ranges anywhere from SGD$30 to $150.

TaskAmigo makes money from both sides. So it charges corporate listers a fixed cost and also a certain percentage for each task completed. Similarly, the task-runner will have to pay very low fixed and variable costs too. Garreth declined to give actual percentages as his business model is currently still taking shape. TaskAmigo has completed more than over 200 tasks so far.

Folks who list tasks on TaskAmigo include SingTel, RedMart, and numerous expats. Garreth says that expats usually use TaskAmigo to employ admin personnel for a week while they are in Singapore.

An insider in Singapore told us that, as part of SingTel’s Project Magellan, TaskAmigo has already been acquired by the telco giant. We asked Garreth, who chuckled and told us:

No, we’re not acquired. We’re still young and not really proven yet… it doesn’t make sense [for SingTel to acquire us]!”

But he didn’t deny or confirm that there are some possible partnerships with SingTel in the future. So yeah, keep guessing folks. Anyway, having some traction is always good and these founders did it while still in school (well, two out of three founders) - and that deserves a pat on the back. Sure, TaskAmigo is still far from success but I would think it’s making a good start. And hopefully the future could be brighter as they go full-time and expand abroad.