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Successful Singaporean Clothing Brands

Neha Gupta

The fashion industry is one of the fastest and mostlucrative sectors globally. People, especially the wealthy want to wear niceclothes from the best brands or the best designers in the market.

Singapore’s fashion industry is currently thriving and hasseen the rise of many boutiques and stores that have magnificent attires. Beloware some of the most successful clothing brands in Singapore that you shouldcheck out if you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends in the country.

Beyond The Vines

Beyond the Vine is a contemporary clothing brand thattargets the female demography. It offers perfectly designed apparel that notonly focuses on simplicity but also aims to achieve a sophisticated look. Itsgoal is to provide fashionable clothes that women can wear on differentoccasions. Its variety includes maxes, pleated skirts and shift dresses amongothers. The brand also aims to make its products accessible to the massesthrough attainable pricing. It prices its tops at less than $60 while itsbottoms go for roughly $69 and below.


This is a brand that is determined to make a statement inSingapore’s fashion market. It is known for offering some of the creative andstatement-making attires that have graced Singapore’s fashion scene. It is aunisex brand that has a lot of experience courtesy of a presence in the marketfor more than 10 years.

The label managed to steer through the constantly changingfashion market over the years by revolutionizing its offerings every once in awhile. They were thus able to consistently provide clothes that managed to grabthe attention of the shopper. The Depression Label also has shops in the UK,Egypt, and Italy and even attracts celebrities such as the Black Eyed Peas andAdam Lambert among others.

Our Second Nature

Our Catchy Naturehas also been in the market for quite some time and during that time it managedto grab the attention of the fashion market in Singapore. One of the ways inwhich it has achieved that is by taking retro designs and then adding its ownunique twist.

This label’s attires have earned have been described asendearing and charming in terms of quality. This is part of the design strategyaimed at delivering a cool vibe. The Singaporean brand’s clothes not only lookbeautiful and effortless, but they also manage to look timeless.


This particular Singapore-based clothing label started offas a multi-label boutique and then it managed to grow into a successful fashionbrand within just five years. The brand focuses on attires that take on a chicminimalist approach without losing their fashion readiness.

This brand also likes to accessorize its attires with littlethings such as frills or ribbons to make their outfits standout. Exhibit isdetermined to prove to the fashion industry that a minimalist look is alsofashionable.

Binary Style

Binary Style is a Singaporean fashion brand that waslaunched by Santhi and Sari Tunas, who happen to be twin sisters. This islikely why they came up with the name “Binary Style.” Their business primarilyfocuses on unique and colorful scarves that feature a local style.

The twins seek their inspiration for their scarves fromSingapore’s heritage, architecture, and nature. They also make sure that eachscarf has a story to tell through its patterns and the story is also written instory cards that accompany the scarfs in their appealing packaging. The scarfs,therefore, double up as great gifts that one can send to their friends or lovedones.


Ans.ein was founded by two individuals named Anseina and Erlyn.The name of their brand was derived from their own names, but of moreimportance is their unique goal or idea through which they planned to tap intoSingapore’s fashion industry. They wanted to make apparel that would also beappreciated as art.

They struck gold with their vision because the brand hasbecome one of the most notable players in Singapore’s fashion market. Theapparel range that the twins offer includes cardigans, jumpsuits, maxi dresses,pencil skirts, tops and kimonos among others. It is also one of the majorclothing brands that focus on women apparel.

Benjamin Barker

This is a fashion brand that targets that customer thatwants bespoke attires especially targeting the male market. Benjamin Barker waslaunched in 2009 with the goal of offering original pieces that include customleather brogues, custom suits, dress shirts and other accessories that alsoappeal to female customers. This fashion brand is ideal for the Singaporecustomer that wants to stand out while looking super fashionable. There arevery few brands that offer custom products and this makes Benjamin Barker quiteunique.

Charles & Keith

This fashion brand was founded by two brothers Charles andKeith in 1996 in Singapore. They started out by selling shoes and accessoriesbut has since then grown into a brand that designs its own shoes and thisearned it a lot of popularity. The brand has since then expanded its businessoutside Singapore to grab a larger share of the Asian and Middle East market.It has stores in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Dubai.

Charles & Keith also owns the Pedro brand which sellsshoes and accessories such as sunglasses and belts among other products. 8.            Charles & Keith is one ofSingapore’s most popular fashion brands thanks to its expansion and the qualityof products that it offers to its customers.

Reckless Erika

One would know that this is a brand that targets the femaledemography through its name. Reckless Erika is a brand that encourages women toembrace their femininity through attires that allow them to express themselves.The brand has a wide range of colorful offerings that are of a high-qualitystandard. It sells figure-hugging jumpsuits and dresses among other types ofclothes to its customers.

Max. Tan

The brand was launched by a popular designer called Max Tanwhose work has earned him recognition for its uniqueness. The brand offersimpressive attires that that appeal to the discerning customer that wants tostand out.

There are many more brands in Singapore’s fashion industrythat are doing well with each adding to the growing fashion culture and varietythat customers can choose from.

(By Neha Gupta)

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