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What is stuttering? 5 ways to overcome stuttering

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What is stuttering? 5 ways to overcome stuttering
What is stuttering? 5 ways to overcome stuttering

We have often seen or heard people repeating the same sentences over and over when they are nervous or anxious, is this stuttering? How is this different from stuttering? What is stuttering? How can it be cured? Nervous speaking and stuttering are two very different things. Nervous speaking goes away as people get confident and do not require any medical help but that is not the case with stuttering.

What exactly is stuttering?

What exactly is stuttering?
What exactly is stuttering?

It is a speech disorder characterized by repetition of sounds, syllables, or words, prolongation of sounds, and interruptions in speech known as blocks. It can be difficult for people to communicate and can cause problems in personal as well as professional relationships.

What are the causes?

Causes of stuttering
Causes of stuttering

There is no complete clarity on what causes the issue but they are divided into 2 types. Developmental and Neurogenic.


This usually occurs in young children trying to learn speech and language. Developmental stuttering may also run in families and research has shown that genetic factors contribute to this type of stuttering.


It can occur after suffering from stroke, head trauma, or another type of brain injury. This happens due to difficulty in coordinating the different brain regions involved in speaking, resulting in problems in the production of clear, fluent speech.

5 ways on how to overcome stuttering


5 ways on how to overcome stuttering
5 ways on how to overcome stuttering

As it is said, ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Ask someone whom you trust to come around and help you in practice. This will not only make you feel motivated but you will also be able to overcome nervousness while speaking.


Along with practising, try to record yourself while you speak. This could be an easy way to track down your progress and see which aspects require more attention.

Use simpler words

Use simpler words
Use simpler words

You don’t have to try hard and achieve everything at once. Even if you have overcome stuttering, it could still be difficult to pronounce certain words and this can once again trigger nervousness. Therefore, try using words that you are comfortable with.

Electronic devices

Electronic devices for stuttering
Electronic devices for stuttering

There are devices available in the market that can help people manage their speech and improve their fluency.

Speech therapy

Speech therapy
Speech therapy

Research states that speech therapy is the best and most effective treatment for kids as well as adults.

If you or someone around you is suffering from stuttering, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Seek help, take medical advice.

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