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State Grid Wulian County Power Supply Company: Enhancing Energy Efficiency Services to Support the Development of the Rural Mushroom Industry

RIZHAO, China, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 10, following a severe convective weather warning, the service team from the State Grid Wulian County Power Supply Company visited the Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Science and Technology Demonstration Park in Songbai Town. They conducted specialized inspections and maintenance on the power lines servicing the mushroom research and processing enterprises, introduced emergency power supply plans, and discussed response measures for adverse weather conditions to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the imminent market launch of high-end edible fungi, including red bamboo fungi and cordyceps.

Located in the rural area of Wulian County, the Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Science and Technology Demonstration Park is a high-tech facility that integrates the research, production, processing, and sale of edible mushroom spores. The project, with a total investment of 50 million yuan and spanning over 30,000 square meters, has propelled the development of sophisticated mushroom industries in more than a dozen surrounding villages, enhancing local employment opportunities. The park comprises a spore research center, production workshops, and constant temperature storage facilities, along with 36 connected-style mushroom greenhouses and 30 modular mushroom houses. It primarily cultivates high-end edible fungi such as red bamboo fungi and cordyceps, which are distributed to major cities including Beijing and Shanghai. In recent years, the growing demand for green and healthy food products has led to the popularity of the park's wellness mushroom products.

Thanks to an integrated electrical system that emulates a natural environment, the greenhouses remain vibrant throughout the year. Currently, rows of flourishing red bamboo fungi, known as the "flower of mountain delicacies" and the "queen of mushrooms," are promising a bountiful harvest. Each greenhouse is fitted with temperature and humidity sensors and other devices that enable automated monitoring and control. This transition from traditional to technologically advanced cultivation methods has resulted in high yields throughout the year, providing a "wealth umbrella" for local farmers.

"Currently, it's the harvest season, and the temperature inside the greenhouses is quite high, necessitating daily irrigation. With reliable electrical equipment, we are much more at ease," stated Manager Gao, who oversees the greenhouses.


Throughout the project's construction and operation phases, the State Grid Wulian County Power Supply Company has focused on enhancing its energy efficiency services, regularly conducting assessments of electricity needs and providing follow-up support. Mushroom cultivation requires precise environmental conditions, including specific temperatures, humidity levels, and lighting. The sophisticated processes involved in mushroom deep processing—such as high-pressure sterilization, simulating wet and dry atmospheres, and handling packaging and storage—demand stable and dependable electric power. The power supply company has established a dedicated service team to proactively offer on-site services tailored to the various stages of mushroom production, effectively resolving electricity issues and acting as a dedicated "electricity nanny" to support the flourishing mushroom industry.


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