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StarHub’s new SIM Only plans are generous with data


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With so much hate over Singapore telcos’ network outages, it’s surprising to hear some good news from them. In this case, StarHub has bucked the trend with its SIM only plans.

The telco’s new plans are the $25 SIM Only, $50 SIM Only and $80 SIM Only, all of which come with a huge chunk of data for you to stream Netflix, YouTube and other data-heavy apps to your heart’s desire.

The sweet spot would be the $50 SIM Only plan, given that the first 10,000 customers to sign up will get additional 10GB every month for a year.

That adds up to a massive 40GB per month for $50. Plus, the additional 10GB won’t auto-renew, so there’s no worry of you being unaware about the charge.

As of now, the closest match to what StarHub offers is Circles.Life’s no-contract plan. For $48 per month, Circles.Life gives you $26GB.

Considering that you pay $2 more for an additional 4GB (or 14GB if you were the first 10,000 customers to sign up StarHub’s new plans), this is a win for StarHub.

The price to data ratio is, of course, better if you sign up for the higher-tier plans. Here’s a breakdown:

With launch promo of 10GB

$25 SIM Only: $1.92/GB

$50 SIM Only: $1.25/GB

$80 SIM Only: $1.14/GB

Without launch promo of 10GB

$25 SIM Only: $8.33/GB

$50 SIM Only: $1.67/GB

$80 SIM Only: $1.33/GB

Another way to get an additional 10GB per month is to top-up $10. Again, this is based on user choice, so you don’t have to if you’re not in danger of busting your data limit.

But for $1 per GB, you are effectively reducing your cost per GB even for the lowest $25 SIM Only plan.

What about discounted phones and two-year plans?

As you can see, there’s no obligation to sign-up with StarHub for two years with these SIM Only plans.

If you want to get a discounted phone with the telco, you can stick with StarHub for two years, with an additional payment of $25 per month for each plan. This also gets you an additional 10GB, which would have cost you $10 anyway.

In short, your true cost of getting this two-year contract for a discounted phone is really $15 x 24 = $360

So if the phone’s discount is more than $360, which amounts to the additional cost over the two-year period, it’s in your favour.

Also, if you can’t pay upfront for the full price of the phone and would rather split this cost across two years with the telco, this would be a good option.

Freebies galore

Other freebies that come with the SIM Only plans include Caller Number Display (Caller ID) and International Roaming, which will save you $15.35 every month.

On top of that, StarHub is removing the usual one-time administrative, activation and SIM card fees, which according to the telco, would have cost $200 over 12 months for a typical customer.

Customers who want to modify their plans can do so using the My StarHub app and add more features such as unlimited weekend data for $6 per month.

The SIM Only plans are now available, and you can sign-up via StarHub’s website to choose your desired plan and arrange for free home delivery. Physical sign-ups at any StarHub Shop are also available.

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